Barracuda Men’s Draco 1 Alloy Rigid Mtb

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18 Shimano Gear

Alloy Frame

MTB Tyres

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Barracuda Men’s Draco 1 Alloy Rigid Mtb

Are you getting bored with your plain bike? Do you find it ordinary and simple? Are you searching for a superb drive with your dream bike? Then, there is one bike that you will surely love to have.

The Barracuda Men’s Draco 1 Alloy Rigid Mtb, a great gent MTB style bike for satisfying rides might just right for you.

The Barracuda Men’s Draco 1 Alloy Rigid Mtb is made to give comfort and durability in biking. This bike would make every biking moment a satisfying one whether on the road or in the countryside.

The versatility of this bike would be enough to hold any terrain. This mountain bike features 18 gears, Shimano shifters, a thorough mountain bike forks and frame and most importantly, the padded saddle.

Main Benefits/ Features Of The Barracuda Men’s Draco 1 Alloy Rigid Mtb


This bike offers a complete package. Together with the 26” inch wheels and frame, this great bike can offer a total adult MTB at a very customary and friendly price.

The Barracuda Men’s Draco 1 Alloy Rigid Mtb can offer a complete range of mountain bikes for riders. They can enjoy great ride anytime along the park with their children, a way down to the canal or to the more modern biker hitting the trail center for serious biking activity. With its all wheel sizes 26 – 29 inches covering, this would mean the bike is perfectly made for you.

The Draco 1 is made its way as the first model that offers a simple mountain bike style adjusted with total Shimano 18 speed running gear and very strong V-brakes. This means that you can enjoy biking without any worries when it comes to speed and its running gear and strong brakes.

The Barracuda Men’s Draco 1 Alloy Rigid Mtb offers the features such as rigid alloy MTB frame with very stylish blue and black color designs.

It is also powerfully designed with 26 alloy rims with Mtb specific types. Likewise, it has powerful rear V-brake front and rear to ensure safety and quality.

  • Features – 92%
  • Value for money – 94%
  • Build Quality – 96%

“ I Wanted To Treat Myself After The Promotion In Work. The Barracuda Men’s Draco 1 Alloy Rigid Mtb Is Perfect.” Nick

Customer Satisfaction

This mountain bike is superbly made for sporty and active individuals like you. Though this bike is absolutely for active men and sporty adults, it does not stop buyers from purchasing one, especially which the brand has also other types of bikes for sporty women. Alongside with it, this wonderful bike could function well with its wonderful features that every biker would love to have.

With its durable spare parts and frames and rearing gears, you will totally enjoy easiness and comfort in every biking session. The bike would give a great satisfaction for every purchaser of this bike, with its great speed running gear and powerful V-brakes.

This Barracuda Men’s Draco 1 Alloy Rigid Mtb is one of the best bikes in the market hitting the streams with commendable customer’s satisfaction and superb sale outcome.


Final Verdict


The bike very versatile enough to hold any terrain. It has durable parts, frame, gears and coverings.

Definitely, this bike is a must-to-have one. A great bike which can offer a total adult MTB at a very customary and friendly price. This means that everyone can have this wonderful bike.

It gives a great satisfaction for every buyer of this bike. It has great speed running gear and powerful V-brakes, it definitely ensures great satisfaction in every journey.

Common Questions

Is this bike long-lasting?

Well, it is. This bike features durability and quality in frames and rearing gears. It is surely durable that may stay for a long time even with intense and comprehensive workouts and biking.  The bike has 18 gears and rigid frame that will protect your bike from any hits and bumps. It is versatile when it comes to types of roads and terrain, so you are confidently sure of its quality and kind.

Where can I buy some parts of this bike?

If you happen to mess up and try looking for some replacement for your spare parts; that is not a big problem. There are shops and stores where you can order online. They can deliver to you right after your door steps. Or you may walk-in through stores which specializes bicycle parts such as frame and gears.

This problem is so minor. You can find stores easily anywhere since almost everyone loves to have one bike for leisure time and some active lifestyle activities.

Would this bike give convenience?

Yes. Since this bike has padded saddle, it would totally give you comfort in biking. This would make your trip a convenient one. It would not make your feet feel tired while paddling. It is your best option if you are looking for a convenient bike ride. At the same time, this bike is so easy to assemble and it is very comfortable for riding. The gear is so easy to utilize and the brakes really can work in all seasons.

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