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Coyote Gravel Plus

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 Coyote Gravel Plus

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Aluminium Frame

Shimano Gears

Kenda Tyres




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Brilliant Value For Money



Coyote Are Design And Manufactured From Avocet.

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Coyote Gravel Plus

Finding a suitable bike for your kid is never easy because of the endless options available. Boys and girls have different tastes and adventure levels. Shopping for a girl’s bike can be more hectic if you don’t know what to look for.

Coyote Gravel plus Bike is designed for the comfort and safety of girls. If you have a kid a the boy or girl is assured of ultimate fun for several years as long as he or she still fits the specifications of the bike.

For kids, bike riding is for fun; it should be nothing more or less. Boys are rugged and interested in tough terrains and steep descents. To boys, the design does not matter as much as performance. Colour is also a factor for girls.

Girls are not much into adventures in the countryside and mountain climbing. While you can carry them to family adventures, girls need to roll softly and feel the bike. The bike riding experience is more of the company and the thought of riding. They must be proud of their bike too; you must find the right colour for kids.

Go for the right design and shape. The small extras on a bike matter to kids. This is why you need to shop extensively. Before you talk to the sales representatives, you should have an idea of what to expect. Sales staff can easily sway if you are not decided on specific features. It is best if you go with a specific bike in mind, Coyote Gravel Plus.


Why Should You Buy The Coyote Gravel Plus


Coyote Gravel plus Bike is customized to fit kids of a specific age. The manufacturer has a keen eye on quality hence durable bike. It has a sense of style; it is conspicuous because of its glossy finishing. Irrespective of your location, the bike can be shipped and delivered to your doorstep. The manufacturer is not only committed to design quality but also customer satisfaction hence the extra services.

It is designed both for exercise and fun. While kids are softer with handling bikes, the manufacturer has not compromised on its specifications for speed. It is fitted with speed levers on the handles for easy adjustment. The knobs are easy to switch on either side for quick shifts in speed.

The 18’ wheels are the best you can find in this category of bikes. The tires can withstand rough terrain and emergency braking. Boys are not restricted from skidding adventures; whether they are on gravel or smooth sand; the wheels ensure them of a safe landing.


The lightweight aluminium frame distinguishes it from all other kids’ bikes. It not only enhances its appearance but is also convenient for kids.

The advanced geometry ensures stability and control over rough and slippery surfaces. Your kid can maintain speed on all rough surfaces and be sure of the emergency braking system.

Aluminium straight blade forks provide extra strength and control on hard surfaces.

Gravel plus is designed with multiple gear levers for different speed adjustments; the low and high gears are in multiple levels for easy control on steep climbs and descents.

The Shimano 16 speed feature ensures easy gear selection for different speeds. It has double chainsets and disc brakes to complement the speed features. Emergency braking is guaranteed on all surfaces.

28c tires are the best in the market; they attribute to a high market rating for Gravel plus.




Lightweight aluminium tubing

Replaced alloy gear hanger

Guard mounts

Straight blade aluminium 700c gravel fork

Shimano Claris 16 speed

Shimano STI gear shifters

Aluminium disc rims

Kenda Bitumen 28c black tires

Shimano 11-28T 8 sped cassette

160mm wavy disc rotors

Micro adjust seat post

Double cage mounts

28 hole

  • Features – 94%
  • Value for money – 93%
  • Build Quality – 91%

”  I Cant Wait To Commute To Work On Monday With My Coyote Gravel Plus.” Dev

Why Should You Buy The Schwinn Shine

The lightweight feature is an incredible feature to most people. Kids do not have to sweat a lot while they are supposed to be having fun. Any force exerted through the pedals is used in propelling the bike and not bearing the weight. The bike is also available in various colours, which is something for kids.

Durability also features in most reviews; customers highlight the quality and sturdy frame. You don’t have to worry where your kid will be riding; if you are on a family adventure far from the city, the wheels and frame are designed to withstand unfavourable conditions.


Advantages & Disadvantages


It is universal; it offers a comfortable ride both on city pavements and rough terrains in the countryside. The sturdy design and durability distinguish the bike from all other kids’ bike. It offers value at an affordable price; you will also save a lot on repairs and maintenance because of the quality structure. The bike has an incredible design.

Some customers cite the saddle as uncomfortable on long rides, but it is not a big concern considering kids are never on the bikes for long.

Common Questions

Does the Coyote Gravel Plus come assembled?


The Gravel Plus comes partially assembled and should take no longer than 30 minutes and you should always go on a little test run to make sure your happy with the bike. Its Always a good habit to become familiar with your bike and always check the tires are inflated, the seat is the correct level and the brakes work.


What Is the Coyote Designed For?


The bike has been designed and manufactured for the cycling enthusiast that love commuting by the road. If your thinking of buying a bike for the commute to work, joining your local cycling community or starting a new past time.


Is the bike durable?


The rider will have lots of support with a lightweight aluminium frame, shimano gears, Tektro disk brakes and a set of road tires. Aluminium has been known to out perform steel on lab tests. Shimano are a well-known brand in making quality components and will give the rider plenty of options while changing the pace of the bike to the riding conditions faced by the rider.

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