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Are Road Bikes Any Good For Commuting?

In finding out, Are Road Bikes Any Good For Commuting? We will take a look at commuting by bike. If someone questions you about the bike commuting, says a loud yes to him. I will tell you all about how road bikes are good for commuting? If you noticed, the shape and performance of the road bikes have been so changed that now everyone desires to have his/her own bike so that they enjoy the weather and also the journey.

Road bikes are nowadays so upgraded that they have become the alternative of four wheelers transportation. It is a one user transport that saves your time and will help you to reach your destination on time and also you have no tension of parking it as it is adjusted in a small corner. In Europe, road bikes are used as a necessity and also due to the climate changes, most of the time the weather is so awesome that the rider enjoys the commuting of the road bikes.

While using a road bike, you gain two things at one time. Your exercise and your transportation to the workplace which will ultimately save your cost of gym and also you gain physical strength. Commuting on road bike will help you in losing your weight and a source of digestion. You can do a lot of work yourself if there occur some problems with road bikes, like puncture of tyre, washing and other minor maintenance. Your little bit maintenance will keep your road bike healthy and it will not disappoint you in the journey. To really understand, Are Road Bikes Any Good For Commuting? We will look at commuting by road.

If we look on a large scale, commuting on road bike will also affect your surroundings. As there is no fuel required in it, so there will be no pollution in the air, which is, I think, a great advantage of a road bike.

Most of the routes are made in such a way that if one goes on a fast car and other on a road bike, the bike will arrive first to the destination as the cars have their own driving zone on the road which is busy most of the time due to increase in population and also transportation. The bikers easily and smoothly go in their own zone without any hesitation on the way and hence will reach first most of the time.

If you start to go to your work on the commuting bike, you will see an obvious difference in your work. You will show more output because of your active muscles while riding on a road bike. You will be active and fresh for the rest of the day. Are Road Bikes Any Good For Commuting? We will look at the advantages of commuting using a road bike.


You have gone with your friends or family a lot of time on a trip by cars and jeep. But have you ever noticed that going on a trip on a road bike has a lot of fun? If you haven’t had such an amazing opportunity, make a plan and go for it. You will enjoy the whole travelling talking with your friends or family over the road in a fresh air seeing the busy traffic and you will be comfortable in this situation as you will be on the bike.

On the trip, you will not worry about the parking or any harm to your vehicle as you can stand it with yourself anywhere you are staying even in your room. You can go where you want as there will be no tension of fuel or hot engine that normally occurs in other petroleum vehicles. In our investigation, Are Road Bikes Any Good for Commuting? We will look at the safety of commuting using a road bike.


Barracuda Corvus

The Barracuda corvus Ws 2 women’s road bike has been built with the purpose of striking a perfect balance between aesthetics durability and quality in mind.

The Barracuda bike company spared no cost in making sure that the Corvus Ws 2 women’s road bike was appealing to the feminine gender in regards to design and colour. The Barracuda corvus Ws 2 women’s bike has an alloy structure and a steel fork.

The Corvus Ws 2 women’s road bike comes with an awesome array of gears to give you a better biking experience and a deeper love for riding. There are 14 gears from the Shimano’s tourney STI gear levels built into the design.

The Barracuda corvus Ws 2 women’s road bike also come with double pivot caliper breaks that are designed specifically for use on a road. All in all, the gears and breaks are pretty good and safe especially for first time riders or learners.

The Barracuda corvus Ws 2 women’s road bike pays attention to comfort and so it comes with an adjustable seat to make sure that you get the best riding experience you can possibly have. The pedals also come with pedal toe clips which saves you the cost of buying a new pair. The pedal toe clips also serve as a great help while pedalling and manoeuvring.

For Barracuda to build the Corvus series with really good materials that would ensure safety and durability, they had to strike a balance between the weight and practicality of the bike. With the Barracuda corvus Ws 2 women’s road bike, they struck a compromise. The bike only weighs about 271lbs and although it isn’t as light as some of the other bikes, it is good for hill climbing without an accident.

The Barracuda corvus Ws 2 women’s road bike comes in different sizes for women to ensure that every woman of different size and height has a delightful riding experience. Coming in lower sizes than that of the Corvus bike 2 for men, the Corvus bike 2 for women comes in 48,51 and 54cm.

The Barracuda corvus Ws 2 women’s road bike has been tested by a couple of women and the general consensus shows that the bike is comfortable and easy to use especially for beginners to riding.

It is perfectly built with each component beautifully complimenting each other both in aesthetics and structure. The bike has proved to be very good for women who are learners to riding and even young teenage girls. The Corvus Ws 2 women’s bike has also shown a high level of durability and quality. In analyzing, Are Road Bikes Any Good For Commuting? We will look at the common questions.


Common questions


What happens if the bike comes with some problems

This is easy. You simply make a call to the Barracuda bike company and let them know that you have a problem with the delivery of one of their bikes. Of course they would like to verify your claim but once that is done to their satisfaction, they would not hesitate to compensate you. Either they refund you a part of your money or they send you another bike to replace the one with delivery problems.

Can my young daughter of 10 ride the Barracuda corvus Ws 2 women’s road bike?

The Barracuda corvus Ws 2 women’s road bike is specifically designed for women and not children and letting your daughter ride is one decision you would have to make on your own. Here’s a little guidance though. Your answer should depend on some things such as her level of experience in riding bikes and her height because the bikes are built with women in mind and so it might be a little too big for her.

What if the bike comes with a manufacturing fault?

This has happened before in regards to other products and is most certainly a mistake. It can be rectified by the company. All you have to do is place a call to their customer care office and let them know what is wrong with your Barracuda corvus Ws 2 women’s road bike . They should be able to refer you to someone who can adequately take care of your complaint or even help you get it sorted out.

Can I get a custom made bike as a gift for someone?

Well, this could be possible but to be sure place a call to the customer service of the Barracuda bike company and make your inquiries. They would be better equipped and informed to give you a valid response. But I do hope that you get your custom-made bike. You may like to read our article on the pros and cons of road bikes


Final Comments


The Barracuda corvus Ws 2 women’s road bike comes with a really good design that reflects the modern day women

Considering the specifications that the Barracuda corvus Ws 2 women’s road bike comes with, it is not too expensive and would make a good addition to your household.

The bike comes with a good set of gears and brakes to enforce safety while riding and would make a perfect gift to any female friend. We hope you have enjoyed our article on, Are Road Bikes Any Good For Commuting? And found it helpful and informative.

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