Does your bike lack headlight? What do you use for lighting when cycling in a dark path or street at night? Well if you have none it’s time to stop using hand torch for lighting and rather consider buying an owl USB Rechargeable bike light set.

This light set is bought as a package containing a light set and a USB cable that enables you to charge your light set when it runs out of power. You can use your PC, cell phone charger or laptop to charge your head light set.


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Benefits of Owl USB Rechargeable bike light set.


Cycle torch owl USB rechargeable bike light set has been manufactured specifically to use in bikes that lack originally built a light set. It’s easily attachable to the bike and can be attached to the bike at home individually without the need of help from a technician.

It has a three brightness levels and one can switch from one brightness level to another simply by pressing the light button once, twice or thrice in a successive manner to change the brightness level.

This enables you to save power when you are cycling or riding in less dark regions and use third level brightness for lighting in darker regions.

As compared to other light set owl bike light set has a charge indicator allowing you to monitor power battery level. It’s listed 1 to ten shows, the level of your charge from full charge to when the battery is low.

It also has an excellent battery life of 4-5 hours when fully charged. The battery also lasts long and does not get destroyed easily.

The straps of the Owl USB rechargeable light set are much sturdier and straps steadfastly on the bike so that it cannot fall down during riding.

The torch has also several modes to control battery use and minimize power loss.

Customer’s satisfaction


Cycle Torch Owl USB Rechargeable Light Set is generally simple torch to use by anyone who needs it. It does not need prior knowledge on know how to use the product.

It can be easily charged anywhere anytime by the use of the USB cable. Since it’s detachable from the bike one has no need to worry about moving the bike to where to charge.

You can also remove the torch during the day when not in use during the day and charge it. The straps of the torch are stronger and long lasting making it worth to buy Cycle Owl USB Rechargeable Light Set.

It’s also water resistant thus no need to worry about rain. It is lightweight thus no worry of extra weight on your bike. It’s Ideal for use with all age groups.


Common questions


How do I install Owl USB Rechargeable Light set?

To install Owl USB Rechargeable light set does not require any tool. All you need to do is to fasten the strap of the torch on your bike tight enough to ensure that they don’t fall down. The strap has knots that ensure that it sticks tight to the bike. After installation one should adjust in that it faces ahead so as to produce the best lighting result when riding the bike.

How often should I charge my torch?

The lifetime of the battery is more than two hours. It’s advisable to charge the torch every time it runs out of power preferably during the day when the torch is not in use

How safe is Owl USB Rechargeable light set?

Cycle Owl USB Rechargeable light set is safe for use with everybody. There is no fear of overcharging or short-circuiting thus no fear of electric shock. Its battery is also inbuilt and thus no fear of chemical spillage or poisoning.

Which bike is suitable for use with Owl USB Rechargeable light set?

All bikes are suitable for use with this torch and one should not fear to purchase the torch. You may like our article on Kryptonite bike locks.


Advise using cycle torch owl USB Rechargeable Light Set


Before installing Cycle Torch Owl USB Rechargeable Light Set on your bike it’s recommended to ensure that the torch is fully functional and fully charged.

Check for the battery level to ensure it’s full before going out also read the user manual if you don’t understand how to use the torch. Do not tamper with the torch whatsoever as this will lead to loss of warranty and malfunctioning of the torch.




  • Cycle torch Owl USB rechargeable light set is specifically meant for use with bikes that lack the headlight torch.
  • The torch provides the value for your money as satisfaction is guaranteed.
  • The torch is simple to use durable and classy and all weather thus worth your money.


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