Having had the pleasure of picking up a new bike fairly recently, I wanted to let you all know what I thought of the Barracuda Phoenix. Strong, sturdy and ever-reliable. I was quick to praise this bike more or less as soon as I got it.

Not only is it a piece of cake to put together. But it’s absolutely outstanding once you get out there and feel the wind flowing in your hair.

It’s something that I would happily suggest that everyone takes the time to look into and enjoy. Few bikes can offer the same comfort and style as the Barracuda Phoenix for the price range.

If you are in the mood for a new bike. one that you know is going to make it easier than ever to stay safe on the roads or out and about.

So, what makes the Barracuda Phoenix such a good investment? Why would I be the first to recommend this  bike to you over some of the other models on the market that can be purchased.

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Customer Satisfaction

Overall? Very satisfied indeed. This is a bike with plenty of character about it. I hopped onto the bike knowing that Barracuda was a good brand, having used them in the past. The reviews for this were strong and an acquaintance recommended that I try ONE. While I felt like the bike was nothing special to look at, visuals should never be the primary reason for buying a bike.

What I soon found was that for all the limited detail and design of the bike. The functionality was through the roof. This was a bike that offered a safe, stable and reliable solution for getting around the place. I was able to hit tough locations.

I managed to go through some rather rigorous countryside, and I spent vast majorities of my time dealing with a bike that more or less adapted and moulded to my needs.

If you are looking for a bike that you know can do a pretty damn good job of keeping you nice and safe on the roads. Then this has got to be it. Out of all the bikes I’ve tried for the first TIME, the Barracuda Phoenix was one of the most enjoyable.


  • Makes use of an 18” full-suspsension alloy frame. With the addition of the fully adjustable rear shock unit.  This is a bike that would make sure I would stay nice and safe on the roads.
  • If you ever fear your riding is not up to scratch. the Barracuda Phoenix does a fine job of offering a frame that can help with that.
  • It makes use of a Shimano speed indexed gear, too,. Not always something that you would see at this price range, so it’s nice to break away from the norm and see something a little bit different being used instead.
  • Also, it comes with 26” black alloy rims, which you know for a fact are going to stay in fine shape as the years go by. If you are like me and worried about the bike not quite living up to the expectation.  Then fear not; the rims are absolutely spot on.
  • It makes use of a mechanical front-disc rake and a rear-end V-brake that offers you all the assistance you need in staying safe. Thanks to this, you can enjoy a much more progressive and enjoyable experience.
  • The padded saddle is one of the most enjoyable factors, though. If you find yourself cramping up after sitting on an uncomfortable bike seat. T
  • his can offer all the help that you need to change that and start making cycling a little more comfortable tan it is at the moment.
  • A great choice for both adults who are looking for something strong and sturdy. Or late-teens looking to make their move to something a little more effective, safer and more powerful. A fine pick if you tend to have leg measurements of anything from 28-34”. Making it easy to work with even if you are quite tall.

Common Questions

Does this bike have a click gear or a shift gear? This uses a click system which should be easy enough to use.

How heavy is the bike? It’s light enough that you can manoeuvre it for sure, but it does weigh quite a lot so make sure to be extra careful when using this.

Are the gears a twist-grip or lever style? This uses a lever system which is very easy to control and offers plenty of fluidity.

Can this be used on roads? Yes, most certainly – the tires are dual-pattern, smooth tread which is great for road use.


Overall, then, this is a great piece of kit. Safe and sturdy, this offers a friendly and effective option for getting around. The Barracuda Phoenix would be my first choice for a bike of this style, were I to be looking in the same range again in the past. What makes this bike such a great investment, though, is the:

  • Ease of assembly. You’d do well to find a bike that was easier to work with an assemble than this. The bolts are strong and safe, meaning you can ride without much fear of the bike damaged or destroyed.
  • The breaks are fantastic. Having quality breaks should never be a plus – it should be a must! This bike offers you all the strength and stability that you could possibly need.
  • The gears are smooth. Smooth gearing matters for vehicle safety and I’m pleased to say that this bike offers some of the most stable gears I’ve used on a bike of this style.

Overall, this is a bike that is great value. If you are looking to invest in a bike that you can be sure is going to live up to your expectations, this is almost certainly the perfect place to start.

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