Barracuda Mystique Mountain bike is an amalgam of affordability and features. Women who are looking to get in shape with some work-out through bike-riding have got right thing for them.


Even if it is not the matter of getting in shape, Barracuda Mystique Womens’ Mountain Bike  promises thrill enriched experience, due to its specially designed features.


After they became popular in eighties, mountain bikes never went off the trend.

They are more famous among women who want to take vehicle rides on trails and do some adventurous sports. Barracuda released this bike in 2012 but it suddenly saw an uptick in demand due to greater level of comfort and customization it offers to its customers.

Perhaps, being light in weight than other mountain bikes that too in fewer prices is what attracts the riders. Usually a lighter bike means higher price


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Barracuda Mystique Womens’ Mountain Bike has got a light frame that makes you fly on steep rather than just riding. Alloy-hard tail frame is 18 inches. Zoom CH386 front suspension fork comes up with alloy crown.

Brakes are alloy V and present at front and rear. Shimano 21-speed dual indexed gears are quite useful, they have micro shift control. Paddle sports are accompanied by quick-release seat posts allowing the greater ease of lodging and dislodging the bike. Barracuda Mystique Womens’ Mountain Bike comes with an impressive 26 inch alloy rims and hub with 1.9 inch tyres.


Easy to ride: Barracuda mystique is perfect use item for women who love adventurous sports. One can drag it through stairs while moving up or down.

Lighter in Weight: Its alloy frame and alloy crown makes it lighter in weight; this feature makes it quite easy to drag through mountains and steeps.

Easy to Release Seat: Easy to release seat is quite adjustable. It allows a rider to get off within fraction of seconds. Although it requires a greater degree of care while leaving but proves quite helpful in emergency situation. Apart from this the seat is quite comfortable.

It is an economical solution: This mountain bike is unusually light but quite cheaper. It is fact that lighter bikes always prove to be costly. One can say that product offers more benefits it promises for a particular price.

It can be used for every purpose: Tag of mountain bike may deceive user to think that it can only be used for the purpose of adventure, trekking or moving on steeps. In reality, it is not the case. Riders can use the Barracuda Mystique Womens’ Mountain Bike  for daily basis commutation. Barracuda Mystique Womens’ Mountain Bike is ideal for covering distance between home and office.

Customer Satisfaction

In terms of the customer satisfaction, the bike is a winner. For most of the bikes that are delivered to home, customers face issues with assembling. Contrary to such experiences, customers were happy that mystique bike was quite easy to set up even for the people who didn’t new this before.

Major feature that customer liked was its being light in weight and easy to use. Apart from this, it’s fascinating colors also attracted rider. Many women loved this bike as they were able to use it for commutation and didn’t limit to strolling.

The Barracuda Mystique Womens’ Mountain Bike  appeared to be quite sturdy and well designed. Hence there was no issue regarding the ease of use. Few customers’ complaint about micro shifters that seemed to be difficult to handle but they got them fixed.


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 Commonly Asked Questions

Here is what people who are looking for this product inquire about.

Is it equally fit for taller height?

For a woman who has average height mystique bike is a perfect option. But it seems to be fit for riders with more tall height; shorter women may need adjustments in seats and handle which is quite possible. After a bit alteration, women of all heights can use it.

What purpose the Barracuda Mystique Womens’ Mountain Bike  actually serves

Bike seems to be perfect for taking leisure strolls or doing some work out by riding on steeper paths, but it serves the all in one purpose. It is easy to ride it on road for moving on daily basis.

Is Barracuda Mystique Womens’ Mountain Bike  really lightweight?

Yes the bike lives up to its expectations quite well. Riders may not find any direct way to measure the weight but they can ascertain it by first-hand experience. They can easily move it upwards and downwards in quite an easy way.


Why to buy the Barracuda Mystique Womens’ Mountain Bike?

Here are the three benefits that make it an inevitable choice for ladies.

Alloy frame makes this bike quite lighter and hence easy to handle.


Barracuda Mystique Womens’ Mountain Bike  is very economic, it offers so many features in less prices. There are hardly any vehicles that are light in weight but still available in low price.


Mystique mountain bike can be used for taking strolls or covering long distances with the same ease. It doesn’t have any limited function.

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