Looking for a cycle for a matured lady that can be your assistant on the road. British Eagle  B7014090 Women’s Athena Road Bike is the perfect answer for your search.

With its design perfectly matched for working mom and ladies this new cycle can be your work out partner. Giving time for yourself out of your busy life and going to the country side riding your cycle can be a perfect recipe for your holiday.

This comfortable bike has been modified to be the best in the category. With its added saddle specifically for the female makes it more genuine for you.

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British Eagle  B7014090 Women’s Athena Road Bike comes with short reach reversible head stem to make you comfortable and make sure you do not bend much while you ride.

It comes with the female specific geometry and the finishing with alloy makes it lightweight. This will be the right choice for you ladies to make your way through the road with comfort and ease.

The design has been made in a way to ensure the handling and control are within your limits. The alloy head stem can be adjusted to your comfort and thus making your ride safe.

You should not face any difficulty if you have unpleasant weather and strong wind resistant.

The British Eagle  B7014090 Women’s Athena Road Bike is designed with aerodynamics technology to ensure you can ride easily in the worst condition of wind.

You will find this lightweight bike as a pleasant surprise with all the latest technological features available.

No matter what the weather is like just don’t stop your pedals. These bikes have given user satisfaction and safety their utmost attention.

Alloy cranks is another example of how detailed the design has been studied to make it favorable for you riders.

A strong lady will look for stronger and bigger options. British Eagle  B7014090 Women’s Athena Road Bike gives her the right choice with 16-speed gearing you can speed up your bike ride.

The shifting and changing of gears has been accompanied by world class shifters and derailleurs. This make your ride easy and safe as you can easily go through your gears to adjust speed and control.

The control of your bike depends on lot of parts of your bike, tyres being one of them. This bike has perfect tyres for safe ride.

They come in the size that is exactly for the ladies and has double wall rim protection for your tyres.

You can stop this bike with ease and safety as it comes with the latest two pull system brakes.

The dual-pivot caliper brakes make your ride safe. For your comfort your bike has female specific saddle that will make your sitting easy.

Customer Satisfaction

British Eagle  B7014090 Women’s Athena Road Bike is a racking bike made especially for the ladies who love high speed cycling as their workout. This bike has some dedicated design for the ladies that will make you love this cycle more.

You will find that its design has been modified to give it a lady touch and make you comfortable when you ride it.

Assembling this bike is an easy job and you won’t find it difficult to put all the pieces together.

With dedicated saddle for you ladies this bike will be a good friend when it comes to long drives. Your comfort has not been compromised along with your safety.

Common questions

Is this bike only for the women?

The design for this cycle is made to suit for the ladies riders. The geometry of the design has been modified in a way that it looks perfect for young ladies.

Yes this is bike for ladies who are into biking and love to travel different places in their leisure time.

With the size and model this comes with it will be better to say  British Eagle  B7014090 Women’s Athena Road Bike is made specifically for the women.

Designed for women?

This bike comes with a dedicated saddle design specifically for women. You can understand that the manufacturer has made sure that the bike is comfortable for the lady riders.

This bike has another feature which makes it safe and convenient for the women. It has short reversible head stem to make your control easy and your back safe. You can adjust this stem as per your choice and make your ride hassle free.

Can women assemble the British Eagle  B7014090 Women’s Athena Road Bike?

With proper understanding and easy to lift alloy parts this cycle can be assembled by women.

This does not require much of labor work, rather you should have better technical knowledge. You can assemble it and make sure all parts are compact before you go for a ride.


Bikes for women with specific design to make your ride comfortable


High speed option with 16-speed gearing, and easy shifting and changing of gears.


Lightweight bikes with aerodynamic making them easy to ride. The price with all the features is worth paying. British Eagle  B7014090 Women’s Athena Road Bike


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