Are you a fitness enthusiast or a cycling geek and looking for a bicycle with great ergonomics and looks?

You can opt for one of the best in the market in the form of Boss Men’s Colt Bike Black/Red, Size 27.5, which is a mountain bike and ready to be used in any terrain. It is designed specifically for men as they look not only for comfort but also the design and features in a mountain bike.

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The Boss Men’s Colt Bike Black/Red, Size 27.5 has been designed with a larger 27.5-inch wheel front suspension and has a high-tensile steel frame. This frame is much better than the regular one and provides a higher saddle peak adjustment.

It also comes with the front and back breaks of zoom brand with 160 mm rotors to take control of the bike at any speed.

The mountain bike will give you a terrific experience when tackling the uneven terrains in the countryside. It also has the 18 mm Shimano gearing, which is managed by the dual rotational shifters.

This ensures natural and seamless gear shifting while riding on the uneasy terrains. Another great feature of the Boss Men’s Colt Bike Black/Red, Size 27.5 is the 2.1” wide MTB tyres, which makes sure that you are on the right track and in full control of the bike even at high speeds.

The saddle of the bike is also worth a mention. The seat is 300 mm available for ultimate adjustment on any terrain, rough or smooth. The MTB tyres of the bike are supported by the light-weight alloy wheel rims, which provide a good base to your rides.

The style and design of this mountain bike is something which is surely going to impress you a lot. The black and red colour gives it a premium look, which is surely going to attract a lot of eyeballs.

The colt also comes with a high-tensile steel framing and a zoom branded front suspension fork to give you an amazing ride and reduces the impact on the bumpy road.

Your control of the bike is even more enhanced through the front and the rear zoom mechanical disc brakes.

Customer Satisfaction

The Boss Men’s Colt Bike Black/Red, Size 27.5 is an amazingly designed and stylish MTB, which is suitable for men. The bicycle features and benefits make it a world-class product and better than all the bicycles in the market.

Moreover, the weight of the cycle is only 18 kg making it easier to be used in any terrain. The bicycle has to be assembled partly which can be done easily for adjusting the gears, saddle and other features as per your requirements and ease.

The brakes and gears work very well, making it an excellent bike for its price.



Common questions

Does the Boss Colt Bike come assembled?

This bike is partly assembled on delivery and you need to fit and adjust certain parts and make the set-up adjustments to certain components of the Boss Men’s Colt Bike Black/Red, Size 27.5 like gears and brakes before the usage.

Is the bike suited for ride on the rocky and rough and rutted terrains?

The Boss Colt MTB is specifically designed to adjust to the rough terrains and gives you immense delight and control while riding in the rocky and rutty terrains. It handles all the off-road tracks very well and the 18-speed gearing with Shimano rear and rotational shifters will make you adjust the speed of the bike easily while riding it anywhere.

What is the frame size and wheel size of the bike and number of speeds?

The Boss Colt MTB comes with a size of 27.5 inches, with the frame material made from steel. It has 18-speed gearing, which is suited for all types of roads and terrains. Moreover, the wheel size is 27.5 centimeters and the bicycle weighs around 18 kg, making it ideal for men in the age group of 14 and above to ride it anywhere.

Advice for using the Boss Men’s Colt Bike

There are many reasons why this bike is a must-have for all the fitness enthusiasts who especially love cycling. However, remember, to adjust the saddle, fork adjustments and front suspension well before taking the bike out on the rocky or any hilly terrain. It is advised to make sure that all components are well-adjusted as per your ease and convenience to make your ride smooth.






    • It is a beautifully designed bike which also rides excellently and is a perfect machine to be owned by fitness freaks and men who loves to cycle
  • The bike gives a comfortable ride and is very smooth to maintain and adjust as per your requirements.
  • It is very easy to assemble after delivery and adjustments for all the components can be made according to your own requirements and ease.


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