Brixton Bicycle Club Fixed Gear Fixie Single Speed Road Bike



Brixton Bicycle Club Fixed Gear Fixie Single Speed Road Bike


If Your Looking For A New Road Bike, The Brixton Road Bike Needs Some Serious Consideration

Brixton Bicycle Club Fixed Gear Fixie Single Speed Road Bike

Here are the top 3 reasons to buy the Brixton Bicycle Club Fixed Gear Fixie Single Speed Road Bike



Steel Frame

Designed Specifically For The Road

The Brixton Fixie Road Bike Is Designed Specifically For The Road.

Great Value

The Brixton Fixie Road Bike Offers Great Value.

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Customer Satisfaction

Satisfied Clients*

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Brand Score

Brixton Bicycle Club Fixed Gear Fixie Single Speed Road Bike


The Brixton Bicycle Club Fixed Gear Fixie Single Speed Road Bike Drop Racing Handlebar is one of the most popular racing bicycles, around the world. This bicycle has thousands of unique features that can push you to your limits to buy it; apart from them, this bicycle is like a boon for the racers who are seeking adventures in their cycling habits.

Moreover, its sleek and aero dynamical design allows the user to have the full pleasure of fast speed with limited efforts. It is not the same as E-bikes, which have batteries in them in order to reduce the efforts of the cyclist further. Its overall design makes it a reckless monster, which can tear apart any speed to reach.



Best Features

Here are the top features of the Brixton Bicycle Road Bike

  • Supplied with front & rear brake:-The mentioned bike is a racing bike and in a racing bike, the most important thing, apart from its sleek and light design, is breaks. This bike is conferred with front and rear brakes, which enable riders to drop their speed all of a sudden, incase confronted to any calamity.

    Drop Handle Bars

    It is such a feature that is commonly available in bicycles to make the sitting of the racer in correspondence to the aero-dynamical design of the bike.

    700 x 23c Kenda tires:-

    After breaks, what a racer must be worried about, in his bicycle, would probably be the tires; tires plays an important role while developing a pick-up and also while slowing down the bicycle; therefore, the tires needs to be well groomed to create enough friction, prohibiting the skidding of bicycle; this bike is equipped with Kenda tires. They entrust their users the following special features:-

    • The R2C rubber compound, to increase its tensile strength.
    • Reflective Hot Patch, to make them a little more visible in low light areas.
    • The Iron Cap Belt, to increase their safety against puncture.

    Alloy Rim / Stem / Handle Bar / Seat Post:-

    The real adventure of biking lies in off-road streams, in rough topographical plains and uneven terrains; therefore, it becomes necessary for the racer to keep the strength of its bicycle in check and especially, of his tires; this bicycle has an alloyed rim, which makes it rust-resistance and also increases its jerk-holding capacity. Apart from that, it also possess the same stem, handle and seat post to enable fast racer to remain worry free about the durability of the bicycle.


  • Features -94%
  • Value for money – 93%
  • Build Quality – 96%

“I Have Searching For Months For A New Road Bike, The Brixton Fixie Road Bike Is The Best.” Alex

Customer Satisfaction

Generally, this bike is for them who seek adventure while riding their bike; it is one of the most attractive bikes available in the market. Everything used in this bike is assured to provide the best quality and also everything, in it, is designed in a manner to make its use more convenient.

This bike is popular among most of the people around the world; they use to order this bike and get its delivery at home. Company assure the bike to be 85% assembled at the time of its delivery, i.e. the customer will have to assemble some of its component at the first place; for example:- the front wheel, handlebars, saddle, peddles and most importantly the brake cables which will needed to be tighten at the time of its arrival.

The customers need not worry about its re-assemble as it is quite easy and handy because of its building design that comprises of various levers which makes it quite easy to rebuild and adjust.


Common Questions

Does the bike come handy?

Yes, being a racing bike, it is designed using light weighted materials and aluminium alloys in an attempt to reduce the efforts of transportations. This bike comes along with some levers that makes re-assemble and dismantle of the bike easy.

In what variety of sizes does the bicycle is available?

There are two sizes in which this bicycle is available in; they are:-

  • 54
  • 57

The former one is supposed to be used by the person having a height of 5’3″ – 5’10” or have their height in the range of 160cm – 178cm whereas the later one is suitable for the people having their height more than 5’10” or 178cm

Do I get a Warranty; if yes, please specify its duration?

Yes, you will get a warranty of 6 months. You can also ensure your warranties; to do so, please check whether your bike is assembled or not at the bicycle shop only; also, do not misplace the receipt and keep it with you safely.



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  • It has a very attractive and at the same time, a very aggressive look on it.
  • Its qualities advocates the validity of its prices; it is a real investment for all the adventure seeking bikers, who are hungry to earn thrilling experiences
  • It is not gender biased; girls are also welcomed to have this bike.