If you are a racer the bike tends to play a very important role in your life. This is because your life revolves around your bicycles. You have to practice riding for the most part of the day.


So it is very important that the bike that you buy should be comfortable and easy to ride. The Avenir Aspire Racing bike is one of the most common bikes used by the racers.


This bike is very popular among the racers because it is a great combination of good looks, great features and affordable price.

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This Avenir Aspire racing bike is red in color and has a very compact frame that is made up of aluminum.

It also has a mud guard clearance. This means that this bike can be used even during the rainy season. If you are riding during the rainy season and your feet gets weight because of the water splashing from the wheel of your cycle, it is definitely not a very good feeling. These mudguards are extremely beneficial and prevent your feet from getting wet.

This bicycle also has a straight blade racing fork that is made up of steel

There is a Shimano 14 speed A050 gear set that helps you to adjust the gears most appropriately.

The brakes of the Avenir Aspire racing bike are made up of alloy caliper and levers. If the brakes are made up of alloy they are much lighter and so the intensity of these brakes is much higher. When required you can push this brake much faster as compared to the brakes that are made up of other materials than alloys.

The rims in the tyres of this bicycle have deep sections. These rims make it possible for the riders to ride much faster. For a racer, driving fast is very important and so this bike can definitely be regarded as a good option.They also have QR front hub

The length of the Avenir Aspire racing bike is 23mm. These rims are able to absorb the road shocks much better.

The bike is not very heavy and it is for this reason that this bike is often regarded as one of the best racing bikes.

Customer Satisfaction


Most of the customers who have bought the Avenir Aspire racing bike are very happy with the product. This product is available at a very reasonable price. It is ideal for all those racers who cannot afford a very costly racing bicycle.


If you want to be a bicycle racer but do not have the required money to do so, this can definitely be the ideal choice for you.


Moreover the product looks great and the stylish appearance often tends to make people think that they are much more costly that they actually are.


The features of this product allow you to practice cycling on a regular basis thereby preparing you well for future cycle races.


Common questions

Can adults use this product

Yes the adults up to a height 5 feet 7 inches can very comfortably use the product. Till this height the adults are able to fit in this cycle quite comfortably.

Do you need to assemble this bicycle?

When you get the product, the handlebar is already assembled. However you have to assemble the rest of the product by yourself.

Are the wheels of this bike skinny?

Yes the tyres are skinny and are not heavy duty. If you face any problems using these tyres the best option for you is to replace the original set of tyres with a hardier one. This will definitely help in solving your problems. Riding this bike is real fun.

Is this bike a very expensive one?

No this bike is not at all an expensive one. In fact this bicycle is so reasonably priced that there are a number of people who tend to buy this bike during an interim period before they are actually able to buy a bike that is more expensive.

Does this bike look attractive?

Yes. This bike is red in color and is extremely bright and attractive. You may find our bike security guide helpful and informative.




Reading through this article will surely help you to understand the fact that this is a perfect racing bike especially for the teen agers. Given below is a list of the benefits of buying the Avenir Aspire racing bike.


It is very reasonably priced and if you are aiming to become a cyclist then buying this bike in the beginning is certainly a good option.


The rims of the wheels of this bike is designed in such a way that you will be able to ride at a very high speed.


There is also a mudguard present in this bicycle and so even if you are riding in the rainy season, your feet will not get wet.


If you are planning to be a cyclist in the future buying this cycle in the beginning of your career will certainly be a smart move.

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