“Nothing compares to the simple pleasure of riding a bike.” John F Kennedy

Why buy a bike light?


Cycling at night without good visibility can be dangerous. If you plan on cycling in the evening on a regular basis then buying a good quality bike light will certainly help you enjoy your commute that little bit more.

The law states that anyone using a vehicle on the road has a legal requirement to have lights on their vehicle. Therefore, it is only common sense to buy a good quality bike light if you intend to cycle on a regular basis.

When shopping for bike lights, the number one question to ask is, do I need my lights to be seen or to see with?

Bike lights that are used for visibility tend to be brighter and have a larger battery to power the light. In addition, the angle is narrower so that you can see in the distance.

Cyclists looking to be seen while commuting will buy a bike light that can be seen from different angles and include features like side illumination and wide beam. The number of lumens tend to be lower and the you will normally find them lighter and much cheaper.

A common misconception is that bike light is only used in the dark. A study found that 8 out of 10 accidents happened in the day and that the use of cycling lights is the number one thing cyclists can do to have a safer commute according to a study in Denmark.

We will know take a closer look at the CDC 5000 Lumen 2 x Cree XML Bicycle light and its best features.


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Benefit/ Features


The CDC 5000 Lumen 2 x Cree XML Bicycle light comes with an impressive white LED bright light with 5000 lumens. There are four modes; Low, Medium, High and hidden strobe so the rider will have plenty of options to change the light to their riding conditions.

A running time of approximately 2.5 hours that will give the rider plenty of miles of cycling on their commute.

Designed to be water resistant so the unpredictability of the British weather wont impact on your commute.  Comes with a responsive electric switch that you click ON and Off. You can easily flick the switch into one of the modes.

To switch to the strobe mode, you can just press the switch for one second. The battery level can be seen in indicators. Three lights indicate 80 percent battery level and two lights indicate 50% battery level so you will be sure to have a good idea when to charge the CDC 5000 Lumen 2 x Cree. XML Bicycle light. A 100 – 240 battery charger included.

What’s included:

  • Rear light (Battery not included.
  • Spare Ring X 2
  • 6400 Battery Back
  • Charger
  • Solar Storm Bicycle Light

Customer Satisfaction


Love the fact that it has 3 light settings and can easily be attached to the bike with the strap.


Brilliant Value and I am very happy with my purchase.


Great present for any Cycling Enthusiast.


Really impressed with the beam. Good visibility for driving in the evenings.


Very good for country lanes and I only use on the lower setting.


Common Questions


Does the Bike light come with a bag to attach to the frame?

Yes, there is a bag that can easily be attached to the bike frame.


What batteries are needed for the rear bike light?

You will need 2 x AAA. Can be bought very cheaply. Always buy good quality batteries as they will long much longer


How do you fix the CDC 5000 Lumen 2 x Cree XML Bicycle light

To the biker frame. The battery pack comes with a strap that you thread around the bike frame


What is the recommended charging time?

Once fully charged the light will turn from red to green

Can the bike light be fitted to a helmet?

No, as it is designed to fit on to the bike and its handlebars




Different factors between lights for road and mountain biking?


Road cycling tends to be done in straight lines, so a light that focus’s ahead is ideal.

Mountain biking there needs to be a broader light to see around obstacles especially while tackling the local mountain bike trails. The First priority while cycling on the road is to be seen.   Don’t forget about bike security with our Kryptonite bike locks article.


Final Verdict


Your looking to improve your visibility on your commute. The CDC 5000 Lumen 2 x Cree XML Bicycle light is very popular and its easily to see why as it offers great value at a fraction of the cost.


Good Customer Testimonials. Read them for yourself.


4 modes that offer great visibility


Great battery Life – keep cycling for longer.


Water Resistant Design

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