AWE® AWE500™ 1 x AWE Front LED Light

Review AWE® AWE500™ 1 x AWE Front LED Light


If Your Looking For A Bike Light That Will Allow Other Road Users To See You And You To See The Road Ahead.

AWE® AWE500™ 1 x AWE Front LED Light

Here are the top 3 reasons to buy the AWE® AWE500™ 1 x AWE Front LED Light


6 Modes To Change The Front Light

Rechargeable Bike Light

Easy To Assemble & Attach

Great Value

The AWE® AWE500™ 1 x AWE Front LED Light Offers Great Value For Money



Awe Are A Well Known & Respected Brand In Making Good Quality Bike Lights

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AWE® AWE500™ 1 x AWE Front LED Light

Do you need a safe commute light at night? What of winter, do you have a waterproof front light for your bike? Most importantly, are you searching for the best front light that you can use all year round? If yes, I think you already found it.

The AWE® AWE500™ 1 x AWE Front LED Light is a small size but powerful front light that could serve your bike in all seasons. Low headlights could spoil your riding sessions and having the right gear with you is always the best plan. Not to forget how it can get rough when your headlights are too low for the law.


here are the features AWE® AWE500™ 1 x AWE Front LED Light

This headlight is powered by 1 x AWE White LED which emits brightness of 500 lumens. This powerful brightness is specially for luminating dark bike passages. This includes all nighttime commuting which can get dark in places with absence of streetlights.

This front light is USB rechargeable. It doesn’t use any batteries for charging, no. The moment you plug this light to an USB port and switch it on, it starts charging. The specific cable for use is supplied. Its battery is the polymer type of 37V/1200MAH.

The light also has 3 modes for specific functions. They include the daytime light which has 4 hours runtime, flashing light with 6 hours runtime and nighttime light which has 2hours runtime. Considering even odd times of commuting, this light is built with a handle bar bracket that attaches so tight that even rough terrain can’t loosen it off.

When it comes to charging, this front light charges for 3 hours. When low in battery, it shows a green flashing light while when charging, it shows red and turns green when fully charged.

This headlight is super easy to attach to the bike. Same goes to when you want to detach the light from the bike to avoid theft. The headlight is not only efficient but also sleek in design. It has a hardly noticeable button and a green elegant writing of the brands name. When attached to the bike, it adds style to the bike because of its nature of blending.

  • Features – 88%
  • Value for money – 91%
  • Build Quality – 97%

” Cycling With My AWE500TM Has Massively Boosted My Confidence When I am Cycling In The Evening.”  Deborah

Customer Satisfaction

This AWE® AWE500™ 1 x AWE Front LED Light has a lot to be thankful for. It is built with a user experience in mind focusing on their lighting needs and it hit the exact spot. The light’s lighting modes are super specific and save the user the headache of trying to figure out the amount of light intensity they should regulate at certain times.

The headlight is also mindful of the user’s safety. The easy attachability and detachment to and from the bike makes is easy for the user to avoid anti-theft. This way they can maintain the product value and thanks to its lightness, it is highly portable.

The bright white LED emitting power of 500 lumens is a great plus to this front light. Many cyclists search really hard to get a powerful headlight but to no avail. And if they do, it is mostly not suitable for seasons like winter. But then this headlight came by and changed the whole experience. It’s brightness in enough to keep the rider safe by being noticed by other vehicles on the road.

The pricing of this light is greatly understated bearing its qualities in mind. The chance of finding an efficient bike light which is portable and stylish is slim to even zero.

Common Questions

Is this light durable?

Yes, it is. It is actually made to withstand different conditions and even the roughest terrain. It is also waterproof so the inner structure can’t be damaged. With all these features, it can definitely stay fit for a couple of years.

Can I attach it myself?

Unlike other bike parts that would require a pro to assemble, the headlights do not. The moment you know how to set it up tightly, you are good to go. Learning attachment and detachment of the LED light could be hard for some people at first but in any way possible you have to learn. This is because if you are going to cycle it around you have to do the attachment/detachment procedures frequently to avoid theft. It’s not rocket science, just a couple of tries and you are all set.

Can I use it on a muddy road?

This LED light is built to withstand any landscape conditions and moisture from mud is one of them. Yes, you can use it not only in a muddy road but also in any kind of commutable landscape.

Is it simple to use?

Unlike other bike lights, this light is very specific in usage and hence easy to use. The specifications in color change when with different levels of power makes it easy to notice upon power outage and also when it fully charges. As for the modes and power turn offs and on, the headlight has clear labeling to help with that.

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-This light is perfect for commuting in urban areas and off-road as well.

-The satisfaction of the light qualities is beyond its price.

-This light blends with many bikes and even makes them more stylish.