Women’s Top Choice For A Barracuda Bike

The barracuda women’s vela 2 bike is the best answer to choosing a hybrid bicycle as it is perfect in covering all your cycling needs. It has a perfect range for all climbs basing on the previous model only that it is fully adjusted on its stem.

It is also available in different versions including women’s version. The cheapest bike of this kind pairs an alloy frame to the steel fork

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This barracuda women’s vela 2 bike, gives comfort and has a lightweight alloy frame which offers an ideal riding feeling. It also has hydro formed tubes that offer increase in strength and stiffness not forgetting about the weight savings.

Has a twenty one-speed shimano gear that makes it easy to use on extreme circumstances like riding fast on roads. This makes the adjusting of the bike gearing easy to allow one keep the pedaling cadence if riding at any speed.

The bike is completed with a front and rear mudguards and a rear pannier carrier that makes it suitable for women who are daily commuters.

It was made with powerful v brakes that create an efficient power to stop. If the brakes do not function properly, it can easily lead to unavoidable accidents and injuries where some maybe fatal depending on the speed an individual was riding.

It has an amazing sports saddle suitable for women who venture in sporting activities that involves bike riding. The saddle for women is mostly designed differently from those of men because they have sit bones that are further apart. Therefore, getting a preferred seat for sports can be necessary to avoid the effects that come due to compression of nerves, or vessels that may lead to nerve numbness when straining your body on uncomfortable seats.

Have tyres with trekking patterns of reflective strip front and similar on the rear. This pattern provides rubber blocks that cut into the ground and giving grip especially on slippery muddy roads. Either way different patterns work on different surfaces.

Customer satisfaction


Feedbacks from the users of this type of bike prove that they found it friendly to use since their experience with it showed that it met their expectations. Even after long-term use, the daily commuters reviewed it as best and durable. Most of those who use barracuda women’s vela 2 bike found it worth the price they paid for it.

More so, it is said to provide the best experience when riding and offers smoothness in gear changing and direction changing. It is also stated to be user friendly due to easy adjustments of seats depending on height. However, few users claimed it not meeting their satisfaction, as they preferred something different like a bike to ride on rough paths.

Common questions

Does barracuda women vela 2 bikes have handlebars that can be adjusted?

Due to the flexibility of these handlebars, they can be easily adjusted and rotated as a normal function of a bike. Either way, the handlebars can be easily moved vertically as this is usual in most bikes with flexible handlebars.

Why is preferred for commuters?

The barracuda women’s vela 2 bike is apparently light in weight and its wheels have properties of a racing bike. This makes it easy and fast in using it as a source of transportation maybe from home to office on a daily basis. Either way, it saves on costs compared to using a personal vehicle that requires fuelling most times or boarding a different means of transport where you will be required to pay for the services. The costs saved when using barracuda bikes can help you meet other needs in daily life basis.

Is it ideal for first time bikers?

Yes it is. Many people do not how know the features that these bikes have can be beneficial to users in several ways simply because they are rarely acquainted enough. The minute they will develop interest and start practicing, it will only be a few miles before they get to know how to control it thus will start benefiting from its features as they expected. Through this, they can end up getting exciting results when making them in use for several purposes.  Check out our bike lock guide

Advantages of buying the barracuda bike

  • Given that it is flexible, those who love riding as a hobby may opt for it not forgetting the daily basis commuters who need to save on costs.
  • The barracuda women’s vela 2 bike has a smooth steering that serves well and has a wheel designed to fit in racing activities hence making the bike much faster.
  • It gives an excellent experience due to its adjustable structures that allow users to be comfortable when using the bike.

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