“Scott produce and manufacture some of the most innovative Road and Mountain bikes. “


In considering, Are SCOTT bikes any good? We will have a look through their history.


Scotts History Timeline


In the 1950s to 1960s Ed Scott was the engineer behind the tapered ski pole and the break through ensured that the Scott brand was well-known in Skiing.

Scott wanted to expand the brand, and in 1970s Scott noticed an opportunity.

Until now, motocross riders had relied heavily on ski goggles to protect their eyes from the dirt. However, the googles had been specifically designed for the snow, therefore their effectiveness was limited.

Ed Scott designed goggles specifically for motocross and they were an instant success.  Scott sports experience within the ski market allowed them to go on to introduce motor cross boots and grips.

The next breakthrough in the Scott bike brand came in 1986 when the created their first ever mountain bike. In answering, Are SCOTT bikes any good? Ed Scott’s expertise as an innovative engineer was certainly a good start.

Fast forwarding three years, the Scott Sports brand was again making headlines on two wheels. Firstly, the aerodynamic road bike handle bar and secondly, when Greg Lemond had an eye watering 8 second finish on the Tour De France.

Lemond incredibly started the final stages 50 seconds behind Laurent Figon. Are SCOTT bikes any good? Well Scott Sports Helping Lemond win the Tour De France.

Scott’s Success Continued


In 2001, Scott’s sports continued with them been given an award for the lightest road bike. Scott sports could capitalise on carbon fibre becoming more affordable in the bike industry.

The Scott Team managed to get the weight of the bike frame under 1 kg and beating their own record with the Scott Cr1 road bike. In considering, Are SCOTT bikes any good? They were winning awards for the lightest road bike. Only a top bike brand breaks records.

Success followed the Scott brand into the late 2000s with the Genius full suspension bike. Mountain biking would not be the same today without the adjustable rear shock.  There are multiple options downhill shock and pedalling traction.  Adjustable rear shock made cycling up a hill easier.

The Scott Genius came with a three-way switch, allowing the rider to quickly and easily switch between all travel, travel and lock out. There was also a Fly mode to quickly get down the hill top,

Scott Sports experience with carbon fibre allowed them to design the breath-taking Plasma triathlon bike weighing an impressive 980g.

In 2007, Scott Sports set a record for the lightest road bike with an astonishing 790g for the frame. The Scott Spark full suspension weighs 1.8 Kg for the frame, remote control lever and rear shock.


Are SCOTT bikes any good? 


Yes, Scott have been the market leader in many innovative breakthroughs within the sporting industry

If we fast forward to the 2017, the Scott brand is quite extensive. There are over 300 Scott bike models. Scott have a successful clothing line and accessories.

Scott has an impressive half a century experience in sporting industries from Skiing, Motocross and Cycling. Resulting in the creation of some of the most innovative bikes on the market.

In answering, Are SCOTT bikes any good? Scott certainly have the history of a good bike brand.

Road Bike: Scott CR1

In answering the question, Is Scott a good bike brand?

We will look at one of the new additions, the CR1 road bike.

Benefit/ Features

Carbon Technology: The Scott CR1 uses the latest carbon technology that allows the rider to take advantage of the lightest material used with in the bike industry.

Carbon fibre frame have outperformed alloy frames in the lab.

Furthermore, carbon fibre is a tried and tested material. If you take good care of your carbon fibre bike frame it could last a long time. Carbon fibre is even used on space crafts and air crafts.


Comfort Geometry: Designed specifically for the road and allows the riders to ride for long periods of time burning through the miles easily and quickly with a good riding position.

Frame: If you drop your Cr1 or its involved in a bump or scrap, its always a good idea to get it checked over by an engineer with experience with carbon fibre as  damage to  Scott CR1  can be hard to see.

Front & Rear Deraillers Shimano: The Deraillers allow the rider of the Scott CR1 20 2017 to easily and quickly change the pace of the road bike to the riders riding conditions.

Shimano are a well-known bike brand within the bike industry that make top quality bike components.

Rear Tires Continental Ultra Sport: Brilliant for giving the rider plenty of grip on the road and specifically designed for racing. A set of hard wearing tyres that will allow the rider to concentrate on the road.

Weight: 8.46 Kg; A light weight road bike using carbon Technology.


Customer Satisfaction


A First-class road bike that is designed for cycling enthusiasts by people who love cycling

Scott are a known for using the most innovative Technology

The Scott CR1  will leave your competition crying with envy


 Common Questions

 Is the Bike Durable?

 Scott are a world-renowned bike brand that only make top quality road bikes using the best top-quality materials. If you look after your Scott CR1 it will last you a long time.

 Does the Cr1 come assembled?

The Cr1 comes partially assembled and should take no longer than 30 minutes. Once assembled make sure you go on a little test to make sure you are happy with the road bike.

A good habit to get into is to perform a ABC check. Check the Air in the Tyres, the brakes are working correctly and the chain is oiled.

 Why should I buy the Scott CR1?

 The Cr1 is designed specifically for the road. A brilliant road bike that can be used for a long leisurely adventure out on the road, the commute to work or to take part in a local competition or charity event.


Final Verdict


When evaluating, Are SCOTT bikes any good? The Scott CR1 is a first-class road bike.

  • Using the latest Carbon Technology
  • Specifically, for the Road
  • Scott is an established brand you can trust.

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Mountain Biking: Scott Aspect 740 Black/Red

ConsideringAre SCOTT bikes any good? We will look at the Scott Aspect. The Aspect is designed for mountain biking and offers some great features for mtb riding.

Benefits & Features


Frame: Aluminium double thickness 6061 enables the rider to have a durable bike frame that is great to with stand a minor bump or scrap.

Lightweight: An added benefit of an aluminium frame is that it is lightweight and allows the rider to easily control the bike while going over different types of terrain.

A lightweight frame allows the rider to easily carry the bike in the back of a car or on and off a train.

Tyres: The Scott Aspect comes with a set a set of mountain bike tyres that’s designed specifically to give the rider plenty of grip while riding over different types of terrain in wet conditions.


Customer Satisfaction


I love tacking my local mountain bike trails in my new Scott Aspect.

Scott is an established bike brands

A first-class mountain bike


Common Questions


Why should I buy the Scott Aspect 740?

Scott is a bike brand that known through- out the bike industry for making top quality mountain bikes using the most innovative materials and process’s. Designed specifically for mountain biking.


 What accessories do I need for Mtb?

Helmet: Make sure you have enough money in the budget for a decent helmet that has some good reviews.

Mountain Biking Shoes: Check out our cycling shoes reviews

Clothing: If you are going out mtb riding make sure you are wearing comfortable clothing.


 Final Verdict

 In looking atAre SCOTT bikes any good? The Scott Aspect is a mountain bike that cannot be ignored with some great features.

Aluminium double thickness Frame

Mtb Tyres for that added grip

Brakes that will allow the rider to change the pace of the bike easily and quickly.

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Electric: Scott Genius 730 Plus Bosch Pedelec


In evaluating is Are SCOTT bikes any good?

We will look at the highly anticipated Scott Genius 730 Plus Bosch Pedelec Bike.

 The popularity of E bikes has been growing tremendously as they have some added benefits.

  • Quicker Commute
  • Fun to Ride
  • Less Effort
  • Turn Motor On/Off
  • Brilliant for Hills.


Customer Satisfaction


Carrying the shopping has become so much easier.

My Aunt loves riding to her electric bike around the local part.

Great for the City as you accelerate quickly and come to stop easily.


Final Verdict

Easy to Use

Electric Bike

Scott an Established Brand

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