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Looking for a men’s bike that is more specific to the road geometry. British eagle sprint is the bike you should go for. This bike is a good choice for any beginner with very attractive price range.

You can make yourself used to riding bikes with the little amount you invest and upgrade whenever you feel you are ready. This bike comes with quick release front wheel and has very convenient tyre changing mechanism.

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British eagle sprint comes with steel frame and is very strong that can hold riders of any capacity with ease. This bike can be called as men’s bike with all the material and features favoring this.

You will find strong geometry and design that is more fitted for the man. This bike is made for long ride and the comfort has not been compromised. The bike has traditional curved forks that makes you generate more power while you are riding.

British eagle sprint 14-speed gearings for taking your ride into extremity. You can easily control the gears with your thumb and shifting becomes convenient.

The shifters for the gears of this bike are mounter on the handlebar, making it easy for you to shift gears easily with your thumbs. You can ride through different terrain and make necessary adjustment in gear with your thumb.

For your convenience the thumb shifter has been places in the right position. You will not find it difficult to use your gears while you ride your bike.

The wheels are vital when it comes to safety and speed. This British eagle sprint comes with deep section racing wheels that you can utilize for long run and speed ride. The wheels are easy to change.

The braking has been top notch for all the bikes from British eagles. There is no compromise in braking for this one with caliper brakes in both wheels. You can easily control your cycle with caliper brakes whenever there is any emergency.

The specialty about this bike is its classical approach. You can see that the handle for this bike has the most conventional design. With gear shifter on the hand it is necessary to have it positioned in proper place.

Overall the features are basic for any racing bike and this will be fit mostly for the beginners. You can utilize this low price bike to familiarize yourself with the racing bikes.

Customer Satisfaction

British eagle sprint is a high speed racing bike with classical design. If you are looking for a cheap bike with most of the facilities available then this bike will satisfy you.

You will not find it difficult to assemble this and with shifter on hand it might take some time for you to understand the gear and its shifting. However the position for shifter is adjusted such that your thumb will reach the shifter easily.

With strong steel body and frame this bike is very strong and can be used on any kind of track or road.

Common questions

Is this bike designed for men?

With all the heavy materials used and the classic bike model used this will be bike that men can use and drive. The design is more specific to road and this will make your ride easy. The gears on the hand and handler with classic design the control of this bike is better suited for the man.

How convenient is it to ride this bike?

It depends on your choice of bike. With this bike you may find it difficult to shift gears in the beginning as the shifters are on handle and thumb must be used to shift them. But once you get the hold of your handle you will find it more easy to use your thumb.

You can take this bike to any kind of roads and long rides are made easy with the traditional curved steel forks. It might be on the heavier side as steel frames are used to manufacture this bike.

Can anyone assemble this bike?

Assembling is rather easy for this bike. You can easily change the tyres as well. All you need is proper understanding of how cycle works. You can easily assemble this bike looking at the manual. Make sure you double check every parts before you go for a ride.


    • Cheap bike for startup riders. Can be a way to get into the cycling world. The price makes you think about buying it right now.
  • Strong steel frame and design that makes it strong. You can use this bike in any roads easily

Traditional design makes is easy for the new riders as they are more used to riding old fashioned cycle. This bike can be a gateway of racing bike. Some features however may not match the standard followed today

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