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Ancheer Electric Mountain Bike

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Ancheer Electric Mountain Bike Review

Riding Bike and scaling the mountains are two exciting activities for youngsters and adults alike. Riding a mountain bike and scaling those heights combined together would be much more exciting.

The thrill of passing by the lush green woods and dashing past the breeze coming for the sweet smelling meadows revitalizes our mind and body.

If you are such adventure lover or have intrinsic love towards nature and its beauty, you need to consider getting a mountain bike and explore the beauty of nature.

When it comes to venturing such exciting but challenging task, it is always safe and better to get equipped with an electric mountain bike which can assist in moving ahead even when we are tired or when the ascents are very promising.

Here we are going to look deeper in to an electric mountain bike from Ancheer. Let us see what it has in store for us.

Why Buy the Ancheer Electric Mountain Bike


Ancheer Electric Mountain Bike is the complete solution if you wish to go on long journey on bike or capture those beautiful sights in the depths of the forests or the heights of the hills.

This bike comes with a sturdy body made of high quality material, a decent removable battery with the ability to get -quick charged, 250 Watts of power and several other components. It is one of the best electric bikes available in the market at present. Get your hands on this Ancheer electric mountain bike and you would be willing to go on and on.


here are the features Of The Ancheer Electric Mountain Bike

The Ancheer Electric Mountain Bike is made with high quality aluminum alloy which makes it tough but still lightweight. It also has high strength carbon steel front fork which adds to its strength.

The front and rear wheels are equipped with disc brakes making it completely safe to travel on any kind of terrain. It has a 36V removable battery which comes along with smart charger.

The batter can be charged to full from zero within 4 to 6 hours. It will enable you to travel farther without wasting much time on charging. The handle bars, adjustable saddle, anti-slip and wear resistant components make this bike one of the best in its range.

The tires are made of durable lithium and are very durable. The bike has wonderful features such as bright LED head lamp and electric horn to assist in dim light, fog or snow fall.



  • Strong frame made of Aluminum Alloy
  • 250W electric motor for power
  • 21-speed manual transmission for full control
  • Front & rear Disc brakes for complete safety
  • Impressive and Attractive design and shape
  • 36V removable Li-ion battery for long journeys
  • High tensile carbon steel front fork
  • Strong Lithium tires
  • Aluminum alloy handle bar
  • Smart Meter button
  • LED Head lamp
  • 3 Modes of driving available – booster, electric and manual
  • Features – 83%
  • Value for money – 88%
  • Build Quality – 93%

”  I Saved Up And Treated Myself And Bought Myself The Ancheer Electric Mountain Bike. I Love It.” Alan

Customer Satisfaction

The Ancheer Electric Mountain Bike has got good appreciation from majority of customers. Most of them mentioned that climbing uphill has become a breeze with this bike. It has been very comfortable and exciting to ride the bike as per their version.

The customers felt that it is value for money and much better than many other eBikes in this range. Some of them said that it is one of the best buy they did in the recent times. Most of the customers have given 4 (very good) or 5 (excellent) rating for this bike out of 5 stars.

Common Questions

What is the exact material of the frame? 

The Ancheer Electric Mountain Bike is made of 6061 Aluminum alloy. Read our guide on kryptonite bike locks

What is the diameter of the wheel? 

It is 26” in diameter and suitable for adults.

What is the average mileage of the battery?

The eBike can go up to 40 kms on one complete full charge.

What is the load capacity of this bike?

It supports up to 150 kg

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Based on the user reviews and list of benefits, it becomes clear that the Ancheer Electric Mountain Bike is a clear winner in its category. If you are looking for a decent electric bike, you may go ahead and buy this one. It is worth the money spent for sure.