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Front & Rear V Type Brakes

21 Shimano Gears

18″ Inch Alloy Wheels


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Respectable Three Star Rating


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  Barracuda Arizona Bike

Are you looking for a great bike to go on rough terrains? Then, you will love the Barracuda Arizona Unisex Mountain Bike . It is the best choice at a reasonable price.

We have done an extensive research. It has many advantages for a suspension bike. But not everything is beautiful. We also have gathered the shortcomings of the Barracuda Arizona Unisex Mountain Bike .

When it comes to picking up a strong and reliable bike. we all know how challenging that can be. There’s so much to consider when it comes to making the right call with a bike. To help you avoid that problem, you need to know what bikes on the market are receiving a positive reputation – and why that may be.

One such product is the Barracuda Arizona Unisex Mountain Bike . Comfortable, easy to use and effective in just about any environment – this bike is a killer. It’s one well worth picking up if you want to have easy and effective cycling, but is it really the all-in-one package that some people are proclaiming it as?

We’ve taken a look at this bike to see what we think, having put it through its paces time and time again. After more than a few journeys on the bike now, we feel confident in offering an opinion about whether or not this bike lives up to the expectations.

Features & Benefits

Barracuda Bike  has a Fantastic use of the Zoom CH-311 front suspension fork and alloy rims. Makes it very comfortable to ride on and probably makes the bike as a whole feel much safer.

The choice and volume of gears is a nice touch and is something that bikes of this size can be a bit of a let down for when used incorrectly.

18″ alloy dual suspension frame is a nice touch, making it feel sturdy if a little ungainly to move around at times.

Suitable for anyone over the age of 12 – makes it the perfect gift for someone for the coming summer.

Comfortable seat means that you can find yourself sitting on this for hours and not notice any real, considerable discomfort. Read our article on are Barracuda bikes any good?




 Full Suspension

If you are familiar with full-suspension bikes, you will notice just from the picture that the Barracuda Arizona Unisex Mountain Bike is nothing but traditional. The rear shock is placed differently. A design innovative design works perfectly to prevent shocking.

Let’s go into technicalities. This Barracuda Arizona Unisex Mountain Bike has an 18” dual suspension attached to the frame, with an adjustable shock piece at the rear.

It is made of a heavy duty alloy that will support you for the roughest terrain. You will also get a great model to go around and look different from other people.

21 Speeds

A suspension would serve no use if you could only drive like a turtle. The Barracuda Arizona Unisex Mountain Bike has 21 speeds.

It uses a Shimano system, one of the most reliable systems for speed changes available on the market. The shifter system uses a micro shift rotational in two indexes, which assures a smooth change of speed whenever you need it.


When you drive your bike at a decent speed, you will want to have a good pair of breaks. The Barracuda Arizona Bike is built with V-Brakes, comfortable set for you in the handle to stop the rear and front wheels


When you read the product description, you will notice that it has a “padded sports saddle.” However, it is not padded enough. If you want to use this bike for quick rides (let’s say around 15 minutes), then you will be all right with it.

However, if you intend to give it a more intensive use, then the full suspension system will not pay off unless you change the saddle.

Why Should You Buy


A little challenging to move around and this makes it hard to carry the bike around on with you on public transport, for example.

Sometimes the pedal crank can feel a little loose – easy enough to sort but will require a bit of DIY on your part to correct it if it does occur.

Warranty is a little ambiguous from some places – make sure you buy the bike only when it comes with a trusted and proven warranty package online.

  • Features – 95%
  • Value for money – 94%
  • Build Quality – 93%
”  The Barracuda Arizona Bike Will Be Perfect For My Son.” Sally

Customer Satisfaction

First off, satisfaction was very easy to get from the Barracuda Arizona Bike. It’s comfortable, it’s fun to use and its’ very simple to get to grips with. For a beginner it would be perfect – and for a veteran it would be a good choice as well. It’s extremely accommodating, though, for a bike.

Bikes of this style tend to be overly precious and pernickety, but this is nothing of the sort. It’s very easy to use and to get working as you would have hoped, offering you the features that you would have hoped to see being included on the bike. In terms of satisfaction? Very much so!

Advantages and Disadvantages


Many bike seats are uncomfortable and feel like an endurance test on its own, but this was about as comfortable as you could hope for and expect. It’s very comfortable to sit on as a result, and the bike offers a nice level of simplicity to use due to this comfort.

A main benefit came from the excellent 21-speed gears with micro shift and dual-index rotational shifters. It’s a nice feature to have especially for the price, and makes the bike feel a little bit more secure than it did previously.

A 18″ alloy dual suspension frame is a very nice touch, too. The only complaint to offer is the bike can be a bit ungainly to get around the place.

However, this is only an issue for small periods of time and should at not stage limit your potential for enjoying the quality of the bike for too long. Whilst a little crammed in tight spaces like a train, this bike is light enough to carry around if a little awkward to carry.

Common Questions

How big is the frame for the Barracuda Arizona Bike ?

The bike itself is 18″, which means anyone over 6ft in size may not like this bike too much. It is a great choice for anyone under the size of 6ft, though, for sure.

Are the handlebars adjustable? No, they aren’t unfortunately. This was a bit of a let down given the quality of the bike but it’s not the end of the world. The handlebars are in a good height to begin with but if you like bespoke sizes, this won’t let you do so.

Can it carry much weight? Yes, the bike can carry quite a significant amount. We let a “portly” friend try out the bike, at 16stone, and he found it to be just fine.

The Barracuda Arizona Bike  appeared to be under no visible duress from the added weight, showing its capability. Does this bike require assembly? Yes, it does – but it’s not a problem. The assembly is probably the easiest part of using the whole bike. It feels very easy to put together and the instructions provided are a piece of cake to go along with, making your choice much easier.

Assembling Warning


The Barracuda Arizona Bike is shipped unassembled, and you will require assembling it yourself. If you are not fond of tools and mechanics, look for help. The assembling process is not complicated. Most people go through it without any issues. However, when you are not experienced, it might cause you some troubles.

If you don’t know anybody who can help you with assembling then you might need professional help. For a bike with a full suspension system, the Barracuda Arizona  ike is a very light bike. You will be able to pull it to a wall rack easily. Teenagers will not struggle with its weight and will enjoy pleasant rides on it.

Recommended Accessories


Most notably, Barracuda ArizonaBike doesn’t include additional accessories. We urge you to consider the following so that you get the most of your Barracuda bike.

Mud Guards: Particularly if you need to ride under wet conditions, protect your clothes from puddles with a pair of mud guards.

Comfortable Paddle: Consider getting a comfortable paddle for long trips.

Night Light: We recommend you to get a night light. Led technology is the most suitable for the most extended battery life. Choose a waterproof model to be prepared if it rains.

Bike Lock: The bike lock is a must whenever you are looking for a bike. Combination locks are best so that you don’t have to carry around a key you can lose.

All these accessories are essential items for mountain biking. You never know when will you need them.

Final Comments


First of all, it is recommended for amateur bikers and teenagers who want to start biking for recreational porpoises. Secondly, the saddle might not be as comfortable as expected, so be prepared to change it if you are fond of long rides.  Lastly, you might also need to add some additional accessories if you like to travel at night or under wet conditions.   Finally, when you buy it online, the Barracuda Arizona Unisex Mountain Bike comes disassembled.

Overall, this is a very good piece of kit. Whilst it might lack a little in sophistication, it’s got all of the heart you would want from a bike of this kind. Strong, sturdy and reliable – this is a fairly impressive bike to go for with the price being as low as it is.

This is a bike that you should keep an eye on if you want something easy to go that isn’t going to leave your bank account sweating. It’s simple, effective and good value for the price – just don’t expect miracles; it’s worth the price you pay.


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