AWE® AWEBlitz™ 8 LED’s USB Rechargeable Bicycle Set

Review AWE® AWEBlitz™ 8 LED’s USB Rechargeable Bicycle Set


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AWE® AWEBlitz™ 8 LED’s USB Rechargeable Bicycle Set

Here are the top 3 reasons to buy the Awe Awe Blitz Bike Light



Power – 4 LED Light With 120 Lumens

Modes – 5 different Modes

USB Rechargeable


A Whopping 3 Star Customer Rating


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AWE® AWEBlitz™ 8 LED’s USB Rechargeable Bicycle Set Review

A set? Great. Is it a high-power bright light set? Is it rechargeable? What of the portability?

Finding a positive answer to all those questions about bike light sets is not entirely easy. But you may have found just the right bike lights.

You know how stressful it can be to struggle tackling bike passages at night. Sometimes you want to go out there to get some air, but then there are no streetlights or they are too dim and your bike is hardly visible in the traffic. First thing you’ll be risking is your safety and the second will be a brush with the law. But how would you equip yourself with the right tools and beat the dark?

The AWE® AWEBlitz™ 8 LED’s USB Rechargeable Bicycle Set are the perfect fit for your all-weather bike light’s needs. Better yet, they are ideal for all seasons so if you are a full-time commuter, here’s a big win for you. And by the way, you won’t believe its size, it is relatively small considering its robust brightness.


here are the features Of The AWE® AWEBlitz™ 8 LED’s USB Rechargeable Bicycle Set

The headlight possesses 4 x AWEBright LED’s which emit brightness power of 80 lumens. The taillight also possesses 4 x AWEBright LED’s that emit brightness power of 40 lumens. This is great front and tail brightness that increases visibility of the road while you become noticeable. This is vital not only to your confidence but also to your safety. If other vehicles notice you, they’ll keep it safe.

The light set is USB rechargeable. With no additional battery used, the set is plugged into a USB port for charging. The charging cable is supplied with the light set. It is powered by a Polymer Battery of 3.7V/200MAH. When running low on power it develops a green flashing indicator. When charging the indicator shows red and finally green when fully charged.

The light set has 5 different modes of functions that can be adjusted as per the time of the day. For the Front Light, Daytime Light with 3hrs Runtime, 2 x Multiple Flashing-5hrs & 2.5hrs Runtime, Pulsing-2.5hrs, Constant Full Power-1.5hrs Runtime. There are 5 Different modes of Functions for The Rear Light too. They include Daytime Light-5hrs Runtime, 2 x Multiple Flashing-3.5hrs and 4.2hrs Runtime, Pulsing-4.5hrs and lastly Constant Full Power-2.5hrs Runtime. Holding down the control button turns these functions off and on.

As for attachment and detachment, this light set is super easy to work with. They are built to adjust that way in order to avoid theft. The small size that they are in makes it super easy to carry them around for safety.

The is also AWE® AWEBlitz™ 8 LED’s USB Rechargeable Bicycle Set with a decent style touch. This makes it ideal for many bikes and if they don’t add some beauty to them, then they blend into the bikes style. Who wouldn’t love that?

  • Features – 83%
  • Value for money – 85%
  • Build Quality – 94%

” I Have Been Using The Awe Blitz Bike Lights In The Evening Cycling Home From Work. It Boosts My Confidence To Be Seen By Other Road Users. Zack

Customer Satisfaction

An amazing user experience was the goal in mind when this light set was designed. And it served the purpose quite well. The two lights deliver enough visibility for safety of the rider. When cycling, a commuter would not like consistently changing of brightness nut thanks to the 5 variety modes that enable easy switching of modes to function as per the time of day and surrounding light.

With easy attachment and detachment, the user can be assured that they are free from anti-theft. The small sizes of the lights also come in handy in this case. The high portability of the lights makes it easy to carry them around in a bag.

The AWE® AWEBlitz™ 8 LED’s USB Rechargeable Bicycle Set light set is made of a strong material with a thickness of 2cm and hence can withstand tough conditions like on rough terrain. This makes these lights a perfect part for any bike. While equipped with a battery of high quality, they are meant to last long and serve the durable light set.

Common Questions

Is it simple to use?

With the easy attachment/detachment of the AWE® AWEBlitz™ 8 LED’s USB Rechargeable Bicycle Set, the operating of the light set is super simple. Better yet, the switching of modes simplifies the operation and lets the user focus on riding. So yes, it is super simple to use.

Can I use them in all seasons?

These lights are built to withstand all harsh conditions the environment can offer. You can bike through rough terrain, muddy roads and tight traffic without them loosening or soaking moisture. This is a perfect for use all year round in all kinds of commuting.

Is the light set durable?

If they can withstand rough conditions, are they strong? Of course, yes. And that means they are durable. You can be sure to grow some years with this light set still firm and strong.

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– AWE® AWEBlitz™ 8 LED’s USB Rechargeable Bicycle Set are super cheap considering their efficiency.

-They are the perfect match for all kinds of bikes.

-They have sufficient light with workable modes.