“Life Is like riding a bike: you don’t fall off unless you stop pedalling” – Claude Pepper


STEEL FRAME – a steel frame will be flexible and with the minimal flexible the rider will have a smooth ride.

In addition, a long lasting material that’s durable against bumps and scraps your child may face.

DUAL SUSPENSION- will enable the rider to absorb any impact between the front and rear of the Barracuda Kids Draco Ds BAR1800.

Brilliant for those local mountain bike trails.

 6 SPD SHIMANO- Shimano are a well- known brand in the bike industry.

Most notably, a reliable set of gears from a brand known for their quality will help the rider harness the full potential of their bike safely.

V BRAKES- light weight, easy to maintain, service and change the cables and pads.

If you go to your local park make sure you wipe down any little wood chips that’s accumulated. To stop any future blockages

MTB SADDLE- A quality mtb saddle will allow you to ride the Barracuda Kids Draco Ds BAR1800 for longer without worrying about a sore bottom.

A gel saddle cover can be bought very cheaply and are really good for that added bit of comfort.

ALLOY WHEELS- riding around your local estate with a set of alloys will ensure your child be known as the cool  kid.

Don’t be surprised If you get a lot of people asking where you bought the bike from.

 TYRES– the Barracuda Kids Draco Ds BAR1800 use a good set of tyres that have a good grip against different types of terrain whether it be on the local estate or on the local mountain trails.

Furthermore, check out the tyres are pumped up to the correct level.

COLOUR– Bright yellow paint will ensure you child can easily be spotted out on the road or in your local park. Great for safety

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Common Questions

What can the Barracuda Kids Draco Ds BAR1800 be used for?

Barracuda Ds BAR1800 is designed for a variety of activities.

Great for the park, a stroll around the local estate or up on the local mountain trails.

A tough steel frame with a dual suspension and a set of V brakes will ensure your child is well equipped for different terrains.

Are the Barracuda Brand any good?

Barracudda was established in the 1980s in Essex and helped popularise cycling in the UK.

They are a well-known brand known worldwide as manufacturing top quality bikes.

Barracuda focus on manufacturing good looking, practical bikes offering the best value.

Does the Ds BAR1800 come assembled?

The Barracuda Kids Draco Ds BAR1800 comes partially assembled and should take no longer than 20 minutes.

With the help of an informative instruction Manuel.

If you’re not used to building bikes it may be worth getting a second pair of hands.

Customer Satisfaction

Really happy with the quality of the Barracudda Ds BAR1800 and great value.

The Alloy wheels and the bright yellow paint makes it easy for me to spot my child at the local park.

A very happy child with his new bike for his birthday. Brilliant gift.


Brilliant Value

Barracuda are a household name

Vibrant yellow colour


The Barracuda Kids Draco Ds BAR1800 may draw a lot of attention. A small price to be the coolest kid on the estate.


TEST RUN- once you have assembled the BAR1800 and before you allow your child to go out.

Make sure you accompany your child on a test run to make sure, both you and your child are happy with the bike.

ABC CHECK- Before any commute you should check the air in the tyres. Test the brakes are working efficiently and the chain is oiled

HELMET – allow enough money in the budget to buy a good quality helmet.

You can buy knee and elbow pads.

However, knee and elbow pads can restrict mobility and that your child is happy with the fit of the protective accessories.

A helmet is no good if your child takes it off once you’re not looking.

SERVICE: maintaining your bike in the long run will save you a lot of time and money in the long run. It may save you buying a new bike

Furthermore, it’s good for checking if there are any problems with the bike.

ROAD SAFETY- to ensure your child’s save on their Barracuda Kids Draco Ds BAR1800 they need know about road safety.

Make sure you spend time with your child talking and discussing the precautions needed for riding a bike safely.

Final Verdict

If you’re looking for a new child’s bike for an upcoming birthday or just a well-earned treat.

Look no further as the Barracuda Kids Draco Ds BAR1800 has a lot to offer and is one to consider.

Dual Suspension- absorbs the shock from riding up and down different terrains

V Brakes- great for those emergency stops

Barracuda Brand – establish for over 25 years

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