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Boss Rebound Mountain Bike




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Boss Rebound Men’s 21 Mountain Bike

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A English bike Brand With 80 Years Experience Within The Bike Industry.

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Boss Rebound Men’s 21 Mountain Bike

The view of a rider scaling the small hillocks and rocky trails thrills everyone. Particularly youngsters and adults who are adventurous will begin to imagine themselves in the place of the rider.

It is the dream of every youth to get on a mountain bike and trail along the lesser taken paths and scale those heights with pride. If you are one such adventurous and daring person, the Boss Rebound Men’s 21 Mountain Bike will fulfill your dreams. This bike is ideal for trail riding and for taking those long, thrilling adventurous rides.


Why should you buy the Boss Rebound Men’s Mountain bike


You would love Boss Rebound Men’s 21 Mountain Bike for its smooth and safe 21 gear set which lets you ride over various terrains with ease, the knobbly MTB tyres are equipped with disc brakes for the unexpected sudden stops.

The riser bars are wide and the grips are comfortable. The zoom front and rear suspension forks let you jump over the local trails with ease. The saddle of the bike is also comfortable and allows the rider to use it for long time without any discomfort. The bottom bracket is inside a sealed cartridge for protection from unusual weather conditions.

Main Benefits

The Main benefits/ Features Of The Boss Rebound Men’s 21 Mountain Bike

The Boss Rebound Men’s 21 Mountain Bike is beneficial in many ways. It is made up of strong aluminum alloy for maximum strength. The mechanically operated disc brakes are perfect in stopping the bike under any kind of road conditions.

The front zoom suspension lets you pass over the rough terrain without any disturbance. Further, the 21 speed drivetrain helps in riding the bike at different speeds according to the terrain. It comes with knobbly MTB tyres and has double walled rims for extra strength against collisions.

The Boss Rebound Men’s 21 Mountain Bike is strong, durable and effective in handling. No wonder it is one of the top choices among the mountain bikes available in the market.



Strong Multi link Alloy frame for strength

Dual suspension with zoom branded alloy fork

Front and rear disc brakes operated through Cable

21 speed gear set

Shimanon Ez shifters

Shimano rear derailleur

Alloy rims with double walls

Knobbly MTB tyres

Steel Handle bar

Comfortable saddle with rail adjusters

Two compound grips

18” Frame Height range

  • Features – 90%
  • Value for money – 95%
  • Build Quality – 93%

”  I Am Over The Moon With My Early Birthday Present Off My Mum. The Boss Rebound Mountain Bike Is A Great Ride.”  Johnson

Customer Satisfaction

Customers who have bought Boss Rebound Men’s 21 Mountain Bike have given positive feedback on it. Majority of the customers expressed that the bike was sturdy and durable.

The bike is said to be ideal for their local trails and helped them pamper their adventure spirit. It is said to be effective in different terrain as well. Customers were happy with the look and feel of the bike as well as its performance.

When asked if they would recommend the bike to their family or friends, majority of them responded in the affirmative. The bike has been easy to be used by adults compared to the youngsters.


Advantages and Disadvantages


The bike is smooth and perfect in handling. The braking is effective and the suspension is capable of absorbing most of the shocks. The bike has good road grip due to the heavy tread of knobbly tyres.

Further, the bike is comfortable to ride for longer time. It is also strong against the collisions resulting from the jumps taken at different terrains. The bike is priced at a premium for the additional strength it offers. If that is not an issue, you can go for this bike without a second thought.

Common Questions

Is the Boss Rebound Men’s 21 Mountain Bike  suitable for mountain trails for adults? 

Yes. The bike is made with strong alloy frame which is capable of bearing the weight of an adult, preferably above 5.7”. The bike has good suspension required for a mountain bike.

friendly and simple to use? 

Yes. It is very user friendly and easy to use. Even youngsters who rode normal bike earlier could easily get used to the 21 speed gear set in few trials.

Suitable for youngsters? 

Yes, if the youngster is at least above the height of 5.7”. The size of the bike is meant for adults or youngsters who have grown almost to their full size.

What is the inside leg measurement of the Boss Rebound Men’s 21 Mountain Bike ?

The inside leg measurement is 76cm to 91 cm or 30” to 36”. You may find our article on the factors to consider when buying a mountain bike informative.

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If you are looking for a standard Mountain bike to trail in your local place, it is one of the best choices available. The bike is priced as per the quality, durability and comfort of the product.

Though you may have to shell out some extra bucks for this bike compared to others, the bike is worth that extra price. If you wish to have a trouble free ride on different terrain, get one of this Boss Rebound Men’s 21 Mountain Bike and get going.