Do you like cycling at night? If you are night rider, you’ll obviously need good light. Riding up the trails at night in darkness isn’t such a good idea especially if you have inadequate head lights.

However, cycling is always fun at any time of the day and therefore if you have a good head light illuminating your way during the night, you will enjoy it.

With Bybo 10000LM 7 X Cree MTB Mountain Bike Head Light, you will have no reason to worry; the headlight torch features will cater for all your lighting needs as you cycle, be it during the day or at night.


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With a maximum output of 10000 lumens and 100,000 hours LED lifetime, the Bybo 10000LM 7 X Cree MTB Mountain Bike Head light provides a super bright beam of light effects for your night cycling.

You also don’t have to worry about the wet and foggy days as this torch caters for all that. The brightness from this torch provides a prolonged exposure and for an extensive distance making of 250 meters enhancing you to see ahead on your trail.

The head light torch has an aluminium casing which is waterproof hence very efficient even on rainy days. You, therefore, don’t have to cut your trip short just because of the rains.

In addition to this, the head light torch comes with a handlebar mount and head strap mount, so all you’ll have to do is fix the headlamp properly and cycle your way home.


Battery Life


Another distinguishing feature that makes this head light most reliable its long battery life of up to three hours. The battery is also rechargeable, and with the internal wiring circuits, a full voltage is boosted enabling the work to the most significant extent. You, therefore, get assured of a good 3 hours ride without any disruptions.

The Bybo 10000LM 7 X Cree MTB Mountain Bike Head Light also comes with a rear light which is most efficient and reliable during the night as well. The reason for these sentiments is because the back rights are always the best to use especially during the night in a place with much traffic.

If you flash your rear lights at night, having in mind that this head light is of high intensity, you will end up disorienting incoming traffic, and you’ll find yourself in no position to estimate its speed and position. Therefore, the fact that this head light torch comes with a rear night becomes very reassuring to you like a night rider.

In addition to having all these fantastic features, the head light comes in three switch modes, for brightness, normal light, and strobe. You can, therefore, regulate the amount of light that you want at any particular time while using the Bybo 10000LM 7 X Cree MTB Mountain Bike Headlight.

Customer Satisfaction 


Bybo 10000LM 7 X Cree The MTB Mountain Bike Head Light is one of the best head light you’ll come around. Whether you are cruising a climb, caning the descents or cycling indoors, this is the light to have. It suits all your daily activities.

Because of the long battery life, you don’t have to worry when taking long rides. It even caters for you in time of emergencies due to the inbuilt booster.

While cycling on rocky terrain, you won’t have to worry that the head light might fall off since the straps will hold it. When you are in high traffic at night, you have access to the switch modes where you will regulate the right accordingly. There is no doubt that this light suits all your riding needs.

Common Questions


Is it easy to install the headlight?

You don’t have to worry about the headlight’s installation because it is a straightforward thing to do. It has a handlebar mount which you’ll use to install it on the bar. If you want to install in on your helmet, there is also the head strap mount which you’ll just strap on the mask, and you will be good to go.

Does the headlight have a flash mode?

Bybo 10000LM 7 X Cree The MTB Mountain Bike Headlight has a flash mode which is very easy to use. You only have to press the button and choose the flash type that you want. However, it is not advisable to use the flash mode during the night as it may distract you from incoming traffic leading to fatal results.

Should I worry about the durability of the headlight?

Well, you should take good care of the Bybo 10000LM 7 X Cree MTB Mountain Bike Head Light just like you do everything else and you won’t have to worry about that.

Even though it is waterproof, don’t put it in water directly to experiment this. Ensure that you keep it in a safe place, clear from any mishandling and you will enjoy a long union with your headlight. Protect your bike from thieves with our Kryptonite bike locks article. 




  • The Bybo 10000LM 7 X Cree MTB Mountain Bike Headlight is the most suitable light for your long riding hours as it has long battery life.
  • Because it’s waterproof, the headlight is ideal for you to use in all weather conditions.
  • Bybo 10000LM 7 X Cree MTB Mountain Bike Head Light is worth purchasing as the features indicate that.


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