When it comes to using a bike, one of the most challenging parts of the process is keeping it somewhere. Stationary bikes can be hard to work into the household or the outdoors if you want to keep that bike secure and safe.

Otherwise, the bike can become an eyesore that sits around the house and takes up some pretty valuable space you could have used otherwise. If you have this problem, then this stationary bike stand might be just what you are looking for.

The BDBikes Bike Magnetic Turbo trainer  is just what the doctor ordered. With its solid style and resistance-based design, this does exactly as you need. With a front wheel rest, too, you get to enjoy a much more simplistic level of resistance that isn’t putting the bike under duress.

However, this stationary bike stand isn’t just for keeping the bike in place and to make sure it has a resting spot. There’s more to this than that. It’s a fantastic tool for exercising with, as well!

Use this BDBikes Bike Magnetic Turbo trainer as an indoor exercise bike and make sure you can keep fit in full condition regardless of the weather. Not got the time to get ready and head out?

Then hop on the bike and do it at home with this. It’s so easy to stay in shape if you use this. So if you want this for some indoor cycling without making much noise, it’s a great pick. It also makes the perfect stand for keeping your bike stable overnight. Indoor training software for home use.

With all of this in mind, then, what else can you expect from using this model of stationary bike stand?


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Makes use of a powerful quick release system meaning it can be set up with ease. No screw-on features needed here!

Get your bike dismounted as quickly as you got it mounted with the awesome quick release system, too.

Makes use of strong magnetic resistance which is much quieter to listen to than any typical air resistance trainer.

With 6 variable levels that can be controlled via the handlebars, you control how challenging your journey is going to be. With this stationary bike stand, you set the level of challenge alone.

Makes use of a heavy duty resistance controller, too, for an added and imperious level of stability on the stationary bike stand.

This heavier flywheel allows for a smoother level of change, reducing the work that has to go into altering the system.

This will work with just about any standard mountain and road bike. Designed to be as universal as it can be – anything from 26-29” tyres should fit with ease.

Fully assembled to be used instantly – no messing around, no hardware needed to get it working. Just get it out the box and start enjoying this piece of ki.

An easy one-movement system for fold-down storage and easy deployment makes using this in various places so incredibly ease.

Has a smart non-slip feet section for secure and safe use. Just in from the rain or the snow? Don’t worry, this will keep you nice and secure when cycling on the  BDBikes Bike Magnetic Turbo trainer  stationary bike stand.

This uses a wheel rest which has been supplied to make sure you can get all the help that you need enjoying the ultimate level of cycling experience.

BDBikes Bike Magnetic Turbo trainer  has a powerful skewer supplied with it, which can be left on the between uses for smart and simple setup.

Comes with a full 12-month warranty so if you have any problems you are well covered!


Customer satisfaction


Overall it would be pretty hard not to be satisfied by using this tool. As a BDBikes Bike Magnetic Turbo trainer does everything that I would have expected. It gives me an easy place to store the bike, but it also offers an excellent way to get fit indoors.

Given that I’m trying to do so many things at once in work and in life, finding the time for outdoors fitness can be tough.

This means I can stay fit with some marginal indoors exercise. Now, I don’t have to worry about going weeks without any kind of training being done – I can just use my BDBikes Bike Magnetic Turbo trainer stationary bike stand!

That was a major concern for me in the past, and it’s nice to see that this can help with that. The stability and strength of the product alone made it really easy for me to enjoy using, too. In my extensive usage period so far I felt like this was really easy for me to use.

Not only did it help me to manage and improve my balance on the bike but it made sure I got more consistent use. I’m not a huge fan of cycling at night, so I missed out during the week more often than not – especially in winter.

With this tool, I got to cut that problem away once and for all and just engage with my bike. As a BDBikes Magnetic Turbo Trainer stationary bike stand this does a good job of allowing me to get more consistent fitness work carried out.

I’ve grown sick and tired of not being able to be consistent in the winter, when the weather gets so bad. This made a fine choice and the fact it’s shown next to no signs of wear and tear is a huge positive. Overall, this does exactly what I need from my stationary bike stand!

Common questions


How hard can you go without hampering stability?

Pretty damn hard in truth. If you are worried at all about the bike not being stable when going, avoid excessive cornering. This tends to be when the safety of your cycling experience using this stationary bike stand can become most compromised. While you aren’t likely to have issues, caution is advised.

What kind of wheels does this fit?

You can use a variety of wheels on this as it’s very easily adjustable. All you need to do is work with the easy to use adjustment option on the stationary bike stand and you can make sure you can cycle without going all over the place – can fit 29” wheels for sure. However, anything under 24” is likely to be too small.

Is this a noisy tool?

No, it’s not. It helps you train without having to fire out into the cold and the wet to get to work. If you are using anything that has too aggressive knobblies, though, you can expect there to be a fair amount of noise produced.


Advice using BDBikes Magnetic Turbo Trainer


When using the BDBikes Bike Magnetic Turbo trainer , you should listen out for any change in the noise. If you notice that the noise is getting increasingly louder than it might be best if you looked into the smoothness, too.

if you find that it has become a rougher ride then you might need to take a further look. Ensure that the connection is still connected into the hub properly. This should leave the central region of the tyre flat and smooth. Ensure that the tyre is not too tight, as well, as it can feel like it’s overly compressed.

Also, please be aware that this will begin to wear the tyre done over time. Nothing can be done about that – it’s the same as if you were outdoors. It’s recommended that you get a set of tyres just for using indoors, and one set for using outdoors.

Changing tyres is relatively simple and can maintain the lifespan a lot longer than normally. If you want to get the best out of your tyres then get standard, daily-use tyres as they tend to handle the stress here much easier.

Want to get some good analytics done when riding? Then you can use various Garmin tools on this kind of bike. It picks up the same amount of information as it would if you were out and about in public.

It counts speed, cadence, wheel revs and more. This is useful for making sure that you are still operating at a high level of performance indoors.

If you want to use this outdoors, in the garden for example, make sure you are using it on a dry surface. The flatter the better, too, obviously. The more that you look into this the more that you should find that the stability matters a particularly great deal.



Really, this product offers all the stability and solidity that I would have been expecting for such an investment. With an easy to use style and a really comfortable means of use, this done just the job that I needed it to do.


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The main reasons that why you should consider buying this are:

  • It does a fine job for a fair price. If you find that you need a BDBikes Bike Magnetic Turbo trainer  that actually stays strong for a long time, this is one to go for.
  • It comes with an excellent 12-month warranty period which means you have nothing to worry about if anything does go wrong.
  • The use of 12 NdFeB magnets makes sure that this maintains a positive level of input, using the opposing magnets for the most resistance possible.

Overall? This does what any stationary bike stand should!


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