Most of us like mountain biking and one can have a thrilling experience with this sport. If you possess a Boss Pulse mountain bike, it is enough for you to stand out from the crowd.

The cycle company has designed a fantastic bike to provide best experience for the lady mountain bikers. Designed carefully with the latest technology and sophisticated design concept, this bike brings the best experience for you.

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Benefits & Features

This MTB puts forward a strong and powerful frame design that suits any terrain. When it comes to bike designing, Boss has high credibility and offers the best and complete satisfaction to the riders.

Boss Pulse mountain bikes are very flexible when compared to other bikes and it suits most of the terrains. The bike has the capability to withstand mountain trails. Moreover, it is appropriate for riding on shaky and uneven trails, as well as on normal paths.

This bike is introduced in 26-inch wheel size for it is the most preferred size by the bikers. This wheel size offer amazing control while climbing up or down the hill and while taking swift turns.

The strong steel frame of this bike helps give the best performance during the rides. If you are ready to spend a little more, you can choose the aluminum frame which gives less weight but the same performance.

The front and back mechanical brakes are very strong and have the capability to stop the bike abruptly. It provides additional safety to the riders.

The mechanical 3-finger alloy levers give the best ride anywhere and in any condition like the bumpy and slippery surface, wet roads, off-road tracks, and so on.

The Zoom branded brake system of Boss Pulse eliminates overheating issues of the rim.  Moreover, the 160 mm rotors provide better braking control and heat dissipation and it helps the disk from overheating.

The 18-speed gears in Boss Pulse bikes are well supported with Shimano derailleurs and they help the rider easily shift between the gears.

On the mountain the rider can change to higher gears comfortably and while on terrain, she can move to lower gears. The high-quality derailleur provides very smooth changeover by lifting up and directing the chain between the chain rings.

The rear arm slides the chain up and down and maintains the tension.

Weighing about 29 kg, Boss Pulse has the best dual rotational shifter, which helps you to ride anywhere without a gear change on an unexpected stop or bump. It also removes the severe impact on the brakes on a sudden stop or bump.

The wheel comes with double rim of 2.1-inch wide tyres. This provides better grip on the wet or muddy ground.

The mudguards of Boss Pulse bikes keep the dirt away while riding. The best and well-designed mudguards are lighter and on long rides it keeps away the dirt and protects the components.

When we talk about the saddle, it comes with very good colours and provides 300mm height adjustments for comfortable seating. The seats can be adjusted according to the height for comfortable seating.

Customer Satisfaction

This mountain lady bike comes in different colours and is designed to provide the best experience on terrains, mountains, and wet or rugged grounds. ]This bike has outstanding features to endure any road conditions. The high-quality brakes and gears provide the best grip and support to strong bikers. This MTB is suitable for ladies and give a gorgeous look.

For those who love adventure and cycling, it is best choice. However, you have to always remember the saddle adjustments, fork adjustments and front suspension before riding on the mountain or terrine.

Also, check the bike and confirm that all the components are well-adjusted to suit you ride.

Common questions

Are the gears of Boss Pulse suitable for any road condition?

Yes, it suits any road conditions. The 18-speed gears with Shimano derailleurs, strong front and back mechanical brakes, dual rotational shifter help the biker to ride anywhere from mountains to rough or wet grounds. The brakes are well designed to provide the best grip and safety.

Does the seating height matters?

The bike has 300mm seating seat-post, which can be adjusted to your height. This makes the seating very comfortable.

Do I need an expert to assemble the bike?

Though the bike comes in a well-packed and 85 percentage assembled set, it is better to assemble with the help of an expert as this will require setup adjustments to gears before you use it. You can contact the delivery team for assembling the bike.



  • The well-designed ladies’ bike comes with gorgeous features and the rider can ride very comfortably on any road condition.

  • The bike is very safe offering the state-of-the-art features such as 18-speed gears, strong front and back brakes, dual rotational shifter, and so on.

  • It has high credibility and designed to provide best comforts for the riders. The dual rotational shifter keeps you safe while on a sudden turn or bump.

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