Rechargeable bike light set Camden Gear Vivid XIII Lights

 Normally I’d be doubtful if I saw bike lights for this price. They’re usually cheap plastic rubbish but fret not with these bad boys.  They’re worth the money and money so fill your boots and get them bought!

Benefits/ Features:

  • Night Riding is more enjoyable and the rechargeable bike light set Camden Gear Vivid XIII Lights comes with a battery set included with it which is always a nice touch.

  • If you are sick of having to run out and find the batteries for yourself then this saves you the trouble. #

  • Camden Gear Vivid XIII Lights with a 200L light, this gives you an easy way to get seen thanks to the battery set giving it full power from day one.

  • Whilst it needs recharged over time the light that you get should shine like a ray from the Sun!


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camden gear light

Rechargeable bike light set Camden Gear Vivid XIII Lights review will look at one of the best selling bike lights on amazon. When out and about on the bike, one of the most important things that we can look for is safety. Visibility is paramount to safety, and many of us want to know that we have access to a fine and fair level of that on the roads. After all, why head out on the bike if it’s going to put you in danger? Nobody wants to make that call, so getting the right set of lights is important for making sure that you can stay onthe roads and become visible to the others on the road. cycling at night

I picked up this set of Rechargeable bike light set Camden Gear Vivid XIII Lights. Since CG are a well-known brand I was more than happy to give one of their products a shot. They are known for producing high quality biking equipment which obviously is important, but the quality of their lights is usually spot on.

Secondly, having had the pleasure of using these products for some time now.  I was able to really enjoy and engage with what I thought of them. Now I want to help you decide if these are the right lights for you. I have starting riding a lot more. I used to hate it without my lights

Lastly, I’ll try and break down all of the key factors of the rechargeable bike light set Camden Gear Vivid XIII Lights matter when it comes to judging the quality  bike lights.


Customer satisfaction

First off, I was very satisfied with using this set of  rechargeable bike light set while riding at night. I found night riding and How to Cycle Safely After Hours a lot easier with these set of lights I want to make that clear. The lighting is strong, vibrant and consistent. The quality of the lighting that it gives off at night is wonderful and makes me far less of a hidden target on the road.

Whilst I have come close to being in a few scrapes even with the lights on. I attribute that to the foolishness of the driver than the lights not making me visible enough.

Most notably,  they are the brightest “value” lighting that I’ve used on my bike for a while. It’s super eat to fit, extremely sturdy, got a wide ray of influence when cycling and offers that much-needed visibility both front and back.

Furthermore In terms of satisfaction I would struggle to be more pleased with the Camden Gear Vivid XIII Lights. For the price I paid I expected consistent and high quality, and that is exactly what I got with this set. It feels fun to use and easy to adapt to, giving me a set of lights that were offering me all of the features that I hoped would be included.

Best of all with the Camden Gear Vivid XIII Lights .You get a money back guarantee if you don’t like them. You really cannot say any fairer than that – it makes it easy when deciding to purchase.

camden light


  • Camden Gear Vivid XIII Lights is Easy to get fitted onto your bike. This is a very useful feature and it means that you can get yourself back on track and moving in the near future.

    Makes a good choice for mountain bikes especially, as the headlight can be mounted and then left on the bike for dependability all the way through your journey.

    If you are worried about it being loose and getting damaged or smashed, then you can relay those fears almost right away!

  • Make use of a vast majority of modes. From the front and back lights that can both be red or white modes, you can also choose from flashes, low beams and high beams.

    Now you have total control over just how visible you are on the roads which can be immensely useful in helping you avoid crashed.

    You control the whole process, too, making it so easy to ride around at night. Perfect for city cycling but also for cycling along winding country paths

  • Made to last in the harsh weather and night riding– whether you are driving in rain and hail or through strong winds, the light will stay coming through.

    It’s about as reliable a bike light set as you are likely to find when it comes to staying strong in the face of weather.

Advantages & Disadvantages

  • Camden Gear Vivid XIII Lights Extremely strong lighting and makes sure that you get all the help that you need in making sure you have enough visibility on the roads. If you are like me and are extra paranoid about not being seen.


  •  Then these should be enough to give you that much-needed visibility and stop yourself from becoming another tragic road statistic.


  • Camden Gear Vivid XIII Lights is Strong and sturdy. You could launch these off a wall and not break them – not that I’ve tried! However, I have had one or two falls on my bike since I got these (my own fault) and found that they took the brunt of the smash each time with next to no problems. Whilst only plastic and with a weakness eventually, I’ve yet to find it.


  • Easy to charge back up at night – just plug it in with a USB system and you can charge that front light back up in no time at all. This makes it easy to stay on track as you ride as you know you can have your lights powered up in no time.
  • A little on the expensive side. Whilst they are “value” lights they are the kind of lights you want to make sure you take good care of due to the high price – worth the cost but a definite expense.


Common Questions

Does this batteries and/or charge?

Yes, you can charge it up using a USB slot – this was an upgrade put on the product some time ago. It still comes with batteries but you can easily charge it up if you have access to a USB dock that is suitable for it.

Camden Gear Vivid XIII Lights- Should the batteries last long?

You should always bring replacements with you but generally the batteries last for a long time, yes. It’s hard to say how long they will last you but I used my bike a lot over the course of a week and it still appeared to be running a strong as it was on the day I got it. Had to say if the lighting will become weaker as time goes on, though, but it’s likely. However, if the durability of the rest of the kit is anything to go by, it will take a long time!

Does this fit over-sized bikes?

It’s a rechargeable bike light set  light that will fit most types but if you have an aero seat tube then don’t bother. It won’t fit. Whilst pretty damn flexible I would not be buying this until I knew exactly if it fitted my bike. Anything thicker than a standard seat tube is likely to be a bit of a challenge, to be honest. You could get always get the kit out and make it larger.

I have tapered handlebars is this going to be an issue?

The clamp provided for this is a fine C shape. So it should be easy enough to use for a tapered set of handlebars. I cannot give a factual or specific answer on that presently.  But it appears to be a very versatile set of handlebars.


 How to Cycle Safely After Hours

In conclusion, the  rechargeable bike light set Camden Gear Vivid XIII Lights ? This is a very solid set of bike lights that does the job. I would query the price point.  If you are looking for a solid and stable set of bike lights.  Then this is most likely to be the ideal choice for you to use.

If you already own good lights they aren’t a must-upgrade. However you are looking for a strong set then they make a wonderful starting point.

I hoper you enjoyed our article on Night Riding: How to Cycle Safely After Hours and the review of rechargeable bike light set  Camden Gear Vivid XIII Lights. Please support our reviews by clicking on the share button.

  • Designed from a military-quality specification. This makes sure that you have a durable and long lasting headlight/taillight combo. The aluminum alloy means that this is going to last longer than the average set out there for sure.

  • Extremely bright lighting. Worried about not being seen when you are on the roads? Then the 200L lighting means you’re always visible.

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