Road bikes or bicycle are constructed to have the capability to travel smoothly on paved roads. They are very light, with narrow high-pressure tires. One of the many companies manufacturing road bikes is Barracuda, which has a very excellent reputation in the bikes industry.

It makes reliable road bikes because of their attention to details and vast experience. Its products not only deliver the best performance you will ever get, they are also very safe in accordance with industry standards. One of their best road bikes is the Barracuda Men’s Vantos Road Bike , and as we shall see shortly, it is one of the most lightweight and durable cheap road bikes available today

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  • The Barracuda Men’s Vantos Road Bike Cheap Road bike was designed with beginners in mind, so they can get a cheap road bike that comes with great features.
  • The bike comes in many pre-assembled parts.
  • However, the more difficult components such as gears and brakes are preassembled by the company so you won’t have to stress yourself too much, especially if you are a novice. By following the simple assembly instructions, you should have a complete bike in 20-25 minutes.
  • Barracuda Men’s Vantos Road Bike weight of 15kg is lighter than most bikes, especially considering its price.
  • The gears comes with 21 speeds, and with its Shimano EZ-Fire shifters, you don’t have to think about using grip shifters, which is unpopular among most riders. Also, you are guaranteed excellent brakes with its V brakes that are considered to be very solid. Just be sure that you have completed the recommended safety guidelines.
  • It comes with a bicycle equipment box that contains an owner’s manual, pedals, reflectors, bell, Allen key, multi-spanner


Frame: The Barracudda mens Vantos Road bike comes with an alloy road frame.

Aluminium is a light weight material that allows the rider to easily transport the bike in the back of a car or on and off a train.

The Vantos frame is designed specifically for the road and enables the rider to have a good up right position that’s brilliant for posture and allowing the rider to clearly see the road ahead.

Furthermore, aluminium is a durable material in the event of a small bump or scrap.  In addition, a lighter aluminium frame is brilliant for the rider to easily burn through the miles.

Gears & Shifters: Shimano are a well known bike brand within the bike industry and are known for producing top quality bike components. The Vantos comes with an impressive 21 gears that allows the rider to easily and quickly change the pace of the road bike to their preferred riding conditions.

Saddle: Riding for long commutes can be tiresome on the bottom.  The  Vantos comes with a sports saddle that is designed for those long commutes. If you intent to commute for long period of time it may be worth investing in a pair of padded shorts for that added level of comfort. You may find yourself not leaving the house without them. They can be bought very cheaply.

Why buy the Barracudda mens Vantos Road bike?

Barracuda are a well known bike brand, that are well recognised within the bike industry. The Barracuda men’s Vantos Road bike is designed specifically for the road and would be ideal for the commute to work. There are many added features in the Vantos that are normally only found in more expensive road bikes.

If your in your looking for a new road bike either for yourself or as a gift. The Vantos can not be ignored as it has many good  customer testimonials of very happy customers. A vibrant and stylish blue and while colour will draw a lot of attention.  You will be commuting in style  and it is a good road bike at a fraction of the cost. Who doesn’t love a bargain,

Common Questions:

 Will the Barracuda Men’s Vantos Road Bike suit a tall rider? I received the bike for a Christmas and it fits me perfectly and I am 6ft.

What is the total Weight of the Vantos? We would suggesting the supplier in order to get the exact weight.

Does the Barracuda Men’s Vantos Road Bike come will all the tools to assemble?  Yes, it comes with all  the tools need to fully assemble and comes with an informative instruction manual

How comfortable is the saddle? The Barracuda Men’s Vantos Road Bike comes with a standard saddle seat, however a gel seat can be purchased very cheaply for an extra bit of comfort

How long should it take to assemble the Barracuda Men’s Vantos Road Bike? It should take around 20 mins.

Customer satisfaction

A customer who gave the Barracuda Vantos  five stars was happy about the beautiful aluminium frame, nice packaging, ease of assembly especially with required tools to fix included in the kit box, very solid when riding, with gears that work perfectly and the bikes does not make any sound.

It is also a very cheap road bike. Lightweight Road bike that does the job that’s intended to do. The Bike looks good and it’s a lovely commute to work and is greart value. I had to message the manufacture for a replacement instruction manual. Great Customer Service.

Advice when using the Vantos?

KEEP THE INSTRUCTION MANUEL– I accidently threw mine away and had to wait a week for the barracuda to send out a replacement.

Bike lock: Check out our guide on bike security.

GO ON A TEST RUN– Make sure you go on a test run before you on a long commute to insure the Barracuda rides smoothly.

 EXTRA SET OF SPANNERS– The tools are adequate, however purchasing alan keys and spanners will the assemble a little easier.

TEST THE BRAKES– make sure your happy with brakes as they will need some adjustment.

TYRES COMES DEFLATED – Ensure the tyres are at pumped up to the correct psi

Puncture: There is going to be a time when you get a dreaded puncture. Learning how to fix a puncture can save you a lot of time and stress in the long run. There are some great videos

Helmet: If you want to go mountain biking, a good quality helmet is very important. Save enough money in the budget for a decent helmet. Look for a helmet with good customer testimonials as you will have a better understanding of the quality your buying.

Snacks: Mountain biking on a empty stomach or with a dry month can be very hard work. Always carry a bottle of water with you and a small snack. My favourites a dairy milk bar.

ABC Check: A good habit to get into is to perform the ABC check. on your Barracuda Mens Vantos road bike.

Check the air in the Tyres, the brakes are working and checking the oil on the chain. Becoming familiar with your bike is also important as you can spot any damage that may have been caused. Cleaning your bike routinely is vital in maintain a first class comutte. Our article on cleaning your bike .



A good bike frame and its thn tyres make it a great commute on the road

A comfortable ride

Light Weight & Sturdy

Has light reflector front and rear


Standard bike seat- easy to purchase a gel seat


 The Barracuda Men’s Vantos Road Bike comes with some high specifications which are normally found in more expensive bikes.

If your looking a road bike that is great for that daily commute or for leisure the vantos is a great purchases with great value and has some fantastic reviews.

Good looking Bike

Great design

Comes with front and back V Brakes

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