When it comes to riding a bicycle on a harder and up-and-down terrain or a mountain for men. The mountain bike, especially the Boss Men’s Ice Bike, Black/Orange, Size 26 stands out. This bike is built strong and designed carefully to tackle any rough trails without any damage.

You will love it the moment you see it and have it. The bicycle surely gives you more challenges riding on the rock faces an exciting and memorable.

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With a completely new curved design frame made of 750 lb high-tensile steel.

Boss Men’s Ice Bike, Black/Orange, Size 26 ensures excellent durability and protects the bike from any impact riding on the tough terrains.

The rear shock absorber in this helps you have excellent control while riding and reduces fatigue. It also keeps the tire in complete contact with the ground and thus, saves you from falling down.

A front suspension fork, which comes in with a few adjustments helps perfect the riding to give you a wholesome fun and experience.

A mechanical disc brakes in the front and back are powerful enough for stopping abruptly and for safety.

The 3-finger alloy brake levers act instantly on the touch while riding and in any conditions. T

his makes you enjoy the ride anywhere on the bumpy terrains, slippery surface, off-road tracks, wet trails, and even on downhill. A Zoom branded brake system avoids overheating of the rim.

While the 160 mm wavy rotors offer excellent braking power and better heat dissipation. thus protecting the disk from overheating.

The 18-speed gears come with Shimano derailleurs, which help you to shift between the gears.

On the terrain, you can comfortably move to the lower gears while climbing and then to the higher gears while riding faster.

A international-quality front derailleur ensures a smooth change over by picking up the chain and directing it between the chain rings. The rear one, with the arm, slides the chain upward and downward by maintaining the tension.

The Shimano Revo, dual rotational shifters in Boss Men’s Ice Bike, Black/Orange, Size 26 help you bike smoothly on the terrain and avoids unnecessary gear changes on hitting a bump or a sudden stop.

This saves the brakes from damage. A 26-inch wheel with the alloy double-wall rims and the 2.1 inches wide deep tread tyres offer enough grip while riding in wet, muddy or dry conditions.

The rims are offered in two finishes such as hard-wearing gold and white with a big ‘Boss’ graphics.

Secondly, The other features of Boss Men’s Ice Bike, Black/Orange, Size 26 are the front and rear mudguards, which keep the muck off while riding.

A well-designed mudguards make your bike lighter during the long rides by keeping away the mud thrown up. It also helps maintain the bike by reducing the wear.

The MTB saddle with the attractive printed colours offers enough adjustments in terms of height so that you can comfortably fit in.

A hard-wearing Boss Men’s Ice Bike, Black/Orange, Size 26 is built to suit the inside leg measurement of 28-32 inches, so the adults with 5’6 ‘’ or 5’9’’ tall can comfortably ride this bicycle.

Customer Satisfaction

A mountain bike of 26 inches black or orange is designed to all those who want to experience a great ride on terrains or rugged grounds.

The bicycle has excellent robust features to withstand any conditions and the high-quality disk brakes and gears are an inspiration for challenging strong bikers, both beginners and experienced. The bicycle is suitable for any adult of 160 – 175 cm tall.

Moreover, the packing in a box comes in almost 85% assembled state and it needs just a few minutes to get it complete for use. With its stunning look and marvelous feature, this trendy bike is sure to make your dreams big.

Common questions

For an entry-level riding, does this suspension feature work well?

The bike comes with the front suspension fork with adjustments to suit any rider, while the shock absorber helps give great control while riding. So, it does not matter whether the biker is a beginner or experienced.

Does the wheel-size matters? Should I go for the larger size?

As far as riding on terrains are concerned, it is quite difficult to maneuver on quick and tight turns and you will find it difficult to accelerate on the bike with larger wheels like 29 inches. Hence, a bike with 26-inch wheel is better for riding fast and executing quick turns.

Can I have a professional helping me with final assembly and checking?

Well, you can call the delivery team and place your request.


  • With all the smart features, the bike offers great experience to the riders. It’s truly a great value for money.

  • A bike suitable for any adults of heights ranging from 160cm -175 cm tall.

  • The bike is built with high quality materials to with stand any road conditions.

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