The boss Astro men’s mountain bike is a strongly built MTB which has an attractive appearance. Among crowds, the bike stands out because of its incredible build and design.

The manufacturers of the bike surely did their best foot forward in the making of this bike. Being a mountain bike, it is only obvious that it is good in performance and can endure any kind of road. True to the fact, this bike is a true MTB in nature and stature.

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The boss Astro men’s mountain bike is a dual suspension-hardtail MTB. The frame is pretty much strong and durable and the bike has a study design. All those aspects in one bike can only mean that it is good on the road as well as off-road.

Cycle through terrains, in muddy places and the bike will be spectacular in performance.

It features 18-speed Shimamo gears which are consistent in speed and keeping up with the pace of the rider. The gears are fitted with microshift rotational shifters which you can easily level up or lower the gear with.

For braking, this bike has been designed with both from and rear V brakes. That implies double the braking effect and double protection from accidents.

The boss Astro men’s mountain bike is also fitted with triple link suspension frame with a front fork suspension. This increases the performance of the bike on the road and also improves the riders cycling experience.

The brakes are also inclusive of levers which help in smooth halting and are effortless.

The bike comes with a color coded manager saddle and Hex pattern gel grips which enhance comfort. Taking into consideration the inner length measurement, the bike is suited for men who are within the leg range of 28-32 inches.

It has been designed with lightweight alloy rims which are much lighter on the wheels and still powerful enough to endure terrains.

Customer satisfaction

Mountain bikes are meant to offer great riding experience regardless of the type of road surface. If you are looking for a versatile and daring bike, the boss Astro men’s mountain bike is the right one for you.

It has a unique design and from the previous make, it has been advanced with all new and great parts. It is easy to build up and only a few of the parts need installation.

From the features of the bike, it fairly fits in the top-performing mountain bikes list. Needless say, it is comfortable to cycle and you can travel with it anywhere.

Common questions

How heavy is this mountain bike?

Well, the bike is not so heavy nor is it light. Mountain bikes are moderate in terms of weight and considering that it is a front suspension bike, the weight is well-toned. With the alloy parts, they may contribute a bit to the weight, yet, it is not bulky. Some little weight is good so that the bicycle can be more stable while riding.

Some part are missing, what do I do?

This is not a common issue but if you open the accompanying box and find missing part, you should call the customer care service from the delivery team. They will find a way to avail the missing parts to you so that you can assemble the bike. In addition to that, they can help with any queries you may have about the bike and any additional information you might need.

How do I maintain the bike?

Mountain bikes do not require much maintenance. I guess it’s because they are strongly build with good material and parts. Nonetheless, you need to take good care of your bike. That means regularly checking its condition and fixing any dysfunctional parts. On top of that, you can lubricate the essential parts to avoid any rusty noises.

Advice using boss Astro men’s mountain bike

When you want to ride the boss Astro men’s mountain bike, you need to ascertain that every part of its components are functional. In some situations, you may need to tune the brakes, pump the tyres or change them among other crucial checks. The aim is to make sure that you will be safe while on it and in case of accidental falls, the damage won’t be as dire. Even better, you can avoid accidents. For any problems, you can call a bike mechanic to do repairs for you.


  • A good buy for the money considering its price range. Furthermore is a top performing motorbike, so we can argue that it is fairly priced.

  • It is easy to assemble and it even comes with a manual. If you are stuck on how to assemble the various, you can follow the manual for the complete build of the bike.

  • An all-rounded bike, good with terrains, on the surfaced roads and other off-roads as well. The features of the bike help accelerate the rider’s experience and improves on the functionality of the bike.

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