With an increase in the rate at which people make use of bikes for sporting activities, there is need for the introduction of one which will be 100% flexible in terms of functionalities.

This is perhaps why BEIOU® Hardtail Mountain Bike  T800 Carbon Fiber  has been manufactured. The major aim of this post is to have you exposed to an unbiased review about this bike.

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BEIOU® Hardtail Mountain Bike  T800 Carbon Fiber has some mouth- watering and highly impressive features that will leave you amazed. This is one bike which has never failed to meet the expectations of users ever since it was released. Some of them will be listed below.

  • It comes in various colours such as red, orange and black
  • It is characterized by fork suspension, speed brake which is hidden, Speed of 10**3 and Hardtail MTB
  • Its material type is Carbon-Steel
  • The various sizes that it comes in are 21inch, 19inch and 17inch
  • Its finish is 3K Matte
  • Its cable routing is internal
  • YBN 10S is its cycling chain
  • The size of its wheel is 26″
  • Its material is carbon fibre (Toray T800)
  • Its braking system is hydraulic disk brake (SHIMANO M355)
  • Its pedal is WELLGO M248
  • It has Unibody frame (Carbon Fiber)
  • Its crankset is Prowheel integrated
  • Its saddle is Black-Red


Some of the benefits of BEIOU® Hardtail Mountain Bike SHIMANO M610 DEORE 30 Speed Toray T800 Carbon Fiber MTB 10.65 kg Ultralight Frame RT 26-Inch Wheels CB024 are going to be highlighted below.

  • It has been professionally designed to ensure that users experience its highly appealing nature
  • It has high level of durability due to the materials used in its production
  • It is light and easy to ride
  • Its components such as brakes as well as gears have already been set for users

Customers’ Satisfaction

The extent to which customers of a particular product are satisfied can go a very long way to explain whether it is worth your time or not. BEIOU® Hardtail Mountain Bike  T800 Carbon Fiber definitely ticks all the boxes in this regards. This is because it has about 95% of its customers who are happy using it.

This can only be interpreted to mean that it is a product of very high quality which has been built to ensure that customers get the best of experiences. In a nutshell, it can be said that virtually all the customers who have been able to able to purchase this bike are very satisfied with its features.

Customer Questions

In case you have any question regarding BEIOU® Hardtail Mountain Bike  T800 Carbon Fiber, it is important that you have the questions which are listed below checked out to know whether they address your areas of concern. They are questions which have been raised by customers such as you in the past.

Question 1

Is the 17inch frame suitable for someone who is 5’6”?


You can try out the 19″ as it will be perfect for you

Question 2

Is having red brake callipers possible?


The red colour isn’t available at the moment. However, there are disc brake sets which are manufactured directly from Shimano. You can still have the colour changed by painting it which isn’t difficult to do.

Question 3

Can a back (rear) red reflector be fixed on it?


Yes it can

Question 4

How can I identify the particular size to go for?


It majorly depends on the measurement of the inside of your leg and height.

Why You Need This Bike

Are you searching for the most reliable bike that can meet your needs? There is no need to search anymore as the best has come to your doorstep today. All that you need to do is ensure that you take advantage of it while it lasts.

With the advent of the BEIOU® Hardtail Mountain Bike  T800 Carbon Fiber.  There is no doubt that you will be able to have the ultimate experience of moving from one place to another. Here are some of the reasons why you should choose it over others:

  • High level of reliability and durability
  • It has been produced to target every biker regardless of their age
  • It is cheap given its outstanding features
  • Assembling is super easy

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