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  Barracuda Mayhem

If you are looking for a resilient bike and tough on the road, the barracuda mayhem 26-inch unisex bike is the perfect choice. On top of that, it is very agile and apt for any kind of roads.

It is a hardtail front suspension bike that has a design compatible for both boys and girls. It is ideal for kids who are 14 years of age and above. The design is pretty much sassy and has an appealing green-blue colour scheme.


Features & Benefits

The Barracuda Mayhem has a 20-inch alloy hardtail frame which is ideal for both boys and girl riders. The solid build of the bike makes it great for cycling on rough roads and even on steep ground.

You can easily navigate through on tough terrains and on off-roads. The bike is also fitted with 26-inch zoom suspension forks that work great on the road cycling and even on terrains. They enhance the stability of the bike during cycling and improved on its ability to course through different types of roads. Because the bike is made for both boys and girls, it need to accommodate a larger inner leg measurement to enhance comfortability.

The Barracuda Mayhem has an average inner leg height of 28-36 inches. For this height, it can support teenagers at the age of 14 and older and enable them to cycle better, provided they can reach the pedals. The bike features 21-speed Shimamo gears MicroSHIFT dual-index shifters. This makes it easier to change the gear level from time to time with regards to the type of road you are navigating through.

Needless say, with the 21-speed Shimamo gears, the bike is quite swift and steady on the road. To adjust, rather decrease the speed of the bike when cycling, the front and rear disc brakes come in handy in ensuring you stop promptly. Their grip is fine and their effect is perfect bringing the bike to a quick rest in case you were going too fast.

The bike is fitted with kenda tyres which have a quality build. They do not easily wear off or burst out for no reason. So, you can expect to enjoy their services for some good amount of time. Read our article on are Barracuda bikes any good?

  • Features – 94%
  • Value for money – 91%
  • Build Quality – 96%

”  I Am So Excited To Treat My Son With His Brand New Barracuda Mayhem.” Fiona


The Barracuda Mayhem is a well-built bike that is strong on the road and offers a great riding experience. From the fact that it is unisex, and has a wider range of inner length, it can accommodate a number of teenagers. Nevertheless, it is agile on the road and with every feature at work, cycling will become your everyday hobby.

The bike is reliable for both uphill riding and downhill cycling. But, from the fact that it is a hardtail bike, it is easier to cycle uphill. However, it is great on the road and you can feel safe and comfortable thanks to its strong build.


Final Comments


It is a hardtail bike which means it has a strong build that is durable and one can rely on it for a good ride. It can support the weight of both boys and girls and withstand any kind of road.

The bile features 21-speed Shimamo gears which are vital in sustaining the speed of the bike. In addition to that, it can support the bike on terrains and any off-roads that might be challenging for other bikes.

Finally, the bike comes in a classical blue-green colour theme that suits both girls and boys taste.


Common Questions

What happens if I cannot assemble the bike?

You can call the retail shop to send someone to assist with assembling. Often, a trained cycle mechanic is sent who understands how hardtail front suspension biked work and will assemble it for you in no time. But then again, the bike requires minimal assembly. So, it is easy to follow through the manual on fixing every part to its right place.

How long will my teenager ride it?

The ideal age for this particular riders is 14 and above. So, he / she can ride for some time as long as they can still reach the pedals. The inner length for the bike ranges between 28-36 inches which can accommodate your child for a few years. There is no defined timeline on that, since what matters is the inner length measurement.

How does the bike fair on rough roads?

I would say it is good on rough roads and any other kind of road. Considering it is a hardtail bicycle, it can withstand the roads and still manage to navigate through with much ease. As long as every part is in good condition, then the bike is good to go. Moreover, it is durable, has a strong build and is resilient to face any kind of road challenges including terrains.



When using the barracuda mayhem 26-inch unisex bike, you need to first of all confirm that it is ideal for your height. It comes with a 28-36” leg size, thus you can try reaching the pedals first before cycling. Second checkpoint needs to be the brakes and the gear. Both need to be working perfectly so that the rider can navigate through with it without any problems. In case of any problems, you can contact the retailer

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