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Boss Dominator Mountain Bike

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Front & Rear Disc Brakes

Front & Rear Mudguards

18 Shimano Gears


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Boss Dominator Mountain Bike

If you are looking for a multipurpose bike suitable for all types of terrains, the Boss Dominator mountain bike is the best option for you. You can easily ride this high performance bike on the rocky and rutted trails, as well as on off-road paths.

Although most of the mountain bikes in the market are available in varying wheel dimensions, the Boss Dominator, which comes with a larger-sized wheel of 26 inches, is rising in popularity.

Main Benefits

The Main benefits/ Features Of The Boss Dominator Mountain Bike

The multipurpose Boss Dominator mountain bike has a strong, as well as light weight 6061 alloy frame, which makes it easy to ride on all terrains. A rear shock absorber 750lbs and the front suspension fork in this mountain bike make even the bumpy rides comfortable.

With Boss Dominator mountain bike you have better control on all terrains, as well as in all weather conditions. Thanks to the zoom branded front and rear mechanical disk brakes you can experience superior stopping power with this bike.

The advanced braking system of the Boss Dominator comprises of 3-finger alloy levers, which respond well to the touch and hence, assuring feedback. The 160 mm wavy rotors extend the braking performance by dispersing heat due to friction.

As for the gears, the Dominator mountain bike comes with 18-speed Shimano gear technology. The dual rotational shifters ensures a natural and seamless gear shifting from lower to higher and this offers an amazing bike experience.

Ride your bike in style as this multipurpose bike comes with impressive looks. Apart from performance, the style is something you will never fall short of if you go for the Boss Dominator.

 Rims of 2.1 inches wide with sure-grip tyres are painted in red with hard-wearing smooth finish paint. The rims feature stylish Boss decals to make your ride look more attractive. The clean black frame, as well as components of this mountain bike offers your ride a very premium and elegant look.

  • Features – 95
  • Value for money – 94%
  • Build Quality – 93%

”  I Have Been Searching For A New Mountain Bike To Tackle The Mountain Bike Trails. The Boss Dominator Is Ideal. Gareth

Customer Satisfaction

Buy the high performance and stylish Boss Dominator mountain bike to experience the joy of great control and comfort as you ride through plain paths or difficult terrains.

The MTB bars, which is semi-raised and A-head stem featured by this bike ensures that you remain fully in control all the time while driving your favourite bike.

Don’t bother about muddy or dusty trails as this mountain bike comes with a sleek frame mounted mudguard at the front and an extended mudguard fitted at the rear; hence, catching most of the muck that’s thrown out while you are out on a ride.

The mudguards also add a pretty cool and aggressive element to the overall design of the bike. The Boss Dominator mountain bike is suitable for an inside leg measurement ranging from 71cm to 81cm/ 28 to 32 inches.

Common Questions

What age group is the Boss Dominator suitable for?

The Boss Dominator comes with a lightweight aluminium frame of 18 inches and hence, is suitable for riders of all age groups above 12 years. However, the main target audience for this mountain bike is the youth and people below 60 years of age. The bike’s ergonomic design takes the bump off your rides owing to its dual suspension system.

Is it safe to order my bike online?

It’s absolutely safe if you order your Boss Dominator bike online via any of the leading online shopping portals. As the Boss Dominator men’s mountain bike requires minimal assembly you can very well order it online from the comforts of your home. If you have queries regarding any missing part or any damages while shipping, you can contact the customer service of the delivery portal directly and your issue will be solved shortly.

Is the bike easy to carry?

Unlike other high performance mountain bikes, the Boss Dominator does not come with a heavy iron frame. It is extremely lightweight and sturdy yet strong as it uses a 6061 aluminium alloy frame.

So if you are searching for an eye catching, high performance and lightweight mountain bike, Boss Dominator is the best alternative for you. The impressive specs of this bike make it a go for bike for people of all age groups worldwide. The trusted brand Boss adds on to its reliability and popularity among bikers.

Some Advice on using Boss Dominator

You must keep in mind that though you can order this bike online, it has to be assembled on delivery. Although the assemblage is minimal and very easy but make sure, you fit all the components correctly and firmly before taking it out on a rough terrain.

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The Boss Dominator is best suited for boys and men above the age group of 12 years.

It comes in stylish red and black colour with a really sleek and ergonomic design.

suitable for all weather conditions, as well as rough or plain terrains and off-road trails.