“The bicycle has a soul. If you succeed to love it. It will give you emotions that you will never forget. –

Mario Cipollini

Barracuda Hydra has an 18 speed Shimano, with a lightweight aluminium bike frame.

If you’re in the market for a new bike then the Barracuda Men’s Hydra 1 hybrid bike cannot be ignored.

Safety is Barracuda’s main concern and the Hydra meets all the British and European safety standards

Benefits / Features

ALUMINIUM FRAME – the most commonly used lightweight bike frame is aluminium.

An aluminium frame doesn’t need substantial design changes to keep a low weight and comes at an affordable choice.

Additionally, an added benefit of aluminium is that it’s not prone to rust and is low maintenance.

Stiffness from an aluminium bike frame allows more stability and helps the rider with their speed and sprinting.

FRONT & REAR V BRAKES– are lightweight and easy to use. They are made from a brake caliper, a cable and a lever.  Brilliant for those emergency stops. You will never after worry about coming to a stop again

SHIMANO 18  gear speed – Shimano have been established since 1921 are known worldwide in the bike  manufacturing industry.

The Barracuda Men’s Hydra hybrid 1 bikes has 18 gears that allows the ride to harness 100 percent of their power to put more metal into the pedal

SADDLE –  comes with a sports hybrid seat that can be easily adjusted to different heights.

A comfortable saddle will allow the rider to ride for much longer without the need to worry about a sore bottom.

Furthermore, gel saddle can also be bought very cheaply and is great for an added  bit of comfort.

TYRES- the Barracuda Men’s Hydra hybrid  1 bike comes with tyres 700 x 35 C and are designed for trekking and are great for those local mountain bike trail.

Having a good quality set of tires will help the rider keep a good grip on the terrain and minimise the
chances of any bump or scraps.  In addition, the tyre  are also good for the road for the commute to work

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Common Questions 

Does the Barracuda Men’s Hydra hybrid 1 bike come assembled?

The hydra comes partially assembled and should take no longer than 25 minutes.

An informative and helpful instructions Manuel is also included.  If you’re not used to assembling bikes then it may be worth getting someone to help you

Who is Barracuda brand? 

The Barracuda bike manufacture focus has always been to design and manufacturer good looking but practical bikes at affordable prices.

Is the barracuda hydra a durable bike?

Barracuda are a known bike manufacturer that use top quality materials.

The hydra has an aluminium frame, v brakes and a Shimano gears that allow the rider stability while riding the hybrid  bike. Hybrid bikes A bike that sits in between a road bike and a mountain bike, designed for

general riding on different types of terrain. Normally used for commuting.  More affordable than a road bike. Great value. Lightweight frame design and wheels to maximise

Customer Satisfaction

Great for the commute to work and those local mountain bike trails.

The Front & Rear V brakes have got me out of many scraps and bumps.

A light weight frame that’s easy to take on/off the train on my commute to work.


  • Versatility for mountain bike trails, on the road or on gravel.
  • Great Value for Money
  • Shimano Tourney Shifters brilliant for changing gears


Not the cheapest hybrid bike. Nothing good comes cheap.


TEST RUN – when you have assembled your Barracuda Men’s Hydra 1  hybrid bike make sure you go on a little test run to make sure your happy with the bike.

ABC CHECK Don’t forget the ABC check before every ride. Check the Air in the tyres, test the brakes are working correctly and the chain is kept oiled

INSTRUCTION MANUEL– don’t lose the instruction manuel as it may come in handy later in the bikes life time.

PUNCTURE– unfortunately there will be a time when you will have a flat. Learn how to repair a flat and take a repair kit with you.

SNACKS – If you’re going on a long commute don’t forget to take a small snack and a something to keep you  hydration. You want to look after yourself so you can focus on the road and not a rumbling stomach or a dry mouth

CLEAN – If your new to cycling or a novice you want to make sure you look after your Barracuda Men’s Hydra hybrid bike as it will save you more time and money in the long.

An added benefit to cleaning your bike is that you will notice if there is any damage to the bike.

Final Verdict:

You don’t need a road Bike and you don’t need a mountain bike. The Barracuda Men’s Hydra hybrid 1  bike will give you the best of both worlds with great value and affordability. Barracuda are well known bike manufacturer who put customer satisfaction first. .

If you can’t stop thinking about it. Buy it

The hydra comes with some fantastic ADDED Benefits:

Aluminium frame – lightweight and not prone to rust

V Brakes – great for those Emergency stop

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