Perfect Mini Bike Pump For Road And Mountain Bikes



Bike Pump by geared2u

If Your Looking For A Mini Bike Pump That’s Can Be Used For  Both Presta And Schader Values. Then You Will Love This Bike Pump.



Bike Pump by geared2u

Here are the top 3 reasons buy the Bike Pump by geared2u




Quality Alloy Aluminium

Compatible With Presta & Schader Valves

Portable Size




A Staggering 4 Star Customer Star Rating


Common Questions & Customer Satisfaction

Over 190 Customer Testimonials & Many Frequently Asked Questions Answered.

Bike Pump by geared2u

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Customer Satisfaction

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Bike Pump by geared2u

“Fantastic for the daily Commute, lightweight and compact  yet powerful” 


The Bike Pump by geared2u has a great 4.5 stars on Amazon, with over some fantastic reviews- so i had to get one for my daily commute to work. It is small 19cm in length and light weight and can deliver high level of psi compared to other cheaper models.

I have used in the past. With the Bike Pump by geared2u being small you do have to do the pump action a few times, however its not enough to get me sweaty before I start work. It comes with a blister pack bike pump valve with a bracket to attach it to my bike which I find extremely  useful. I use the velcro straps to keep it secure.

Main Benefits

The Main Benefits/ Features Of The Bike Pump by geared2u

The Bike Pump by geared2u for road and mountain bikes is designed to be a top quality, lightweight, thin pump (19 cm with a diameter of 4 ) that you can use for both Presta and Schrader valves without adapter. It also has a life time warrenty.

  • LIGHTWEIGHT–  I can easily carry the bike pump either by clipping it to the bike by using the Velcro strap or by putting it in my back pack.
  • MANUFACTURER GUARENTEE– If there is a fault with the geared2u pump you can send it off to and you will get a  nice new one. Highlights the quality of the product if you get a manufacturer warranty included
  • BIKE FRAME CLIP- the bike pump can easily be clipped onto the bike- it comes in so handy when I am going on a long commutee and I am running out of space in my back pack.
  • YOU TUBE VIDEOS– Detailed you tube videos that showed me the best ways  on how to pump a bike to use my geared2u pump and how to the use it to get its maximum potential.
  • DETAILED INSTRUCTIONS– that came in very handy when i borrowed it to the in laws for there cycling trip. The was using the presta valve.
  • THE NUMBER 1 PORTABLE PUMP– the mini pump with presta valves has a eye watering 4.5 stars on amazon with so many fantastic reviews- that I couldn’t resist put add it to my basket.
  • DURABLE– the mini pump is made from some top quality materials and is solid and durable.




  • Small, handy pump great for on the go
  • Attaches to the bike and doesn’t look unsightly
  • size of the pump 19ch in length and diameter of 4
  • Compact so it can easily fit in my back pack, bike or in the office draw
  • Very easy to use- loads of great you tube videos and a detailed instruction manual.
  • Good Quality and solid- Manufacturer guarantee live time warranty.
  • lots of Fantastic review-  means the Bike Pump by geared2u is a tried and tested product with lots of satisfied customers.


  • Might take a few repetitions to pump up your tyres to the desired level, however you buy it because of its size and being lightweight.
  • Features – 96%
  • Value for money – 95%
  • Build Quality – 98%

”  I Could  Not Wait To Get My Hands on The Bike Pump by geared2u. Its The Perfect Size.” Sullivan

Customer Satisfaction

I purchased a second hand bike and I didn’t check the tyre pressure, after researching portable mini pump with presta valves, i came across this beauty which many satisfied customers writing great reviews- so i had to try it. It wasn’t disappointing.

I unpacked this small miniature presta bike pump, I started pumping and this mini pump worked twice as hard as cheaper models I had in the past and within no time my tyres were at the desired level.

The compact of the Bike Tyre Pump by Geared2u i can either strap it to my bike or throw it in my back pack. The mini pump can be used to pump up all types of footballs, basketballs and rugby ball and many more. Its the same size as a deodorant can put much thinner so its very easy to cart in your back pack.

Common Questions

Can you confirm its suitable for Presta Valves?

“yes, the pump is designed to work with presta valves, there are some videos on you tube to use it correctly.”

Can you use on a wheel chair?

“Yes, as long as it uses Presta and Schrader Valves.”

Can you use the Bike Tyre Pump by Geared2u on a mobility scooter?

No, as its quite hard to pump up to 29 psi by hand.

Can you use it on pram Wheels?

Yes, as long as it uses Presta and Schrader Valves?

How does it connect to the bike?

“Speaking Honestly, i just throw it into my back pack however there are some great videos on you tube on how to connect the pump to your bike.”



Tips for using the Bike Tyre Pump by Geared2u  


YOU TUBE VIDEOS-make sure you have a look at the Youtube videos on how to use the mini pump correctly.

KEEP INSTRUCTIONS- You never know when the instruction come in handy so make sure you don’t bin them

TEST IT OUT BEFORE A LONG COMMUTE- in order to get comfortable with the product have a little tester at home so you get use of the mini pump.

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