Ampulla Rechargeable Bike Tail light


Ampulla Rechargeable Bike Tail light

If Your Looking For A Bike Light That Is Very Popular And Offers Great Value.

Ampulla Rechargeable Bike Tail light


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The Ampulla Rechargeable Bike Tail light Can Be Used By Wireless Control.


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Ampulla Rechargeable Bike Tail light


Are you a cycling enthusiast? Then you definitely know the hazards and safety issues associated with that activity. Visibility is one of the biggest threats to cyclists. You are in the mercy of the capability of other drivers.

But, don’t let situations overtake you. Give yourself the upper hand and buy an Ampulla Rechargeable Bike Tail light immediately. They are like the kings of tail lights, with a lot of features and options to offer.

Best Features

Here are the top features of the Ampulla Rechargeable Bike Taillight

Cyclists have been in so many accidents just because drivers coming behind them fail to spot them. This is no blame on the drivers, but on cyclists who fail to take measurements to reduce this. The best solution is the Ampulla Rechargeable Bike Tail light. They come with a load of features and a remote control for easy operation.

They come with 29 pieces of 85Lumen LED lights. For sake of comparison, a normal tail light comes with 30LM usually. This ensures that you are never not seen, whatever the lighting situation is. These are incredibly bright and you will always be spotted. This totally reduces the possibility of accidents, but this taillight does not stop there.

It has a right/left turn indicator, showing the vehicle behind what your next move is, without letting them anticipate it. This avoids any unnecessary sudden brakes and hazards associated with crossing roads. It also has a biker’s virtual lane LED mode which marks an approximation of the area you use up on the road. This warns any incoming driver of your presence and avoids collisions.

It has a 2200 mAh battery, which is big enough to provide lighting for seven hours. It charges over USB and charges pretty quick. It comes with IPX4 waterproof rating and a small rain would not affect it. The light is so bright that it is even visible in the daylight. Another feature of the Ampulla Rechargeable Bike Taillight is the presence of a light sensor. It senses the current ambience and flashes light accordingly, resulting in energy saving.

The battery charges in three hours and it can go up to four months on standby without snapping. The light flashes for turns are gradual and the flashes are pretty bright and there is no chance that nobody notices you. For a device of its size, this taillight packs a lot.

  • Features -98%
  • Value for money – 84%
  • Build Quality – 87%

” I Bought The Ampulla Rechargeable Bike Light For My Wife. She Is Made Up With It.” James

Customer Satisfaction

Customers are very happy with their choice of purchasing this taillight. Not only does it help you be noticed, it avoids any kinds of collisions you could have been a part of. It is very surprising that a taillight can save this much lives.

The taillight is very serious with its purpose and it doesn’t succumb to general environmental conditions, such as bright daylight or wind or even small rain.

Common Questions

How far is this taillight visible from?

This taillight is visible from 220 yards or 200 metres, which is more than the median distance for speeding cars to come to a halt. It also has flashing mode, which doubles the possibility of this taillight being noticed.

What sizes of frame does the taillight fit?

The taillight weighs about 125 grams and fits most of the common size of frames. The remote also fits with the help of screws and they fit snugly to most sizes of handlebars. Compatibility will not be an issue when it comes to fixing these taillights. The taillight has a dimension of 110mm*65mm*30mm, and looks sharp on your bike. It was designed to look great and flash light. The remote control has a 180 mAh battery.

What are the contents of the box?

Every set of Ampulla Rechargeable Bike Tail light comes with the taillight itself, taillight bracket, USB charging cable, remote control, rubber pad and a set of screws. These also come with an instruction manual that has a step by step picture on how to put them together. It is a very simple process and even kids will be able to do it.

Advice on using the Ampulla Rechargeable Bike Tail light

First, check the box if all the products are intact. We always ship great products, but there is a chance that some might be broken. Before you mount your taillight on your bike, recharge it for at least 3 hours. The taillight uses micro usb charging, which is the most common means of charging. So, you would not have any problem finding a charger. Mount your taillight and ensure it is fixed properly. Adjust the angle of the taillight to be perpendicular to the ground.

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  • Cyclists can reduce the amount of fatalities they are involved in by simply adding a small taillight.
  • You have to ensure that you are noticed on the road, so this is a worthy investment, considering the fact that your life may be at stake.
  • This taillight doesn’t compromise on style either, so you get two good things in one package.