Barracuda Men’s Draco 4 Mtb Bike

Barracuda Draco 4 Review

Looking For A Mountain Bike From A Brand Well Respected Within The Bike Industry.

Barracuda Draco 4 Review


Here are the top 3 reasons to buy the Barracuda Men’s Draco 4 Mtb Bike

Barracuda Bikes

Barracuda Bikes Are Known For Combining Practical Bikes That Are Good Looking And Are At The Right Price.

Designed For Mountain Biking

The Barracuda Men’s Draco 4 Mtb Bike Is Specifically For Your Local Mountain Bike Trails.


Brilliant Shimano EZ fire 24  gears

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Barracuda Men’s Draco 4 Mtb Bike


Firstly, the Barracuda Draco 4 Review will look at why should you buy the Draco 4. The Barracuda Draco 4 is a well-furnished piece of mountain terrain bike. It is designed for men who love the rugged looks of a boyish cycle that is packed to the core with goodness.

It is like the Barracuda Men’s Draco 4  Mtb Bike is a matured MTB that still has a kid in itself. Coloured aptly in orange and black, this geared bike will help you go through your daily routine of adrenaline rush easily while still rocking the youth look. This bike gives you everything you can expect from a premium mountain terrain bike without compromising on looks.

Best Features

Here are the top features of the Barracuda Draco 4 Mtb

Secondly, the Barracuda Draco 4 Review will look at the main features of the Draco 4. The Barracuda Men’s Draco 4 Mtb Bike is the newest addition to the hugely popular Draco line, which means it has all premium components. The frame of this bike is available in four sizes, such as 16”, 18”, 20” and 22”, so no matter your height, there is always a Draco 4 for you. The frame is made of 6061 aluminium, which gives it enormous strength.

Suspension is the most important component for a mountain terrain bike. Without a good suspension, every bump on the road is a painful experience. It should also not be very bumpy, launching you off your seat every moment and then. Thanks to SR Suntour XCT suspension fork, a ride in the Draco 4 is very smooth. You can take on any dunes and bumps with this MTB without fear.

Powering the mechanical aspects of the bike is the Shimano Acera 24-speed gearing system. It has been proven a good choice for use in any terrain use. Along with Shimano EZ-Fire Shifters, you will never have to worry about your gears when you’re racing downhill.

Braking is also important, regardless of what terrain you drive on. The Barracuda Men’s Draco 4 Mtb Bike comes with the trusty Promax mechanical disc brakes with 160mm rotors. These brakes give you complete control over the bike and flexibility and ease of adjustment. With strong braking and gearing components, you need tires that perform equally.

The 27.5 x 2.10″ MTB/trail specific tires are no slouch. With Double-wall 27.5″ alloy rims with alloy hubs and quick release capability, these tires are designed to take on the terrain. They are firmly treaded to ensure smooth and stable ride over pavements and mud roads equally.  You may like to read our article on are barracuda bikes any good?

  • Features -96%
  • Value for money – 85%
  • Build Quality – 87%

“I Bought The Barracudda Mens Draco 4 So I Can Explore My Local Mountain Bike Trails. Its A Dream.” Sam

Customer Satisfaction

The Barracuda Men’s Draco 4 Mtb Bike comes with an oversized handlebar, which will give you control over every small movement the terrain beneath you chooses to make. It does not work on chances and is a great contender for intermediate MTB bikes. You can trust on the capabilities of this bike and use it for any activity, like a leisurely ride around the park or an adrenaline-thumping race around the terrains.




If you are new to MTB bikes and the general idea of racing down steep hills and muddy terrains, it is advised to take it slow in the beginning. These cycles are great to ride around the city too. Invest in safety accessories like helmets, tail lights, knee guards, elbow guards and other safety gear. It can be thrilling, but it is better to be safe than sorry.


Final Comments


The Barracuda Men’s Draco 4 Mtb Bike is a great choice for MTB beginners, enthusiasts and professionals alike.

It comes with trusty components and is engineered with safety as the priority.

If you want to indulge in the idea of mountain cycling, this cycle is a great investment to begin with. We hope you have enjoy the barracuda draco 4 review.

Common Questions

How can I choose a good MTB?

A proper mountain terrain bike has four important components that are not to be compromised on: the suspension, wheels, brakes and frame. The Draco 4 ticks all the boxes. The suspension on the Draco 4 is great; it comes with 27.5” wheels, which is between the small 26” and the very large 29”and the brakes and frame are top notch. If you want to choose a good MTB, the Draco 4 is everything you need.

What type of MTB is the Draco 4?

The Draco 4 is a hardtail MTB. A hardtail is a bike with a solid frame and it usually has a suspension fork on the front. Hardtails transmit more power to the ground, which also makes it ideal for racers who need speed. The hardtail also requires less maintenance in the long run, as full suspension models have more parts and require more care.

Is the Draco 4 heavy?

At 16 kilograms, the Draco 4 falls in the lower of the median weight of bicycles. You will not feel the weight while you ride, thanks to the wide diameter tires. It is also easy to carry the bike over one or two sets of stairs. Actually, it comes to personal capability. If you are well toned and frequently lift weights, this bike will not be a problem at all.

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