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Cipollini RB800 road bike

Searching For A Road Bike That’s Designed For The Professional Cycling Enthusiast.

 Cipollini RB800 road bike

Here are the top 3 reasons to buy the Cipollini RB800 road bike




Designed In Italy

Carbon Cage

Ideal For Climbing




Why Should You Buy?

For The Professional



A Respected Bike Brand

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Cipollini RB800 Road Bike

In time past, vehicles and cars are mostly used as means of transportation due to some fear factors related to bicycle/bikes. However, the advancement in world’s technology has helped change human reasoning and belief about using bikes as alternative means of transportation. In fact many parents and guardians now want their children to have bikes of their own so as to experience the fun one derives from cycling.

Apart from children, it will interest you to know that adults and some ‘active’ old men/women still go on biking as they can’t do without the joy and fun they often get from riding from one place to another.

Are you a good bike rider who loves to enjoy his/her cycling life or you’re someone who is searching for bikes that would provide much comfort? Then, you’re at the right place because we are set to reveal one bike that possesses awesome features which will surely make you want to ride for long. It is called Cipollini RB800 road bike, Orange Fluo, 53.7cm.

Why Should You Buy The Cipollini RB800 road bike


This is one bicycle you would want to have due to its features which we shall discuss later in this article. The bike is named after former cyclist Mario Cipollini who is one of the greatest athletes to have ever engaged in any world’s cycling competition. Mario Cipollini was determined, dedicated and indeed reliable during his days as active cyclist; hence, he was fans’ most celebrated cyclist of his generation.

Just as Mario Cipollini, this bicycle is reliable, durable, strong and very affordable to get from any store in the world. It is created by group of experienced technicians who knows everything about motion and every factor that make up a good bicycle.

Irrespective of the fact that it is an Italian product, it is found in every part of the world and that speaks volume of its uniqueness and awesome enjoyment it provide it riders.


In addition to its wonderful characteristics, this RB800 road bike, is a made with just two things at in the mindset of its manufacturers — quality and utilizing of great technological frames and components.

Cipollini companies are experts when it comes to crafting good-looking and high quality bikes. They dedicated their time and energy to produce the long-lasting Orange Fluo Road bike.

In terms of frames and bike components, Cipollini road bike consist of various components that are of high technological value. Its frames are technically coupled together by manufacturers so as it will stand the test of time and equally makes you feel on top of the world.

Another feature of this great Cipollini’s road bike is that it contains water bottle where you can put your chilled water, should there be any need for water.

Cipollini often fail to add this feature to most of their products, however, this Orange Fluo road bike possess it and that makes it more interesting and important to get.

It equally contains a carbon cage, a place where the water bottle and other useful materials are kept. The carbon cage is a strong, small but beautifully constructed space where riders can put most of their important stuff while riding.



As mentioned above, this road bike hardly develops fault if moderately used. Therefore, you can he rest assured that you don’t have to spend money on repairing spoilt parts.


  • Features – 94%
  • Value for money – 93%
  • Build Quality – 91%

”  I am so excited to test ride my Cipollini RB800 road bike.” Chris

Importance of the Cipollini Orange Fluo road bike

Offers you Value for your money

One importance of this wonderful bike is that it gives you a value for your money. Irrespective of the price you purchase this product, you will never regret going for it because you tends to enjoy much more than the price you get it.


It is good for climbing to a certain height

Unlike many modern bikes, the Cipollini Orange Fluo road bike has the ability to climb a considerable height while it still maintains its balance upon landing. This great feature is made possible due to the strong Tires and frames.

How would you feel climbing an object — which would have served as hindrance supposing you’re riding on other bikes — without falling or sustaining any form of injury? That is one of the feelings you get for buying this product.


There’s a warranty

Yes, you heard it right! There is a warranty on the product and that’s one of the rare benefits you could get from any bike manufacturers. However, this doesn’t give you the opportunity to misuse it. Despite engaging the bike in a good manner, it develop fault sooner than you expect, you stand a chance to have it repaired by the company for free of charge.

There are many important benefits you will enjoy from this bike; however, the listed ones are the common features many cyclists want to see in their bikes

Common Questions

Does the Cipollini RB800 road bike come assembled?


The RB800 comes partially assembled and comes with an informative and helpful instructional manuel. If you’re not used to assembling road bikes it may be worth getting a professional to build the RB800. Always make sure you are happy with the road bike before you go on a long commute.



What Can the Cipollini RB800 road bike be Used For?


The RBS800 is a professional road bike made with best quality materials and components. Designed for the professional cycling enthusiast who compete in time trails




Essential Road Cycling Accessories?



If your biking the Cipollini RB800 road bike don’t forget to get a high-quality bike lock, that can easily be transported from one destination to another. If your cycling for long periods of time you will need a decent pair of cycling shoes, padded cycling shorts and a helmet.


You may consider buying a pair of sun glasses to block out the sun rays and a back pack to carry your hydration snacks. We hope you have enjoyed our review of the Cipollini RB800 road bike and found it helpful and informative.


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