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Chicco Cross Runner Balance Runner

Are you a parent looking for the best quality bicycle to be used by your child? As a parent, safety is very important in choosing a bicycle for your kid. Among all the many kinds of bicycles already out in the market, the balance bikes are the best style for your starters to learn how to ride a bicycle without putting their safety on the line.

The Chicco Cross Runner Balance Bike (Yellow) is created for children to learn to cycle faster by allowing them to learn how to balance on their own first. Next step is for them to know how to counter-steer, pedal and then the rest will follow.

After learning all of these, kids will eventually learn how to jump, ride and play on their bicycles without any assistance from anyone. Sounds great? Oh yes it is absolutely amazing!

Main Benefits

The Main Benefits/ Features Of The Chicco Cross Runner Balance Runner

The Chicco Cross Runner Balance Bike (Yellow) is a conventional type of bicycle with a 12-inch frame weighing about 4.36 kilograms with dimensions of 47 x 57 x 85 centimetres. It is 80% metal with no batteries or breaks installed.

These bikes are constructed lower than the regular bicycles and the main purpose of that is for the user to be able to stop it by just using their feet as this type of bicycle doesn’t have any breaks installed on them.

They are especially designed for children as young as 18 months old, which will result to kids as young as 3 years old being able to ride a bicycle on their own, without the assistance of training wheels.

Being made specifically for kids, it has an adjustable seat so the user can adjust it based on the age and height of the one who will use it. Aside from that, it has an added safety feature – the anti-slip saddle. The maximum weight of the rider as suggested by the manufacturer should not go above 25 kilograms.

The Chicco Cross Runner Balance Bike (Yellow) has a sporty but modern design that was made to attract children even more. It doesn’t have chains or pedals and that keeps the user focused on balancing rather than pedalling.

That way, they learn to balance easily which is a great start in riding a regular one. It works more like a kiddie scooter with a seat on it.

  • Features – 95
  • Value for money – 93%
  • Build Quality – 92

” I Have Been Looking For A New Balance Bike For My Little Boy, He Will Love The Chicco Cross Runner Balance Runner.” Marty

Customer Satisfaction

Everything about the Chicco Cross Runner Balance Bike (Yellow) was made suitable for kids who wanted to start learning how to ride a regular bicycle. It is better and more user-friendly than the training wheels.

Aside from that, its main purpose is for the user to learn the most important skill in cycling which is balancing. Since it is made of metal, its durability and sturdiness has been tested which makes it very safe for children’s use.

It might look harder to ride it at first look without the pedals and training wheels but you’ll definitely see greater rewards towards the end. You can make sure that this will be an enjoyable and fun learning experience for your little ones.

Common Questions

From what and until what age can my child use the Chicco Cross Runner Balance Bike (Yellow)?

Ideally, based on its size, kids can enjoy riding from 18 months to five years old. Children as young as 18 -months old can start by just gliding, scooting and walking around.

What’s the advantage of balance bikes from training wheels?

Training wheels may result to slow learning because kids become too dependent on them, which regular bikes don’t have. With training wheels, kids cannot focus on balancing as they are more focused on learning how to pedal, unlike balance bikes which aims to improve the user’s balancing skills first.

What advice can you give me to assist my child in using this product?

The first step is to show them how to use it properly. You need to make sure that your child is wearing protective gears like helmet and knee pads.

Also, it is advised to use it in a spacious lot or garden, as long as there’s a large space where he/she can scoot around safely. See to it that there are no passing vehicles. Keep in mind that this should not be used on the main road with traffic. Above all, do not leave your child unattended. Protect your bike with our Kryptonite bike locks.article.

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  • It is the best and easiest way for your child to develop their balancing skills which is necessary in learning how to ride a regular bicycle.
  • It is very convenient and easy to use. It also helps your kid feel independent and confident knowing that they are doing and learning something on their own.
  • You can guarantee that your child will get a good experience of having fun while learning and it can be considered as one of their best childhood memories. What are you waiting for? Grab one for your little ones now!