Do you love cycling with the fresh morning air blowing gently on your face? Are you environment-conscious? Would you rather save your hard-earned money than spend it in costly transportation?

If your answer on all questions above is yes, then you are on the right page! You’re now looking at the perfect daily partner for you, the ANCHEER 16” Folding Electric Bike with Pedal Assist, 36V Lithium Battery (White)!

This bicycle was designed to allow users to experience the best quality of a bicycle, whether you wanted to use it as a commuter or a way for you to exercise; regardless if you just want to contribute to clean air or you wanted to save all the parking hassle and save gas. All of these at a very affordable cost!

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Benefits / Features


The ANCHEER 16” Folding Electric Bike with Pedal Assist, 36V Lithium Battery (White) was created with a lightweight frame made of steel without setting the quality of its folding capabilities aside. It also has an LED meter with battery power indicator, integrated bell and not to mention, folding pedals.

Just like any other electronic bicycles, an electric motor was used to supply power on the entire unit with the use of the battery. This one has a 250W which gives it a brushless motor gear that can give the assistance needed by the user especially for climbing purposes.

The bicycle’s 36V Aluminum Alloy Lithium Battery can be recharged with the use of an electrical grid. It takes as easy as 4-6 hours for the battery to get fully charged. The 4-6 hours charging time allows you to travel for about 11 to 15 miles.

The ANCHEER 16” Folding Electric Bike with Pedal Assist, 36V Lithium Battery (White) can help you get more active and can assist you in achieving your fitness goals by allowing you to pedal manually when you want to, and just simply lets you switch to the electric motor when you need to. It is also a space saver and can be easily stored anywhere you wanted it to be with its collapsible body frame. It folds down and sets back up in seconds.

Aside from the entire unit’s good specifications, the manufacturer also made sure not to let the most important feature suffer – safety. With 150kg (120kg or less recommended) load capacity, this bicycle was also equipped with both front and rear breaks for added safety.

An ANCHEER 16” Folding Electric Bike with Pedal Assist, 36V Lithium Battery (White) has two working modes: electronic and assisted. These two functions intend to assist and amplify the user’s efforts or use it as electronic. You can also charge devices anytime thru a USB charging port.

Its other quick specs are: 26-inch tires, 26-inch double layer of aluminium alloy wheels, three speed smart meter button and have a maximum speed motor of 15.5 mph.

Customer Satisfaction


Overall, the ANCHEER 16” Folding Electric Bike with Pedal Assist, 36V Lithium Battery (White) is a must-have whether you really are a bicycle enthusiast, just want to cycle for fun and fitness, or cycle going to work to save.

All features are top notch and considered 100% environment friendly and safe. The quality, durability and functionality of these bicycles are unquestionable. To top it all, it is very user-friendly so anyone can just hop in and enjoy the ride!


Common Questions


What am I going to do if I found out that there are missing parts upon delivery?

No problem at all! You only need to inform the delivery team or contact customer service and they’ll have it fixed for you in no time

. How can I guarantee my safety?

First of all, do not overload. Make sure to stick to maximum load capacity of 150kg. Also, make sure to check everything before using it especially the brakes. Safety is the number one priority of all manufacturers and you can assure that by the added front and rear brakes function.

Can I go faster than 15.5 mph?

An electric bicycle is not the same as a motorcycle, thus, you cannot compare the speed of the two vehicles. It is best to stick to the maximum speed motor limit to ensure safety and avoid damage on the unit’s electric motor.

I already have a traditional bike, why do I need an electric one?

The advantage of an electric bicycle is that you can still enjoy a long bike ride even if you’re tired after a long day work. So if you can relate to this, then you better get one!

Can I also use ANCHEER 16” Folding Electric Bike with Pedal Assist, 36V Lithium Battery (White) as a regular bike? Definitely, yes! You just need to turn the power off. You may like our article on Kryptonite bike locks.






  • It is guaranteed to be a space saver, convenient, environment friendly and safer way to enjoy riding a bicycle.
  • It is very user-friendly and a good value for money since you can save a lot in your transportation and gas expense.
  • Without the hassle of parking and being stuck in traffic, you get to enjoy the breeze even after a long day of work so you better get one now!

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