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“Don’t let the price make you think your buying a 2nd class product chicco red bullet.  it’s simply not true and i’m surprised that it is being sold so cheaply. This in one of those buys where buying the cheapest is also buying the best. These type of bargains don’t come around that often!”

Our Rating: stars


  • Chicco red bullet Ultra-light, meaning that it can be moved around from place to place with ease.
  • An adult would barely notice they are carrying it in truth, such is the depth and detail of the design.
  • Makes it very easy to enjoy working with and enjoying riding with your child.  Childs Bike explained

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Chicco New

When it comes to finding a good bike. Chicco red bullet can be relied upon to offer a suitable learning environment. firstly,  The options out there can be quite staggering. One option that I found when looking around on the web for a solution for my little nephew. Though, was the chicco red bullet. It’s a fine little balance bike and offers the usual depth of protection that you would have hoped for.

It’s very light and offers an easy way to get it carried around. I could move it very easily, as could my nephew. It offered a sturdy and steady place for him to learn on it. Furthermore, the fact I knew some other parents who praised them highly made me comfortable in buying it.


stars Customer Satisfaction 

I have to say that I am VERY satisfied with chicco red bullet. The weight was my main concern on purchase and I am pleased to say that my little nephew could wave this around like he was The Hulk. He was extremely comfortable in lifting it so he can use it when out and about without being worried about it being a struggle for him. However, I will say that my nephew is fairly tall for his age. So it may be more of a logistical annoyance for someone younger than anything else.

What I will say, though, is that the overall quality of the chicco red bullet is very impressive. It’s easy to use.  It looks great and it carries all of the features I had hoped for when buying it. The whole solution fitted what I was looking for when I came bike shopping in the first place, so I have to be fair and say that this was a rather excellent pick-up.


  • Easy for making sure that a young child can improve and then master the art of chicco red bullet
  • This is the hardest aspect to get right but with the help of this it’s going to go a pretty long way to making sure it provides the utmost balance.
  • Suitable for all children between 3-5 outside of extreme scenarios.
  • Very comfortable to use and offers a good level of comfort in the seat as well as plenty of control over the handlebars.
  • Makes this a fine learning point for all out there who want to get children into cycling.
  • Full instructions are provided with the chicco red bullet, too, so you can make sure that you have full assembly and safe operation from day one without any problems.
  • Very easy to use and arrange anyway, but the guide makes it even simpler for those with limited to no mechanical knowledge beforehand.



  • Chicco Balance Bike is Extremely light – I felt like I could twirl it on one finger! All exaggerations aside, the lightness is a major factor. Makes it extremely easy to and as such it can be good for any toddler to pick up and get used to.
  • The easiest solution for your child to get used to if they need to get used to improving their balance. Would need to go pretty far to drop this thing as it’s very steady – better to learn on than using stabilizers but provides a very useful way for the child to get used to riding a bike normally.
  • Height adjustable is very useful as many toddlers at this age vary in height. I found it was too big for my niece but just right for my nephew. A few minimal adjustments later and she was scooting around on the back delighted! Very easy to adjust and make suitable for everyone.
  • Very safe in general. Having watched the kids use it for long enough I feel safe in saying that this is very safe and easy to get to grips with. If you are worried about perhaps getting a bike that might be too much, this helps to alleviate that issue.


  • Not got a great lifespan due to the speed that children grow. I would recommend getting this bike if you have a few young children in the family and can pass it on. Otherwise it is not likely to get a massive amount of lifespan. Good for beginning with, after that? Not so much.
  • Watch out for how much the bolts on the front and the back wheels stick out. Some have reported their children hurting themselves (just bruising) on this. Check your model and if it’s like this be sure to give your child some advice when they’re riding.

Common Questions Chicco Red bullet

What is the average height suitable?

Most children of around 3ft should fit here just fine. Anyone under that should be spot on but anything over 3ft might just be getting a little too close to being too tight. Make sure you keep this in mind as you need it to be a good fit if you want your child to get the maximum enjoyment from using the bike.

What size are the wheels on chicco red bullet?

I believe they are 10” – this gives the wheels a good level of traction and also makes it a fine pick to go with when you want an easy and steady bike. If you are worried about wheels overpowering your little one, then go with this bike.  In comparison the wheels are easy to get to grips with and should offer speed and power without going too far.  Additionally, the chicco red bullet wheels are also rubber so make sure you keep an eye out on the roads for any debris when your child is riding.

How do you assemble it?

Typically, you need to work with the handlebars to assemble them and the rest is usually in the box with minimal work needed. As far as development goes this is one of the most simplistic bikes on the market to assemble for a child.


FAQ Continued

How low can the seat go?

Around 13” from the ground – this gives it a fair level of value and also ensured greater comfort.

How is the steering?

Very good – the steering is a little limited but that’s good for most younger children. You should not find yourself dealing with any steering issues. It’s not rigid enough to be boring but not free enough to be dangerous. For a young learner this is about as good as you could have asked for in truth.

Can it be ridden unsupervised?

Not advised in truth. The chicco red bullet is only truly suitable when your child has supervision and so that they can use you as a balance. The lack of pedals means that it’s going to need you to put in the work to keep the little one nice and safe when they use this bike. Again, as a learner tool it’s one of the most effective on the market for getting the child enthusiastic about the prospect of riding a bike themselves later.

Conclusion: chicco red bullet

Our Rating: More on bmx for kids




  • First of all I was so happy to find that the chicco red bullet helped my niece and nephew both get into the biking world and that my nephew has already moved on to a new bike because he used this so much he outgrew the skill level needed.
  • Secondly , the fact that it’s so effective for learning on make it the perfect place for me to start with.


  • My nephew had a rather irrational fear of falling, so I felt like getting him the kind the chicco red bullet that minimized falling without the embarrassment of stabilizers was going to be very useful for my nephew to learn on.
  • In comparison having taken the time to look at it against some other market options.
  • I felt compelled to help anyone in the same situation (buying for a youngster) make sure that they could enjoy the process a little bit more.
  • Lastly, one thing I found to be extremely interesting was the price. For a bike that’s essentially helped cure my nephews fear of falling. Product Reviews: Road Bikes, Mountain Bikes and Bicycle Accessories

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