People who are interested in mountain biking and adventure biking will be definitely having good news. Yes, the Cyclamatic CX3 Pro Power Plus Alloy Frame eBike White/Red has come to the market to satisfy the needs of the mountaineers who are aspiring to go for a mountain or hilly areas for joy riding or to spends time in adventuring those areas like a pro.

One important thing is that the Cyclamatic CX3 Pro Power Plus Alloy Frame eBike White/Red is not only for the mountainous experience but also for riding in flat roads with a style. The office goers and the cycle riding aspirers can also buy this cycle for a wonderful experience in riding.

It also comes as a handy for all age groups as it a electric bike and facilitates in transportation with an affordable cost thereby addressing the environmental sensitivity due to the fossil fuels


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The Cyclamatic CX3 Pro Power Plus Alloy Frame eBike White/Red is customer friendly as all ebikes are constructed with utmost care to safety as it meets the EN-15194 safety standards.

It most probably suits the teenagers as it is built up in that way but it also suits people ranging from the height range of 5 feet 5 to approximately 6 feet 2. But the bike is suggestive and recommended for the teenagers as it comes with a stylish dashing red and white frame.

The entire frame is fitted with 17” mountain bike frame and hence it can tolerate hard handling and terrain travelling and complements the rider to bring out his/her’s mountainous riding potential.

It also comes up with a 250 watt brushless motor which helps the ebike to exert affordable power for the ebike to move according to customer’s convenience. Thus it makes it handy for even the aged people for better and productive transportation.

The new Lithium Ion Battery which weighs 3.4 kg, which equals a fraction of the traditional lead acid batteries, provides huge power range up to 45 km range which provides effective and manageable velocity to reach the destination at the right time.




This power also helps in incentivising the potential of the ebike during the hilly travel and adventure. The next most crucial feature of the ebike is its gear system. The gear system is the deciding factor of any successful ebike and this comes with Shimano Tourney SIS-Index gears with quick shift.

This type of gear system is user friendly and smooth enough to manage and makes the riding more funny and enjoyable. Apart from the Gear system the seat system which comes up with the adjustable height of up to 43” from the ground.

This facilitates the people of diverse height levels to get accustomed and comforted to the ebike. The quick release system of the ebike makes it supportive, user friendly and handy and the front and the rear mud guards can be fitted according to the need of the terrain.

The Cyclamatic CX3 Pro Power Plus Alloy Frame eBike White/Red is legal for the road use and there is no need for road tax or driving license to be acquired for riding this ebike.

Customer Satisfaction


The Cyclamatic CX3 Pro Power Plus Alloy Frame eBike White/Red is more productive for the teenagers because of the sporty looks and dashing style and it comes up with the powered up battery system with great controls and controllable gear systems with no derogation to the legal system with no legal road transport documents.

This ebike can satisfy people of different minds either they may be old, youth, mountain riders, stunt doers etc… and designed to fill up the aspirations of various modes of people. This ebike will definitely the dream ebike of many people which needs to be grabbed on without any doubts.


Common questions


Whether it can be for hard use or to be handled so carefully?

This ebike can be hard used and constructed in that way especially for mountain bikers and adventure travellers for fun. Its 17” mountain bike frame can tolerate the strain levels for which it supports in any situation of transport.

Is it suitable for all age group?

Of course, the height standards range from 5 feet 5 to 6 feet 2 which matches the criteria for all people right from adults to the old aged. People who are more taller than 6 feet 2 can adjust the seat height which can be adjusted up to a height range of 43” from the ground level.

Is it built up based upon the safety standards?

Obviously, it is built upon the safety standards. In specific it is built on EN-151194 safety standards and hence very safe to ride. Further the construction is completely qualitative which the wreckage or breakage is hardly found and hence provides a sustainable approach to any sort of riders.

Is it too heavy to ride?

Not certainly, as the battery system is very quick and weigh 3.4 kg which is very less comparing traditional lead acid batteries. So it might not be very heavy to ride and provides the travellers a funny riding experience. Protect your bike with our Kryptonite bike locks article. 




·         It is the bike of the present as it is created for the teenagers with a stunning style and appearance.

·         It provides great support and suits all age groups and differential geographical riding.

·         It is the best value for money as it is constructed in a user friendly, tolerable and efficient to other e bikes in the market.

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