The special purpose big bike or the fat bike is not everyone’s cup of tea. If you are one of them, who wants to ride your bike on roads, off-road terrains, and on normal hills then you are at right place.


Bigfoot Mighty 16 inches Fat Bike is definitely the best choice for you. This Aluminum Alloy fat bike will withstand a lot of pressure. You can easily ride with them in better comfort, speed, and the control. Use the bike to believe it.


The bike looks small and tyres look big. However, this is the trend now. It looks very heavy but it is not very heavy. Definitely, this bike is good looking. The tyres give fresh look. Your kid will love it.


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Benefits or features

Bigfoot Mighty 16 inches Fat Bike will definitely provide high-quality speed on road, which is nice despite its size. It has no SHlMAN0 or any system for the speed control. It comes with steel as the frame material.

This will increase smoothness while riding on terrains or the mountains. It has wheels with dimension 16 x 3 inch-spoked wheels and gives a feeling of 4.0 width bikes. The wheels have better dimensions and the width. This gives you better control and the grip on all places. This is best suited for kids.

The bike allows a kid with normal height to easily ride it. Therefore, it is evident that any kid can ride it. The maximum load allowed on this bike is around 50kg. So again, it is clear that even a big kid can ride this bike without any problem.

It is made from the high-quality hard material. Therefore, you can use them on all kinds of roads. Because of the V – brake system, you can even reduce your speed on slopes. This is a very important factor when it comes to road and mountain riding.

The bike Handlebar, which is of steel, and black in color. The suspension increases safety for kids. The weight is around 12 Kg. so the durability factor is very good. Because of this, the speed and acceleration factor will be top notch.

The frame size of the bike is 10 inch. It has single Speed settings. Because of this, you will have smoother revolutions on the tyre and good single speed control. Handlebars with Crossbar is of BMX standards.

Bigfoot Mighty 16 inches Fat Bike has a hard frame. It is will help the rider to control the bike on slippery surfaces because of its weight. The chain guard of this bicycle definitely gives a better performance on road, snow, and mountain.

Customer satisfaction

These are perfect for the normal adventurers. Especially speed riding, exercise bicycling, stunts etc. you can even show off because of its look. You can call it Bigfoot. Because it has fat wheels in it. The materials and spare parts are of high quality.

The price compared to the quality offered is very good. The usage of the bike on terrains and snowy mountains.

The fat width wheels and single speed settings facility is definitely top notch. Kids of any age around 5 or more can use this bike. As the bike has V – brakes setting, it will assist in slopes. Especially when you lose your control or find it hard to paddle the bike.

The color of the bike looks very good. The design is fantastic. It feels like we are riding a premier quality bike. You will hardly hear the squeaking noise. Bigfoot Mighty 16 inches Fat Bike gives a better experience.

Sometimes it is hard to ride on slopes as kids will feel its weight but my kid rode it perfectly.

Common questions

Does it have V-brake and how many gears in total?

It has no gears and no different speed settings. You can ride at just one Speed setting. There is a V-brake system on the bike. However, it comes with good and decent brakes, better brakes for the kids. Look at our guide on the Factors to consider when buying a mountain bike..

Does the bike has a warranty? What is the warranty on this bike?

Yes, it has guaranteed. The company and the seller offer free charge services for repair. You need not worry about anything. Just call or inform our service person and you can claim your guarantee if you face any problem with the bike or the operation.

What is your shipping method and how long will it take?

We use best and fastest shipping method. Generally, it will take around 7 to 20 days to reach the destination. The Bigfoot Mighty 16 inches Fat Bike will be packed properly, so there will be less chance of wear and tear. Read our bike lock guide. 




  • Perfect for normal riding and racing with excellent quality of wide wheels. It has better dimension and material.
  • Single gearing system will help for easy riding. The bike has no gear set.
  • This bike has V-brakes of very high quality. Therefore, it has a better structure with steel material on it.

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