Beiou Sports Downtown

Thinking About Buying A New Bike For The City Commute. Find Out Why You Should Buy A Beiou

Beiou Sports Downtown

Here are the top 3 reasons To Buy A Beiou



Ultra Lightweight

Glossy Yellow & Black

Carbon Fibre Frame


Luxury Bike Brand Known For Their Quality


What Is The Downtown Designed For?

Urban Commuting

Beiou Bike Metrics

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Customer Satisfaction

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Why Should You Buy The Beiou Bike

Beiou specializes in manufacturing carbon fibr sports products and has been established for over 15 years. If you’re thinking about purchasing a high quality lightweight bike that’s perfect for that journey to work or just a leisurely stroll. The Beiou bike is your perfect ride.


5 Benefits of a Carbon Fibre Frame


COMFORT- the main benefit of having a carbon fibre frame is that vibrations are minimised as the frame absorbs them.

LIGHTER – the Beiou bike frame will have stiffness at the head tubes and at the bottom of the bracket which helps with the control and the amount of power the rider can deliver while having a comfortable

STRONGER & MORE DURABLE – Carbon fibr bike frames have been known to be better than alloy frames in labs Tests

STABLE MATEIAL – the carbon fibr frame is not susceptible to salt damage and chemical corrosion

TRIED & TESTED- carbon fibr has been used for numerous of years by bike manufactures to build high quality bikes. Can last a life time if look after correctly.

Features & Benefits

STYLISH GLOSSY BLACK YELLOW – will make sure that your commute to work or leisurely ride will certainly be done in style.

CARBON FIBR FRAME & FORK – makes the bike much lighter so that the its easier to ride for those longer journeys

HANDLE BAR – Beiou Downtown Carbon 1 urban bike handle bars are designed in order give the most comfort while riding.

BRAKE SYSTEM – (ED or ED (black) and adjustable brake pads help you have 100 percent control over the bike if you have to manoevre the bike out of any emerging situations. Fantastic for those emergency Stops.

CABLE ROUTING– Beiou have designed the urban bike with high quality routing that makes the durability of the Beiou Downtown Carbon 1 urban bike much more long term.

NOVATEC & ALUMINIUM RIM SETBeiou bikes use high quality tyres that will help the rider have full control over the bike and will ensure the rider the maximum performance


  • features – 94%
  • value for money – 85%
  • Build Quality – 95%

” I Am So Happy With My Beiou Bike. Its Ideal For The Commute Through Camden.” George

Customer Satisfaction

BEIOU bike manufacture is not the cheapest, however the quality of bike far outweighs the additional premium. The Beiou brand is very well known and has a good customer service department should you have any queries about the bike.

Beiou specializes in building high quality bikes with top quality materials. A carbon fibr frame allows commutes to be done in the shorts time with the highest level of comfort. “Very happy with the style black/yellow  finish of the bike.” “Found the bike easy to assemble” “A great bike for the city.




Carbon fibr Frame with some fantastic benefits. Beiou specialises in building high quality Bikes Stylish Glossy Black & Yellow Super Lightweight High quality Tyres




Not the cheapest, however you pay for quality!


Final Verdict


Beiou have been established for 15 years and they specialise in designing high performance bikes using top quality materials.

If you’re looking for al multi use bike that’s easily transported, ultra-light and will get you to work or for a ride in your local park in style. The Beiou bike is the bike for you!  You may like to read our article on the pro and cons of folding bikes.

Common Questions


Delivery normally takes between 7-10 working days




The Beiou Downtown Carbon 1 urban bike comes with an informative and helpful bike manual that should take no longer than twenty minutes.


Beiou Downtown Carbon 1 urban bike comes in two sizes a 14″ and a 16″.


Yes, it has a carbon fibr frame.

Advice when using the Beiou Downtown Carbon 1 urban bike

TEST RIDE – Before you go on a long commute make sure you have checked you are happy with the bike- check the tyres, brakes, seat and handle bars

INSTRUCTION MANUEL – Make sure you keep the instruction Manuel

MAINTAIN YOUR BIKE If u want a comfortable commute, then make sure your bike is well looked after and maintained. Check out the video below


What type of riding can I do on the Beiou Sports Carbon 1 urban bike?


DAILY COMMUTE TO WORK– Firstly,the Beiou Downtown Carbon 1 urban bike is  light weight and easy to transport. Secondly the carbon fibr frame and kenda tyres will allow to get to work as quickly as possible.

CITY BIKE – if you work in the city, the Beiou sports downtown carbon 1 is a must have. You can easily take it on and off the train and commute around the city wear space is limited

LEASURELY STROLL the bike is also great for a ride down to your local shop or for an adventure round your local park.

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