Are Richbit bikes any good?

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Are Richbit bikes any good?


In our investigation into are Richbit bikes any good? we will look at the Richbit bike brand. Richbit specialise in manufacturing top quality electric bikes. The Richbit brand pride themselves on designing good looking bikes at affordable prices.

The Richbit brand came to the UK when two keen cycling enthusiast decided to turn their passion for electric bikes into a business by taking over the distribution of Richbit bikes in the UK. To continue our investigation into Are Richbit bikes any good? We will look at Richbits beliefs and values.

Richbit Values & Beliefs


Great Value: The Richbit brand aim to design electric bikes that offer the individual with brilliant value for money, by ensuring the electric bikes are designed using the most state of the art technology. To be able to offer the customer with the most up to date features normally only found in more expensive models.


Quality Materials: Richbit want to make sure that any individual has the best possible riding experience by making sure the Richbit bikes go through robust production testing from the start of the production process right through to when the customer receives his brand new Richbit bike. All Richbit bikes materials are carefully sourced and selected to make sure the cycling enthusiast only receives the best possible Richbit bike.


Good Looking E Bikes: Richbit bikes make sure that their Richbit are designed with a fresh and modern look. The Richbit research team spend a lot of time listening to customers on the colors and designs that they like and they don’t like. Richbike bikes normally come in bright colors that will make sure that they are dream electric bike to own. To find out, Are Richbit bikes any good? We will take a closer look at Richbit bikes.

Richbit Metrics

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Customer Satisfaction

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Frequent Asked Questions


Electric bike is simply a bike fitted with a battery and an electric motor that allows the rider to have more support while ridding. The main benefit of Richbit bikes is that an individual will be able travel longer distances much easier and quicker. In addition, electric bikes are ideal for an individual who may have had a small break from fitness and want to build up their fitness levels.


Do you need a license to use an Electric bike?


No, electric bikes can be used in England, Wales and Scotland without a license.


Do you need to tax or insure your Richbit e bike?


There are no legal requirements to insure or tax your insurance.


How do I look after The Richbit?


Maintenance: Like and traditional pedal bike, the Richbit bike require regular servicing and should be regularly serviced every six months. Always go to an electric bike specialist that specializes in electric bikes. Once you have finished using your Richbit electric bike, the e bike should be stored away from the unpredictable British weather in a dry and secure place.


Battery: a good habit to get into is to make sure that the Richbit bike batter is charged up after every commute. Try not to let the battery run dry. Protect the Battery by keeping it away from every changing British weather and store in a dry place.


Cleaning: Becoming familiar with your Richbit bike is a good way to spot any wear and tear that may have been caused and stopping any further damage. Getting in a habit of cleaning your new bike with specialist cycling products. To truly know, Are Richbit bikes any good? We will look at were you can ride Richbit electric bikes.



Where can I ride an electric bike?


An electric bike can be treated the same as a pedal bike and is ideal for commuting to work, commuting in the city or fun filled afternoons with your family and friends.


Does it take long to charge the Richbit bike?


Generally, speak an electric bike takes around three and half hours to charge the battery. Eighty percent of the battery is charged within one hour and half and the remaining twenty percent charges at a slower rate. Read are electric bikes any good?

How fast can electric bikes ago?


An electric bike can reach speeds of 15 mphs.


How much does it cost to run an electric bike?


The cost of running an electric bike is around six to eight pence per mile. When you consider the cost of running a car is around forty pence per mile. You may like to read the pros and cons of electric bikes.

Richbit Electric Bikes


The main aspect of a Richbit bike is the motor will greatly benefit a riders riding experience by allowing the rider to take advantage of pedal assist that will help the rider travel faster and much further.

One of the main benefits of an electric bike is having some help when they are faced with a dreaded hill. However, there is no need to worry about steep inclines as the Richbit bikes are designed with state-of-the-art motors and batteries that range from 250 watts to 1000 watts. To truly understand, Are Richbit bikes any good? We will look at E Bike batteries.



Richbit E Bike Batteries


Richbit bikes and to come with lithium batteries that are very similar to the batteries used in cars and made from four main companies Samsung, Shimano Panasonic, LG and Bosch are continuing to improve their technology so they can manufacture batteries that are more powerful and last longer. Combining the Richbit bikes 17ah battery and pedal assist will allow a rider to cover over forty miles in one charge.

​Richbit Drive Train


The Richbit bikes drivetrain are the parts that pushes the bike along such as the chain, wheel, cassette, cranks and the pedals. The increased energy bearing passed through the richibit bike means that the material and components need to be sourced carefully to make sure the gear change is smooth and to avoid crunching. Are Richbit bikes any good? We will look at the common questions asked.

Features & Benefits

Richbit RT-730


To continue our article into Are Richbit bikes any god? We will know look at the Richbit 730 electric bike.


Battery & Motor: the Richbit comes with a 250-watt battery and a lithium battery. The Richbit 730 can reach a speed of 35 km/h and travel approximately forty-five km. The pass function enables the electric bike to save and harness an incredible 70 percent of the energy.


Aluminium 6061: The Richbit 730 electric bike comes with a lightweight aluminium frame that offers the rider plenty of stability while they ride. Having a lightweight frame allows the rider to easily use the 730 on public transport in and around the city.

In addition, the Richbit bike has a folding away mechanism that is ideal if storage is limited. In answering, are Richbit bikes any good? They certainly know how to manufacture and design bikes.


Transmission & High Brake Situations: Can arise very quickly and the rider needs to be able to react quickly with a moment’s notice. The rider has no need to worry as the 730 is equipped with a front and rear disk brakes. The main benefit of hydraulic brakes is allowing the rider to easily control the bike by using less braking power.


Gears: The Richbit 730 electric bike comes with seven speed transmission system that allows the rider to quickly and easily change the pace of the electric bike to the riding conditions faced by the rider. Richbit have equipped the Richbit 730 with Shimano gears that are well known within the biking community.


Additional Features


The Richbit 730 electric bike comes with a bright LED headlamp and a horn that gives the rider good visibility and a way of warning other road users of their presence. In addition, the Richbit 730 comes with a set of 20-inch alloy wheels that are designed to give the rider plenty of grip. Read the full Richbit 730 electric bike.



  • Features – 96%
  • Value For Money – 92%
  • Build Quality – 98%

” I Absolutely Love My Richbit 730 Electric Bike For The City Commute To Work.” Robert

Common Questions


Does Richbit bikes come assembled?

No, the Richbit bike comes partially assembled and should take no longer than thirty minutes to assemble. Once assembled go on A little test run to make sure you are happy with the e bike.


What is the weight of the bike?

24.5 KG


What is the charging time of the Richbit bike?

2-3 hours charging time.


How many modes does the Richbit bike have?

Three modes.


What sex is the Richbit 730 electric bike designed for?

Both male and female can use the electric bike.


What type of riding is the 730 designed for?


Commuting in the city.


What is the size of the box?



Is the 730 easy to store away?


Yes, the Richbit 730 bike comes with A fold away mechanism that allows the e bike to be quickly stored away were storage is limited. An ideal electric bike for the urban commuter.

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