Are Mafiabikes good?

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Why Should You Buy The Force



High Specification

Lightweight Frame

Plastic Pedals




Respected BMX Brand


Customer Satisfaction

Good Customer Testimonials

Are Mafiabikes good?


To begin our article on are Mafiabikes good? will first take a look at Mafiabikes history. Mafiabikes was established in 2009, by BMX enthusiasts and professional riders. Designing and manufacturing BMX bikes that have been at the evolution of BMX bikes.

Mafiabikes pride themselves on designing BMXs that have the motto “kids on bikes”. The research and development team at Mafiabikes keep a close eye on current trends within the BMX community to make sure all BMXs have up to date designs. Offering unrivalled performance at affordable prices.

Mafiabikes bikes are focused for the mid-level entry and offer the BMX enthusiast the opportunity to take their skills to the next level. To continue our article on are Mafiabikes any good? we will look at why should buy a Mafiabike.


Why Should You Buy A Mafiabikes





Mafiabikes are easily recognisable for their cool design and colour scheme. There fresh colour schemes will be sure to catch the any budding BMX enthusiast.


Great Value


One of Mafia bikes goal is to make midterm BMX bikes affordable. A Mafiabike offer brilliant value for money.



All Mafiabikes go through a robust testing throughout the production process to make sure that the customer receives a first class BMX that they can be proud to own. Only the best materials and components are used.

Professional Riders


Mafia bikes are used by the Maiabikes professional BMX team. A true sign of their quality.

Amitybikeco 2009-2012


The first BMX brand was Amity bikeco and had a variety of professional riders from the UK, France and USA. They included Ryan Taylor, Cam Handy and Ben Wallace who completed competitions all over the world such as FISE, X games, Rebel Jam and many more.



Mafiabikes started the Lagos brand, designing and manufacturing BMX tyres but moved on to wheelie bikes.




Ryan Taylor and Harry Main pioneered the mini BMX craze with the RockerBMX. Hundreds of thousands of people got involved in the MINI Rocker craze and many went to be become highly recognised riders.




Top rider like Littleharry and NL Kizzy were sponsored by Mafiabikes. Moving the research and development department to design BMXs for a new breed of rider.




Seen the return of the mini BMX Rocker. The main focus being to encourage younger children to enter the BMX community and learn new tricks and wheels. In considering are mafia bikes good? we will look at some of the benefits of riding the mafiabike BMX. Read about the pros and cons of BMX bikes.


Benefits of Riding A BMX




The most important aspect of riding a BMX is to make sure the rider has plenty of fun. BMXing has a lot to offer. Having fun on a BMX may be doing the same BMX trick a thousand times or learning a new trick.

On the other hand, having fun on a BMX can be getting out of the house, and getting some fresh air while bunny hoping over a puddle.

The feeling of standing on the pedals and going for a quick ride is a brilliant feeling. An ideal way of reducing stress and allowing a rider to forget about some of the natural stress’s life can sometimes bring.


Fitness Level


Riding a BMX on regular basis is a great way of working out without even thinking about it. A rider is basically going to the gym. A rider is constantly lifting and moving their weight underneath them. A bunny hop is basically a deadlift.   Building up the speed to bring the BMX off the ground is basically a squat. Pedalling is the same motion of an exercise bike.

Riding a BMX can be considered as one of the most demanding sports on the world. Making the rider use muscles they didn’t even know they had. A BMX rider regularly using the A BMX may wonder why they are even paying for a gym membership. Check out the pros and cons of cycling.



Being able to go to the local skate park or for a ride around the local estate is a great way of meeting new people and socialising with like minded individuals that share a passion from BMXing. The BMX community is a tight bunch of people that come from a wide background.

Pushing Ones Self


If something’s easy it’s not worth having. Similar, the greater the risk. The bigger the reward. Riding a BMX will allow any level of rider to push their limits to the next level. BMXing can be physical and mentally challenging.

An entry level cyclist may find it difficult to perform a bunny hop to begin with. A more experienced rider will move on to a more advance trick.

By practising and perfecting new BMX stunts and tricks. A rider is developing the technique of working on their weakness and turning them into their strengths. BMXing is an art form that riders try to master. That is part of the fun.



Going out on a BMX is a great way of going out for an adventure with family, friends or for a solo ride. Riding a BMX opens a rider’s eyes, a particular place may seem boring for a non-BMX enthusiast. However, may be a little piece of heaven for the BMX rider. If a particular place gets boring, the rider can go and discover a new favourite place to take their BMX skills to the next level.


Solving Problems


An added benefit of BMXing allows a rider to become really good at problem solving. A good example is learning to perform a 360-degree spin. A rider has to work out quickly what went wrong and how they can perfect the trick. Its takes time, patience and diligence.

Solving problems on at the skatepark can easily and quickly be transferred to ever day life. To continue our article on are Mafiabikes any good? we will look at how to maintain a BMX.



Madmain Metrics

Because bikers like metrics

Customer Satisfaction

Satisfied Clients*

% Satisfaction**




In our exploration of are Mafiabikes good? we take a look at the Mafia Madmain. Mafiabikes are a well-known brand within the BMX community for designing and manufacturing quality BMXs that offer brilliant value for money.




The Mafiabrush comes with a strong and durable steel frame. Steel is commonly used by bike manufactures as it offers the rider plenty of support while riding and can even with stand the odd bump or scrap.



Mafiabike have equipped the Madmain with an impressive set of U brakes with anti-scruff pads that will allow the rider to easily and safely control the BMX. Having a good quality pair of brakes will be sure to boost the rider’s confidence while taking their skills to the next level. Are Mafia bikes good? They certainly know how to design good quality BMXs.


Tyres and Rims


The Madmain comes with a pair of Lagos tires. Lagos tires are specifically designed for BMX riders and will give the riders plenty of grip while they take perfect a new trick or stunt. With a stylish Alloy rims that will be sure to make sure the rider gets plenty of attention.


Additional Features


Lightweight, plastic VP Slim pedals that offer he rider minimum noise.

Aftermarket grips that offer the rider plenty of grip.

Removable decals and head badge.


. The fresh design, with quality materials and components and attention to detail. Offering the rider, a lightweight, super smooth ride that they will be proud to own.




  • Features – 95%
  • Value For Money – 98%
  • Build Quality – 95%

What Should I Wear While Riding The Muddyfox BMX


Always wear bright clothes, with reflectors were possible. To allow other road users are able to see you. A rider does not want their shoe laces, baggy pants and shoes getting caught in the chain.

Wear the correct foot wear, Check out our article on are muddyfox cycling shoes any good?

Riding with a pair of gloves will help the rider grip the handle bars. A child should refrain from wearing head phones. The noise may put the child off or they might not hear other road users. Like a car blowing their horn.

Try avoid riding the bike in the evening. Day time is the safest. A child should be made aware that it is not only cars on the road that are dangerous. A car might be pulling out of their drive way.

No matter where you ride, daytime riding is the safest. Check out the pros and cons of Bmx bikes.

Road Rules While I Ride The Muddyfox


Ride with your hands on the handlebars.

Stop and check for traffic in both directions. From an alley way or a curb.

Follow traffic signals and walk your bike in busy areas

Beware car doors can open from parked cars

Stop at red lights.


Maintaining The Muddyfox


To continue our article on Muddyfox bmx 20 inch we will look at how to maintain the bmx.


Tire Pressure:


If the tires are not pumped up to required PSI level. The bmx will be harder to pedal. The required PSI level can be taken from the instruction manuel or the side of the bike tire.


Clean the chain


Don’t forget to oil it. Debris can get caught in the chain. Cleaning often will make sure the Muddyfox bmx 20 inch lasts longer. A good habit to get into is to apply lubricant often. Remind the child to keep there clothes away from the moving parts of the bmx.




The brakes need to be tested to make sure the actually work. Apply pressure to the brake levers while gently rocking the bike back and forth. Check the brake pads are not worn or damaged.




To have the most comfortable ride. The seat level must be at the correct height. Make sure the child is comfortable. When the child pedals, there should be a slight bend in the knee.

Bike Maintenance


Getting the child involved in their own bike maintenance, will boost their confidence. By checking the Muddyfox bmx 20 inch for any wear and tear.



Common Questions


Does the Muddyfox bmx 20 inch come fully assembled?


The Muddyfox Force comes partially assembled and should take longer than thirty minutes to be assembled.


What is the weight of the Muddyfox Force?


Approximately 15 KG’s


What size is the bike frame?


The bike frame is 13”


Does the bmx take standard stabilisers?


Yes, standard stabilisers can be fitted to the Muddyfox Force.


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