If you are confused about buying a balance bike for your child right from the age of 2.5 years to up to 4 years, it is the end of your worries as the Chicco Pink Arrow Balance Bike has come to the market.

This bike provides your child comfort to balance and ride along and just make and support your child to ride a bicycle by their own thereby acquiring a greater balance and dexterity.

Chicco Pink Arrow Balance Bike is very unique in style and comes in different styles and colour to attract the child to ride it. This rose pick will be just be suggestive for girls as the rose colour is just accustomed to the girls children generally. This rose pick will be just loved by your child, why waste time? This is the right time to pick one.


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The Chicco Pink Arrow Balance Bike can be used by all the children right from the age of two and half years to the age of about 4 years. In short, it can be used by the child until the child grows to the level of balancing the cycle.

Further it does not come with the pedal and just because it shows the unique creation. Because it is just made for the balance purpose and so it did not acquire any pedals. Moreover, it can be seen similar to the skating pad used by the children but it is special to the child as it gives the real balancing challenge.

This is the first balance bike introduced in the market just keeping in the mind to help the child to acquire balance in the bicycle while riding it.

This is completely built up ultralight and just supports the child while riding and helps in balancing more effectively without creating any serious injuries  thereby supporting the child in all aspects while riding.

And, the cycle is constructed to tackle and tolerate the impacts of hard use as the child would not be handling it so softly and sometimes t hey might be wrecking it for fun. In order to reduce the unnecessary expenses due to undeniable impacts the cycle is constructed to tackle any sort of impacts or wreckage.

The frame is just lightweight aluminium frame used in the bicycle which helps in tackling the translocation issues and the children despite being using it very hard can maintain it very effectively.

In short the cycle is constructed from the child and parent’s point of view, that is, children’s comfort and parent’s cost of money for the bike. So this is much recommended for all the children between the prescribed age levels.

The maximum weight of the bicycle can hold is 25kgs and it for children weighing less than 25 kgs or equal to such weight. The cycle can hold on weights more than that but the durability standards can get affected. So it is instructed to use the bicycle for the children weighing below the prescribed weight levels.

Customer Satisfaction


The Chicco Pink Arrow Balance Bike comes with a handy experience and unique structure to support the children between the prescribed age factor and helps the child to acquire balance while riding.

There is no sort of assembly or batteries included and just made simple and finest to the requirements of the little child. This product should be driven by the child under the direct supervision of the adult and should be regulated by them.

There is no sort of remote control and the radio control suitability is outdoor riding. There is no sort of legal hurdles in riding this cycle but it should be prevented from riding in the traffic.

This is extremely for the safety of the child and to prevent any road accidents and hurdles. Other than that this product is just affordable for the child because of its lightweight, suitability and managing capability. This product being rose in colour is not completely specified for the girl children but for all as some boys also love to be pinkish.



Common Questions


Does my child overthrow the product shortly?

The Chicco Pink Arrow Balance Bike is specified for children between the age group of two and half years to the age of four years. Up to this interval the product would be useful to the child. Some children who would have gathered the balance in riding within the age interval may overthrow but this product will be useful in accordance to the penny you had spent.

Is it too heavy for my child to use?

Absolutely not; the entire cycle is just 2.7 kgs and the maximum holding capacity of the bicycle is just 25 kgs. NO batteries or motors are added which might increase the weight factor. So, the bicycle will not be heavy for the child and it is supportive enough to assist the child in balancing. Read uur article on Kryptonite bike locks article. 




  • The Chicco Pink Arrow Balance Bike is the first balance bike
  • This is light weighted and just 2.7 kgs and just supportive
  • Very adjustable and hence the best choice for the children who learn balancing

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