We look at the AWE® AWEBright™ 1 x Super Bright Front LED  one of the brightest bike light.  Poor visibility and longer nights could really hamper your bike riding sessions. So if you are like me who likes to ride the bike all year round, it’s important that you have all the necessary gear with you to optimize your riding sessions. A good set of bicycle lights are also essential– not just because they are necessary for riding a bike in lowlight, but also to avoid any road fines that could go from a minimum of £30 to a maximum of £100.

Getting a new set of bike lights is easy, if you know what to look for. In this review, I will be giving you a walkthrough of  one  of the brightest bike lights from AWE® AWEBright™ 1 x Super Bright Front LED that includes one front light and 2 rear LED lights. We will be looking at visibility, battery, lumens, pricing, light mounts and a few other factors. Let’s get started.


Brightest Bike Lights

  • Waterproof

  • Multi function bike light/tough

  • Front Led: Chasing: 8hrs, Flash, 6hrs Constant: 3hrs

  •  Back Led: Chasing: 80hrs, Flash, 66hrsConstant: 44hrs


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.-AWE® AWEBright™ 1 x Super Bright Front LED 

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Benefits and Features- AWE® AWEBrightTM

Lumens& Visibility

How bright a light is can be determined by looking at the lumens value. These values vary significantly on front and rear bike lights. A modern light range for front lights vary from 10 lumens and go up to hundreds and thousands of lumens. The rear lights, however, are relatively less bright to avoid cutting into the eyes of the riders behind. The rear light value stays between 5-100 lumens.

This light set fromAWE® AWEBright™ 1 x Super Bright Front LED sports a 140 lumen front LED light which is exceptionally bright and has a visibility of around 1000 metres, while the rear light has a visibility range of 800 metres. If brightness and visibility is on the top of your list, this LED light set has a lot to offer. But wait—read more.

When I say that these lights are bright, I mean they are actually very, very bright. The 1000 metres visibility is probably the best you can get from a bike light set. AWE® AWEBright™ 1 x Super Bright Front LED mountain bike night lights won’t disappoint you with the brightness on its lights either.


Battery life

Cycle lights either come with rechargeable or disposable batteries; but most lights now feature fixed rechargeable batteries. Your best bet would be get an LED light set that doesn’t have fixed rechargeable batteries, like this one from AWE® AWEBright™ 1 x Super Bright Front LED that takes 3 x AAA batteries for the front light and 2 x AAA batteries for the rear light.

Now, let’s talk about how long these batteries last. These are the details of battery timings on different modes:

Awe Bike light

Light Mounts

For bicycle lights, you have the option between clamp mounts and strap/bound mounts. Most rear bike lights use a band mount that you can conveniently mount on your handlebar or seatpost. They are easy and simple to use and that’s why they are the ideal choice for commuting bike lights.

The front lights, which are usually heavier than rear lights require clamp mounts to avoid wobbling or falling off. They are also more secure to be used on rough terrains.

AWE® AWEBright™ 1 x Super Bright Front LED   brightest bike light features a clamp mount for front LED light, and a strap mount for the rear, so there is nothing wrong with the light mounts on these bike sets.


What’s your use of the  AWE® AWEBright™ 1 x Super Bright Front LED 

Using a light set in an urban area would have different requirements from your adventurous trailing sessions. For a built-up area, you would need lights that at least have one constant lighting mode with a few flashing modes. Also, your lights need to have a solid side visibility so that you are visible to other drivers and pedestrians around junctures.

AWEBrightTM mountain bike night lights set has three different modes so they are perfect for urban or daily commuting needs.

 For off road and unlit paths, you need a strong front LED light and around 130-200 lumens could do the job pretty well. Personally, I feel that AWEBrightTM has got some great visibility even with its 140 lumens light set. If you are a professional trainer, you could also consider some higher-end options because pricing and lumens go hand-in-hand


Product Summary: AWE® AWEBrightTM- brightest bike light 


I haven’t mentioned this through my entire read, except for in the beginning section of he read that this light set consists of one front LED light and two rear LEDs. Honestly this is a real steal and there are a few reasons for that.

First, if you aren’t a professional trainer, there is no reason why you should get a light set with a thousand lumens. This light set is for perfect for daily commuting and urban areas. It’s not bad for off-road riding either, but it’s always better to have a front light with better output.

Second, there is no reason why you should try this light set; the price is great and the features are above satisfactory.Lastly, the design is also great and won’t make your bicycle look nasty, that’s quite a case with other light sets. I hope you enjoyed the review of the AWEBrightTM one of the  brightest bike light.

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