The Giro Empire Acc shoe is one of the best winter cycling shoes.  This shoe is very finely crafted and is considered to be the best for athletes who want to get the most of the strokes from the pedal.

Giro Empire Acc  is a versatile shoe as it not only gives you comfort but also provides style, elegance, grace and satisfaction

The expertise used and the technology involved in making this shoe has not left any stone unturned to produce this world class shoe for exceptional cycling experience.

Benefit/ Features 


The Giro Empire ACC continues with its legacy of providing cycling shoes with incredible performance and impressive looks.

There are many benefits offered by this shoe which makes it the most popular and the one of the best winter cycling shoes of modern times.

The upper of this fantastic cycle shoe glows when it comes in contact with light like headlights of the car or lights on the street.

This is good for your safety as you can be seen by others while riding in the night.  Another fantastic feature of this cycle shoe is its laced closure which gives you exceptional adjustment of the fit and the upper of this shoe contains breathable Evofiber which gives you fantastic comfort.

Giro Empire Acc contains an improved Easton EC 90 full carbon sole which gives you all the required grip and stiffness which is one of the main features of the cycling shoe. This shoe has all the required features which enable you to participate in all kind of tours.

You can go on a tour on any terrain if you are wearing this shoe as it gives you unparalleled safety and ample amount of confidence. This is certainly one of the best winter cycling shoes which has set new dimensions in the world of shoes.

In addition the Giro Empire Acc has a very low stack height at just 6.5 mm which connects you to pedal. If your stack height is low the cleats will be closer and you are on the pedal within no time.

This reduces the loss of power which is always present if the cleat has thicker plates.

This exceptional cycling shoe comes with heel pads which can be replaced as per your convenience.

This shoe is very light in weight which gives you ample room to move freely and you always feel active remain swift while wearing this shoe.

The fit system of this shoe is also very unique which contains arch support that can be adjusted. The adjustment of the arch support plays a major role in enhancing your comfort and the increasing your ability to pedal.

The Giro Empire ACC shoe is available in whole and half sizes. The whole size of this shoe comes from 47.0 to 50.0 while the half size is available from 39.0 to 46.5.

You can choose this shoe in four attractive colour combinations such as White/black, Matte Black/highlight yellow, Matte black/orange and Matte Black/black.

With so many features and benefits this shoe is perhaps the best winter cycling shoes of today,


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Customer satisfaction


As far as customers are concerned they are highly satisfied by Giro Empire ACC shoe which is undoubtedly one of the best winter cycling shoes.

One of the customers is highly impressed with the combination of laces and soft upper which not only gives great comfort but also gives a more than perfect fit. The custom fit offered buy this shoe is not seen in any other cycling shoe available in the market.

There is one customer who is highly impressed with this shoe .According to this customer this shoe is one of the best winter cycling shoes. He further says that this shoe is very reflective when light hits it.

There is another customer who is highly satisfied with Giro Empire Acc and according to him it is unarguably the best winter cycling shoes.

According to him the laces of Giro Empire Acc are very impressive s they made him adjust his feet inside the shoe in a fabulous way. This customer experienced exceptional comfort on wearing this shoe.

Common question


Is the item durable?

Yes this item is extremely durable and you can wear it on a short tip as well as on a tough and long trip.

Is this item easy to use?

Yes this item is very easy to use.

What are the dimensions of this item?

The dimension of this shoe varies with size.

There is no doubt that with so many satisfied customers this shoe is one of the best winter cycling shoes.



The Giro Empire ACC shoe is undoubtedly one the best winter cycling shoes. You should buy this product due to the following reasons


  • The upper, lower and the sole of Giro Empire ACC shoe makes it the best shoe and it can be worn without given a second though.
  • The style and comfort of this fantastic shoe is perhaps the best in the market due to which it is one of the best winter cycling shoes of all times.
  • The material of fabric of this shoe is of very high quality which gives proper care to your feet. You cannot think of a better shoe than Giro Empire ACC at this price. You may also like Road Bikes, Mountain Bikes and Bicycle Accessories


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