Are you looking for lightweight cycle that is built for speed and having all the features that you want in your bicycle? British Eagle Phantom is our in the market and is designed to suit all kind of roads you will drive through.

This bicycle is made for you satisfaction, yes you the new riders looking for a perfect mountain bike in cheaper range.


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Benefits / Features

The British Eagle Phantom has been designed with 6061 alloy road specific frame that is lightweight making your ride comfortable and easy. You can have total control on your ride.

The head stem is A shaped for more flexibility and safety of your handle. Your head stem is very important part connecting your front part of the cycle with the rest of cycle, and its strength is important feature for the safety of the rider.

It has comfortable drop bars to help you and your shoulder have proper rest and very less strain while you race through the road.

Road bars let you make adjustment during ride and depending on your necessity you use them to place your hands accordingly. This bicycle has made sure you do not have to face any pain during your ride.

Your fight against the odds of the wind will have strong combatant with slim-profile aero-blade racing forks. This feature will improve the aerodynamics and makes your ride easy and safe. Making your ride simple and keeping it lightweight with alloy cranks.

British Eagle Phantom is geared up with 14-Speed shimano gearing to ease your ride and your shifting experience will be smooth one. This bicycle will a perfect fit for high speed cycling and racing, with 14-Speed gearing system.

Both tyres have the derailleurs that will make the changing of gear an easy and smooth job. It has tyres with firm grip and this will ensure the tyre does not slide around especially in the muddy road.

It is loaded with double wall rims to ensure your tyre protection especially on hard roads. This comes with dual pivot caliper brakes useful for proper and emergency braking.

You can use both brakes in combination for any kind of urgent stop of your bicycle. The caliper brakes come with combination of side pull and center pull brake system.

Customer Satisfaction

The British Eagle Phantom, a speed racing bike suitable for young riders who are looking for cheaper option of bicycle. This is manufactured with all the latest trends in the bicycle industry.

It has easily fitting parts that you can assemble. You will feel comfortable with its alloy parts that is making this bicycle a lighter one and controlled easily.

Even though they are lightweight your ride in the wind will not get affected with countering aerodynamics used in the bicycle. The size is ok and the overall impression for young riders will be good.

Common question

Is this bicycle only for young riders?

This design is perfect for who love doing high speed cycling. It does not mean only young riders can enjoy the feature of this bike.

If you are a regular cycling person you will love to try this as it has everything equipped for smooth, safe, and lightweight cycling.

How convenient is it to ride this bike?

The British Eagle Phantom bicycle is manufactured with all the latest cycling trend and the parts are designed for utmost satisfaction of the riders. Most of its parts are made with alloy making it lightweight for riders.

You can go for long ride and you will not even feel tired. You will feel comfortable on both the paved and muddy roads as it has good grip tyres and double wall rims protect your tyres.

How easy is this bicycle to assemble?

The assembling will take less than a few minutes and you will get it done yourself. If you see any parts missing that may be accidental and you can simply ask with the delivery team to make the delivery.

Once you get your delivery just fit it in there and enjoy the ride. The parts are mostly alloy making you easy to lift and fit them. It is safe to ensure all the parts are assembled properly and working well before you go out for a long ride.



You should give a try to this new British Eagle Phantom bike. This has everything to offer for you.

  • Lightweight cycle for convenient riding, you will feel no problem while riding this bicycle

  • Aerodynamics to make your ride tension free in wind, latest innovations used for your safety

  • If you are looking for high speed bicycle at very reasonable price then this should be your choice. It is good for the startup cycling and fits well within your budget.

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