If your search if for a female cycle then British Eagle Elise shall fit your search.

This is a latest innovation and designed specifically with the geometry matching girl’s requirement. You will find this is a lightweight bicycle that will make an easy ride for the girls. You can enjoy the hard terrain or muddy roads no matter what as this is designed for speed cycling in any conditions.

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Benefits / Feature

British Eagle Elise comes with female specific geometry making it easy choice for the girl riders. With the 6061 lightweight frame it makes you easy to guide your way through the road easily.

Girls may not have the physical presence like the boys, it is necessary to make the design of the cycle accordingly. British Eagle Elise has made sure you do not face any difficulty while you ride through.

Its aerodynamics technology has been an amazing feature lately. You will not find any difficulty to ride through the toughest of weather easily. Sometimes the roads are not like easy to pass by.

You need a perfect combination of gears and shifters to make your ride comfortable. You will find this is taken care of by the manufacturers. It has 14-Speed gearing form the leaders of speed Shimano.

Any ride has lot of features to be considered to call it a comfortable ride. It can be gear shifting and changing of gears with the most comfortable shifters and derailleurs. You will find no problem in this section with shifters from STI and derailleurs on both wheels.

Your gearing experience will be a soothing one.

Safety features requires every part designing to be a perfect one. Your tyre and its safety while you ride through the road is essential. British Eagle Elise has tyres with perfect grip for the roads and they are protected with the light rims and double wall.

The features of this cycle perfectly fits for the ladies as it has lightweight body and easy comfortable gearings for hassle free ride.

Safety on the road is considered very much with the dual pivot caliper brakes that will grip your tyres firmly in case of any emergency. You can easily bring this cycle to halt with this two pull braking system.

Customer Satisfaction

British Eagle Elise is a high speed bike designed for the girls who love cycling. The manufacturers have ensure proper safety and comfort for the ladies in this bicycle.

You will find that assembling its parts is not something that will make you scratch your head.

The lightweight designing will make the girls do the fitting themselves and understand the anatomy so that they will not face any difficulty when they are out in the road riding.

Ladies shall find it easy to ride, shifting and changing gear easy and the aerodynamics will let them whistle pass the wind easily and with no problem at all.

Common Questions

Is this bike for young girls only?

Yes the design has been made specifically for the girl riders and the size of the cycle makes it fit of the young ladies. You will see that the geometry of the frame has been modified to make it more comfortable for the girls and give it the girls look.

How convenient will the girls find it to ride this cycle?

The cycle has light alloy frame meaning the weight of this cycle has been maintained to the minimum. It makes the girls control this bike easily and with comfort. The design makes them ride with pride wherever they go for cycling.

And with easy shifting and changing of gears there will be no hassle on any kind of road you go. Safety for the rider has been ensured with very grip and tight braking system. The brake operates with two pull theory to ensure the bike comes at halt whenever necessary.

Can anyone assemble the bike?

As long as you are very attentive and read the instruction precisely you can easily fit the bike. All you need to do is make sure you understand the anatomy and working of cycle.

This has lightweight parts that will enable you to easily pick them up and fit them wherever they belong to. Make sure that all parts are fixed in the right slot and there is no problem before you go for a ride.


  • This has sporty look and the design gives it the girly look making perfect for girls who love to travel on their bicycle.

  • The price is something you can watch for. You will get everything you are looking in a perfect racing bike. Every penny you pay for this wonder is worth it.

  • You can make your girl smile on her birthday. This bike is designed for the girls and you will not have any problem convincing her to enjoy with this monster.

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