Are you wondering how your little kids will enjoy their night ride? Worry no more, because I am going to unveil the secret to night riding. The Berlin standard USB rechargeable LED bike light set is designed to meet the bike riding demands associated with the urban areas and off roads.

This set is made in such a way to ensure there is maximum safety and also has light during bicycle riding.  This set has been able to enable people that love riding bicycles at their preferred time mostly night hours enjoy their ride without darkness disruptions.


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Berlin standard USB rechargeable LED bike light set has been designed to ensure safety first. Safety is enhanced by its brightness; the light makes night riding safe, fast and comfortable.

It has with it 300 lumens tail, LED bike light set, it also has an incredible durable, effective and adaptable solutions for your mountain bike, road bike and even cruiser.

It also has an extra long battery life that is rechargeable. Everybody can admit that it’s usually a bad and annoying feeling to having to cycle in between the night without a front light.

But due to this battery, life has been made easier and fun, because this USB rechargeable long life battery has been designed to run up to 6 hours and more.

With Berlin standard USB rechargeable LED bike light set, you will be able to forget about all those time wastages used to set up or to remove bike lights. Its lights are universal and fit in all frames types. It doesn’t need any kinds of tools for its installation process because it takes less than 2 minutes of your time.

It neither fears fog nor rain showers. These lights are waterproof hence not affected by rain. They can be used with any weather, even if it’s raining and has its light models that ensure the safety on misty mornings or foggy days and nights. In addition, when using them you can switch on and off easily while cycling on roads.

Berlin standard USB rechargeable LED bike light set has with it a 360 degree rotation mount. It is able to remain visible while reaching drivers without having to interfere with their driving by just adjusting your lights in your preferred way.

The headlight has a swivel adjustment of 360 degrees and the light can even be adjusted to a level of 180degrees for it to be convenient to the user.

Customer satisfaction


The Berlin standard USB rechargeable LED bike light set is generally the awesome product ever found. Even the packaging shows that it is a quality product. Both its front and rear lights are exceptionally good and reliable.

They are not only bright especially for the dark country roads but also easily adaptable and resourceful because they adjusted according to the changing light intensities and also sequences.

It has enabled the mounts to be so good because the lights are held up firmly in place during cycling, but can also be removed as quickly as possible for security purposes when away from bike.

They are also a great set of light because they come up with the USB cables that are to be used to charging them. Both the front and back lights take less time to fit the bicycles so easily.

Then the lights clip off easily for charging when necessary. Its front light has a really good quality. Its settings are from the full beam that is usually so bright to medium beam and lastly lower beam. They are also available in the market at an affordable price.


Common questions


Can you tell me if the 300 lumens is enough lighting during this dark winter evening? Other lights claim to be having 1000 lumens. What does all that really mean?

The 300 lumen is more than enough for riding during the winter evenings. I can confidently tell you that you will be satisfied a lot with this products light output, it is very strong and long lasting. Try it out and you surely will be happy.

Does the front camera fit will on a Brompton while folded down?

It is recommended that the light be removed from its dock just before folding the bike. The dock can then stay on the bicycle. Read article on Kryptonite bike locks.




  • It has a long rechargeable battery life that will enable you to ride your bicycle without fears or worries that the light can go off at any given time. The battery life goes up to more than 6 hours.


  • It has the easiest installation ever, little time is used up during installation and no processes needed. Therefore, it is fast in every aspect of its installation process.


  • It has facilitated safety and security. This is through the available 300 front lumens and 100 tail lumens that ensure efficiency during cycling.


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