Growing boys are full of energy and vitality. They need sufficient physical activity to utilize their energy else they usually become restless and anxious.

Many boys engage in outdoor games and find pleasure and peace for the same reason. Riding bike is one of the most interesting, exciting and perfect way to put the energy of kids to proper use. When you observe the joy of a kid when he rides his favourite bike, you wouldn’t fail to realize this fact.

Bikes have become an all-time favourite for many children between 5 years to teenagers. In fact, even adults are mesmerized by the pleasure of riding a bike. In such a scenario, we are confronted with the question of which bike to choose for kids.

Here we test and analyze the Coyote Gecko Boys Mountain bike to find out its mettle and how well it succeeds in doing its duty.

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Why buy a Coyote Gecko mountain bike 


Coyote Gecko mountain bike is the perfect example of a bike your kid would love to have. It scores the highest points in its appearance as well as its make. The focus given on the minor details of this bike proves the excellence of the manufacturer in striving to give the best to the kids.

The 18” Boys aluminum Mountain bike made by Coyote has the best configuration required for a mountain bike. It is light weight, robust and has everything you could ask for. The frame size of 9.5” is suitable for boys aged between 6 and 8 years of age.



The Coyote Gecko Mountain bike has lot of benefits in its account. The bike is made of 6061 Aluminum frame which keeps it light weight as well as strong. It has got an additional strengthening plate for the top tube to give more support.

The forks are straight blade and are high tensile, which makes them quite efficient. It has powerful v type front and rear alloy brakes which also have adjustable levers. There are many components in the bike to enhance the safety, efficiency and appearance of the bike.


  • Lightweight 6061 Aluminum frame
  • Strengthening plate for top tube
  • High tensile straight blade forks
  • Gear hanger with replacing option
  • 6 Speed indexed gears
  • Gear lever with Thumb Shifter plus
  • Branded Rear Derailleur
  • Pneumatic Black wall tyres
  • Effective V type breaks
  • Adjustable break levers
  • Chain guard
  • Mudguards
  • Matching color ATB rise bars
  • Matching color saddle
  • Matching color adjustable grips
  • ATB low-slip pedals

Customer Satisfaction


The customers who have purchased this bike have given 100% positive feedback owing to a vast array of features and the focus on details. The customers expressed that their children have liked this bike very much and were excited to start their first ride.

The bike is said to be lightweight and durable. The quality of every component and the care in creating each of them in perfection was appreciated by majority of the customers. There are no negative points against this bike so far.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Coyote Gecko Boys Mountain Bike has numerous benefits in comparison with other bikes in this category. This bike has multiple features and is very attractive in the first place. Let it be the colour co-ordinated saddle or the matching rise bars or the matching grips, Coyote has taken enough care to make them look stunningly beautiful.

The vibrant colours and stunning graphics add lot of beauty to the bike. Apart from visual beauty, the bike also comes with the benefits of multiple features. It has the best-in-class features in terms of build quality, weight, safety, manoeuvrability and performance. It has all the required mounting holes to fit mud guards or any other necessary accessories.

Commonly asked questions


Is the Coyote Gecko Boys Mountain bike suitable for children?

Yes, it is suitable to children aged between 6 and 8 years.

Can a 6 year old able to manage this bike?

Yes, the main frame of the Coyote kids bikes are made of aluminium, so that they are light weight and could be easily used by kids.

Can the Coyote Gecko Boys Mountain bike gear system be used by children below 8 years?

Yes, the gear system of this bike is very simple and easy to use. Even a 6 to 8 year old kid can use it after seeing a proper demonstration. You may find our article on factors to consider when buying a mountain bike helpful and informative.




The Coyote Gecko Boys Mountain Bike is the best buy for your child aged between 6 and 8 years of age. It is stunningly beautiful for a boy and is impressive enough to keep him engaged.

The bike is also good at performance and safety, thereby giving no tension to parents. Coyote has made the kid’s bikes with the same perfection and an eye for detail as its siblings made for adults. So, you can go ahead and get this little piece of beauty for your boy.

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